Sasural Simar Ka 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sid holds roli’s hand and starts dancing with her song ‘I love you’. They take simar and prem on the floor. Prem holds simar’s hand and starts dancing with her. Everyone is happy to watch them and claps. Simar goes to attend a call. Its someone from dharampura. she says I wanna talk to daksha baa. Simar says the left three days ago. SHe says but they didn’t reach village? Simar says are you sure? She says yes. She says we have to inform police where can they go. tell us if you get any info about them. simar wonders where can they go. I talked to daksha baa she says he bus is about to leave. she calls on daksha’s number. uma comes and says somar roli is waiting for you to cut the cake lets do. simar says I am coming in two minutes. uma says no do I later. Come on lets go.

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Sid lightens the candles. simar comes with uma. roli says where were you I was waiting for you. are you okay? simar says yeah I am fine. mata ji says I know you feelings. You must be scared. Simar nods. Trust God, everything will be fine. Simar says in heart I wish leela and daksha baa are fine.
sid says make a wish. SHe says I wish my family is always united and happy. simar says in heart I have seen roli and sid so happy after long how can I tell them about daksha baa and leela. roli says didi I always want you to live with me. She blows the candles and says you have to hold my hand. Simar holds her hand and she cuts the cake. SHe makes everyone eat it. simar recalls her birthday with roli. She says in heart roli didn’t forget anything. Roli has not given cake to sid to tease him. She gives him in the end, he eats whole of it. He gives a bite to roli as well.Mata I wonders why is simar so worried. A man comes in and gives the garland to mata ji. mata ji says this is for temple. simar change it please.

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Simar goes to temple to change the garland on the idol. Roli receives gifts from everyone. simar says I am so worried for leela and daksha baa I hope they are fine. She finds a letter there. Its says I have to tell you a secret come to bus stand tonight, leela. simar says this means she is in delhi? but why did they lie about it? Is this letter three days old. why couldn’t leela tell me face to face. Leela called me on bus stop this means she waited for me there but today or three days ago? She says please help me God. Simar’s saari is near the candle. winds start to blow. Her saari is on fire. There is a girls and boy antakshri competition going on. roli says I am calling didi. She goes to temple and is shocked to see simar’s saari on fire. They all try to blow it. Mata ji says don’t worry simar it will be fine. They blow it. Roli calms down simar. Roli faints. sid takes her to her room. SAnkalp calls the doctor. Roli’s hand is a little burnt in all this. simar recalls how worried she was for her. roli opens her eyes and says are you fine didi? Simar says look at your hand. What if something happened to you. roli says what if something happened to you? Simar says I cant see you in pain. look what you have done to your hands. roli says I will be fine. mata ji says true love never changes. Doctor comes in. She checks roli’s hand. She writes some medicines. She says madam you need rest and don’t do any work. sid says what about this bruise on head. she says it will be fine. mata ji asks simar to come with her.

pari says to sid and prem whole party ruined, sujata says the only thing concerned is roli. simar asks mata ji is everything okay? mata ji says come downstairs. simar follows her. she is shocked to see cops in the house.

Precap-inspector says I have given you 48 hours you have to tell me where you have kept both of them, you met them on bus stand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Oh….again twist……

  2. Oh man ! Such a bull shit! I think the writer doesn’t know how to take to the story. He should have better end his boring story

  3. Twisting…. Sooo baad..

  4. There is something fishy abt this new roli

    1. i agree with uma i wish roli come back.

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