Sasural Simar Ka 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
simar says i got documents of sunnain and since that that day i’m sunnaina i lost my whole family. Roli says you’re doing this all for me. I made the mistake i should say for it. You went away from anjali just because of me. Simar says i was unable to live with them at first but them i met this daughter. She lost her mom. I knew that my whole family and you’re there for anjali. Roli says i should tell the family truth everything will be okay. Simar says let it go and let it stay like it is. Roli says forgive me didi i didn’t know that one mistake of me would ruin so many lives. No one can take place of yours. Please come back. Simar says some decisions of God are made and we can’t change them. Simar says from now our ways are different. Roli says pleas don’t say this. Simar says there bruises will only cause us pain. Simar is leaving. She says take care of my anjali. I know that you won’t let her feel my absence. She hugs roli. They’re both in tears. Simar says take care of yourself too. Simar goes to the car and sits in it. The car starts. Roli is crying so hard .

Scene 2
there in bharadwaj house prem is looking at simar’s picture. Sid comes and says what you think that whole family will be happy because you’re just marrying for them? We all care that you should be happy and normal. If you think you can make us happy by this wedding. You should give it a try by heart. Maybe she’s the one who can return your happiness. Prem says i am trying but something happens every time. I can never forget simar. Sid says you’re being unfair to everyone. To your ownself. To even simar.

Scene 3
roli comes back to the camp. Anjali says where is mama? Roli thinks i should ask her not to say anything to the family. Roli says there are cameras and no one should hear us. We are playing a game and your mom is part of it. Anjali asks what game? Roli says hide and seek. If you want her to Win and come back to us you should never tell anyone about her. Anjali says promise. She hugs anjali. Roli thinks this is all because of me. I’ve to do something for didi. Don’t know how to get this all solved.

Scene 4
simar is on her way back. She recalls all what roli said that simar has broken several promises. She says what should i do. She recalls all her moments at bharadwaj house. She recalls when anjali held her hand and hugged her. Scene 5baa and vikran are having lunch.

Baa says i miss sanjina so much. Its been just two days but i miss her. Sanjina comes in say baa papa. Vikran says you came back so early. Simar says i was not feeling so i had to come back earlier. Baa asks her to go and get some rest.

There in bharadwaj house roli is saying the same that i got ill there so i came back. Sid says lets call the doctor. Roli says no i’m well now. The doctor said the change in environment is the reason. Mata ji asks her to go and get some rest. Mausi ji says i’ll take care of anjali. Roli says do you remember the game rules ? Anjali says yes.

Baa asks sanjina how was your summer camp? She says it was so much fun. I made a friend there. Her name was anjali. She though my mom my is her mom. Simar is shocked. Vikran looks at her.

Precap-vikran comes to simar and says you’ve broken your promise. You should know that you’re sunnaina now and you’ve no connection with past. Simar says i didn’t know roli would come there. He says i will destroy anyone who hurts my family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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