Sasural Simar Ka 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram come downstairs. Saroj says what did she say? Vikram says she needs time to think about it. Simar says in heart God please make her choose good for her. Anjali comes downstairs. anjali says I have decided. Vikram, you said if I have 1% doubt on you I can cancel this wedding. I have 100% believe in you. That you can’t do this. Simar says Anjali.. Anjali says I trust my husband and I will go with him. Because if anyone from streets will come and accuse my husband and I will believe it? Saorj says Simar ji she has decided. Simar says no. Prem says enough, I wanna say something. I am not saying he is a sinner. But truth is that Anjali is married to him. But after all this has happened I just have a request. We should delay bidai for sometime. Because in these circumstances I can’t send her with you. We can solve everything. anjali says but dad. Saroj says what are you saying? Agarwal says Prem is right. Relationships are build on trust. Tao ji says i agree with him. Agarwal says we should leave now.
They leave. Saroj says this barat is going without bride. This has stained our relation with your family and someone will have to pay for it. Anjali is crying. Vikram caresses her face. He leaves. Everyone leaves.

KB claps. She says congrats Simar you ruined my Anjali’s life because of this thief. SImar says I did this for my daughter. Anjali says shut up. She throws her dupatta and garland away. Anjali says I beg you leave me alone. THis was my big day, my wedding. After you left something good happened in my life you ruined it. You did so much. Don’t say my name from your mouth. I always hated you. but I can’t tolerate this anymore. I hate you. This is the woman, is this how a mother is? I don’t want a mother like this. I hate you. Anjali is sobbing. She runs upstairs. Simar says Anjali. Kb says stop. You ruined her life already. Everything is over. KB runs towards Anjali’s room. Prem says to Simar what happened today is big. My daughter’s baraat left empty handed. What you are saying is truth then I will be grateful to you whole life. But if this vadahi is lying then you will have to pay for it and after that there will be only one relation between us, of animosity. I will destroy your life.

Scene 2
Agarwals come home. Vikram throws away his garland. Vikram says how dare they insult us like that. Saroj says whole society would be laughing at us. This was too much. Tao says what did they do wrong? Our son did the sin. We couldn’t praise him for what he did. ANy mother would do that. Saroj says she could talk in peace. Agarwal says we hid the truth from them. And that was our mistake. Vikram you did this to avenge my insult but it insulted me more today. This all happened because of you Vikram. Vikram says I will solve everything please do say this. Tao says how? By kidnapping someone again? Threaten them? Vikram says if I have to do all this again. I will. This all happened because of me. I will solve it. Saroj says vikram listen to me. He leaves.

Scene 3
Vadahi recalls everything that happened. Piyush comes to leave comforter in her room. He asks what happened? Your sinner is exposed. She says I feel bad for anjali. Because of me.. Piyush says you did what was right. truth had to be known. Vadahi says but still I feel bad. Piyush says because of you her life is saved and we will always be grateful to you. You did what was right.

Vikram says on call, I won’t leave that vadahi now. My family is insulted because of her. She didn’t see my face before. about time she should know who I am. I will ruin her life. Listen to my plan. We have to shut her mouth forever.
Anjali is calling vikram. She says vikram please listen to me. Please pick up the call. She throws her phone away and sits there in tears. KB comes in. Kb says if you wanna be angry be angry at simar not on this phone. Anjali says what was my mistake? vikram isn’t even picking my call. Kb says why would he? Put yourself in his shoes. He was slapped and humiliated in his own wedding. Simar has mortified her. Barat left without bride. Kb says wait for him to calm down. You saw saroj what she said. I swear the anger and rage won’t go away. Anjali says this all happened because of that vadhai. KB says Vadhi was brought by simar. this wasn’t an incident. It was simar’s game. She can’t see you happy. She wasn’t happy about your wedding. She ruined your life. You have to be courageous. Vikram is so nice don’t let him go. Do whatever you have to. Don’t let simar ruin your life again. You getting me right? ANjali says you are right. Simar always played with my happiness. but enough this is too much. She ruined my life. I can’t tolerate her in my life for a second. Now I will do what I want.

Precap-Anjali says to Vadahi get out of my house. she shoves Vadahi out. Inspector comes in and says after investigations we got to know the real culprit. Simar says when will you arrest him? He says that is what we are here for.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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