Sasural Simar Ka 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 24th April 2013 Written Update

Simar turns back and just at that time, Veeru bends down to pick up the medicines and Simar fails to see him.

At Bhardwaj house, doctor tells Pari’s bloodpressure is low, but she is fine and it happens in pregnancy. Doctor also asks her to come to the hospital and she will do checkup. From this mausiji gets idea to take Naina to hospital with them as well. Mataji likes that idea.

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Simar comes to place which she found from the hospital. Place is very quiet and she wonders how she will search for Roli. She shows her photo to everyone there, but no one saw her. Simar wonders where she will search her now. She comes near house where Roli is living and screams Roli’s name. Roli feels as if someone called her. She feels she has something to do with this name. She opens the curtains to see and Simar leaves from there just before that. Roli says to herself this name must be part of her life.. and that sound seemed own too. read full updates daily only at Veeru comes and sees her bothered. Roli tells him I feel someone my own is calling me and I should be going to that person. Veeru says, you didn’t take your medicine that is why this is happening. He gives her medicine. Roli speaks in her mind, this feeling is very different and this never happened before.. but she decides not to do anything that might put her and Veeru in problems again. After she takes medicine, Veeru again takes out marriage topic. He says we should marry as soon as possible..

Simar breaks down on her knees as no one knows or saw Roli there. She cries and doesn’t know what to do. She asks God to help her and take her to Roli. And now she hears a conversation of Roli’s servant and a lady. Roli’s servant tells the lady, that guy, Vikram, always keeps her locked in the house and never let her go out. Simar feels as if she is talking about Roli and decides to follow her.

Kamini rings the door bell and when Veeru opens the door, she gets scared. Simar is hiding behind a tree and can’t see Veeru’s face. She wonders why she is so scared. Veeru shouts at Kamini and Simar finds the voice familiar. She decides to check and gets shocked seeing Veeru. She can’t believe Veeru is alive.

Kamini asks Veeru to apologize her and says it won’t happen again. Veeru says if it happens again, then I won’t spare you. He asks her to go in. He’s about to close the door and then feels if someone was looking at them. He looks around, but Simar hides and he doesn’t see anyone. He closes the door.

Simar says to herself, Roli under Veeru’s control? I can’t let that happen.. I must save Roli from him.

Precap: None..

Update Credit to: Shreya

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