Sasural Simar Ka 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 24th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar knocks at kinjal’s door. Khushi says kinjal should not open the door. She will ruin my plan. A lady comes and tells simar that I saw kinjal going somewhere. Khushi is so happy to know that. Simar wonders where can she go a t that point of time.

Scene 2
Bhagti comes to her room and looks at her picture with anurag. She says I always wanted you all to be happy and specially you anurag. I made all of your birthdays special and today I ruined your birthday. For world it might just be a photo but to me its world. I have always seen this dream to be your wife but before it could fulfill Jhanvi took you from me. Then i controlled my tears and planned to come here so I can get my love again. That day I slipped that turmeric off by myself. I ruined jhanvi’s

dish so I spoiled it. I am the one to wish you first everytime so I cancelled jhanvi’s order. She says we will get married. The childhood promise must be a joke for you but for me its the biggest reality. How did jhanvi come between us. Isn’t this wrong. i will get justice for myself. I will win the challenge bua ji has set up.

Scene 3
Roli comes to simar and says we will go to in kinjal and talk her again. For now I am worried about jhanvi. She tells everything bua ji said. Simar says bua ji knows that jhanvi is pregnant. Jhanvi has to take care of herself. Roli say I don’t trust that bhagti at all. I think I should warn jhanvi about bhagti. Simar says be careful about what you say.

Scene 4
Kinjal comes to khushi and asks where is my husband. This is all happening for my husband. Police is not helping me at all. Khushi says there is nothing to lie. She says kinjal please leave this house. You know how powerful they are. Kinjal says you are not my friend Kinjal says i will talk to mata ji and she will ask you where is my husband. Kinjal goes in and she is in tears. Simar asks whats wrong ? Kinjal says my husband.. Suddenly they hear ambulance siren wailing. They all go out to see. Cops ask who is mrs kinjal patel. kinjal steps forward and says i am. They take out a dead body from the ambulance and say that we got this ID. Is he your husband ? Kinjal is shocked. He says I am sorry your husband is dead. Everyone is so shocked. He says we are investigating how did it happen. Kinjal is broken. Roli, Simar and everyone try to control her.
khushi calls juwala’s man and says what was the need of doing this. Juwala takes the phone and says he signed the papers and now we need kinjal’s sign on her. Get them today. Khushi says how can I.
Simar recalls that kinjal came in to tell something. Sujata says she wanted to share. Khushi says if kinjal opens her mouth they won’t leave me. If she doesn’t sign juwala will kill me. roli asks what happened ? Khushi says I fell bad for kinjal. i think I shuld go to her.

Khushi goes in with papers. Kinjal has a lot of people with her. Khushi comes in. Kinjal says I won’t leave this house, Khushi says try to understand. juwala calls. Khushi says look she is calling. She gives the phone to kinjal. Juwala says I feel bad for you kinjal what will you do alone. I know you have a brother and parents go back to them. Before something happens to them. Kinjal signs the papers. She says khushi you took everything from me. Roli and simar come in. khushi is scared.

Precap- Roli asks juwala how you bought patel’s house nxt day of his death, simar says how can kinjal leave withou telling anyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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