Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid comes out with sanju and says I brought he saying that I will take her to mom. Roli says we can’t take her with us. Prem sees sanju standing with unknown people. He says surbhi is that sanjina? She says yes. Prem says looks like they are kidnapping her. Prem grunts hey stop. They leave sanju right there and says lets run. Prem picks up sanju and asks are you okay? she says they said me they will take me to mama. Vikrant is asking the staff to play cctv video so they can see who abducted sanju. prem comes with sanju there, he says some people were abducting her. Vikrant says you favored me. Prem says its easy to become parents but not to be the upright one. Simar is in tears and says sanju are you okay?

Scene 2
Simar says to sanju please sleep. simar says to vikrant you look even more worried than sanju. you should go and sleep. vikrant says good night to sanju and leaves. Sanju says to simar sing me the pratna you always do mama. sunnaina wonders what that is? sunnaina comes out of simar’s body and asks her what pratna you sing for her? she is so worried. simar sings for her. Sanju sleeps. simar is in tears.

Vikrant recalls simar saying there should be nothing important than me and sanju and why she stopped him from meeting prem. He sits on the couch and sees the letter there. He opens and starts reading it. Roli has written, I wanted to talk about something important. I can’t say that face to face on phone I got to know that souls can’t read. Sunaina has captured simar’s body. I tried to send her but failed. she is resented and said she will try to come closer to you misusing my sister’s body. please stay away from her. Vikrant says in heart oh God this is the reason of simar’s weird behavior. Why are you doing that to simar sunnaiana. she is in this trouble because of me. what should I do ? How will I get her out of this? He turns simar/sunaina is standing there. Vikrant conceals the letter.

Scene 2
roli says I have to do something. Sid says we need to know whats goin inside. don’t worry we won’t let anything happen to simar. Sunnaina says to vikrant why you look worried? he says nothing. Vikrant wonders what she wants. Sunnaina says you can’t lie to me. vikrant says I am worried for sanju. sunaina says I am worried for her too after what happened today. Sid and roli are looking in. roli sees the letter in Vikrant’s fist. she says had he read that letter/ Vikrant says I am planning to send sanju to boarding school and I will go abck to Ahmedabad. Sunnaina says why? I mean why are you sending her there. I will take car of her. vikrant says you can’t stay with us forever.
In fact, I am planning to talk to prem and other family. I am sure they will listen to me. sunnaina says how can you do this to me, you can’t apart me and sanju. Vikrant says I can’t ruin your life for sanju. She is not your responsibility she is my and sunaina’s daughter. she has died her soul has left that too. sunnaina won’t want the simar who did so much for her to sacrifice her life. I talked to prem and felt like things can be okay. Sunaina says I am not going anywhere. Vikrant sees roli and sid but stays quite.

Precap- sunnaina comes out of simar’s body. sunaina says don’t worry simar you have no crossed any limit.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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