Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Pari’s mom has come and she hugs her. She says i am so angry that you are so late. You have given birth to a boy you are now a queen. Iw ill teach you how to rule the house. She takes the boy and says how pretty is he like me. He must be so intelligent like me too. You have give such a gift to this family. Look how important your place in this house will be now.

Scene 2
Roli is pacing lunch for Janvi. She says this is not good Janvi you always keep on working you should take care of your health as well. She says i will eat this apple. No i have packed lunch eat it in the hospital.

Scene 3
Sahurya asks where is Janvi? Ask hr to get me my medicine and you get out. he says she becomes so over smart why is she not on time here. She must

be coming shortly, says the nurse. She give him a glass and asks him to take the medicine. He drops the glass on the floor and asks all of the staff to get out. janvi comes in. She gives him the glass. If you have arrived two minutes before the glass won’t be broken.
Senior doctor comes in and says Janvi you will be doing Shaurya’s physiotherapy. His secretary says i am going home. He says no you should go back to home.
Janvi is checking his dressing.

Scene 4
Mausis tells Mataji that she should get the house decorated look who has come in our house. She speaks so fast. Suddenly she comes and says you were talking about me? Mataji says no she has a habit of making fun. Let go to the breakfast table. Mataji asks Roli where is Pari and Shalu, she says Pari was not feeling good and Shalu is taking care of her. Achna ji is staring at Simar’s girl. Sid says that in the next week there can pooja. Achna jee will tell when? She says no mataji you are the eldest one you should decide i have no problem of going back. I have taken out 2 or 3 weeks i am not going back shortly. I have bought ticeket of 20 thousand. mataji says yes this is your house as well. She then tell me my room which should be with AC and TV.

Scene 5
Achna asks Pari to take care of her child by herself. I don’t want the world to praise Simar when you have given grandson to this house. You are so innocent you are happy just with a lipstick and face powder. You should take hold of everything. You must rule here. You don’y understand things. I am not going without making your special place in this house.

Scene 6
Roli is worried about Janvi. She thinks that she should tell Sid she stops him but he says that he has some important piece of work. Prem says that if there is any wish you can text him beacause its his responsibility as well. They leave.

Scene 7
Janvi is making Shaurya do the hand exercise. She asks him to hold hand by his own while i drink water. He drops the hand deliberately.He screams. She asks why he did this? You must have done this intentionally to annoy me. He shouts at her. Everybody comes in he asks the senior doctor that their staff is worst. She has aggravated his hand instead of fixing it she has done it intentionally. Janvi intrudes and says that she was doing it all well but he lost control on his hand . Why would i hurt myself? Says he. Fire her right now, Sahurya demands. She should not be seen in this hospital again. The girl wo is this irresponsible can’t understand the pain of patient. She didn’t deserve this profession. Janvi says this is all his fault. Doctors sasy to Janvi to stop it. I am seeing everything i have old you before that take care of Shaurya. Now i have to tell you what responsibility is of nurse? I know it all says she. I will leave this job by my own. Then leave the hospital right now, says he. She goes to her lovker get her bag and books. Her mate says that all he was saying was lie. It was all accusation i don’t understand why he did this but i know, says Janvi.

Scene 8
Shaurya says to his secretary that all he did was right. Now she will understand the power of wealth and money. No hospital will noe hire her for being irresponsible on duty

Precap: All i made you eat is just on your face not on you brain. You have to be responsible you have given this house a boy but if you are always this irresponsible then Roli and simar will get everything…

Update Credit to: Atiba

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