Sasural Simar Ka 23rd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baba ji ask them to stop, Calender ask if they have recognized us? Amar says Baba have not seen us so how will he recognize us, Baba says i have not stopped you people, i want people after you to come forward first as he is more ill.
Mausi ji says to Mata ji that i am happy as Guru ji’s guru is on one else but my son Rajveer, my son will rule the world, she calls Maya and ask her to come fast, there is one surprise for her, she ask Maya to come down, she looks at Mata ji, she says Jeeji why i am feeling that you are hiding something, where is Maya? Simar says Maya must be in house only, i mean she is with Roli, Mausi says they must be cooking some plan, i will go and check, she is going, Simar stops her and says she must be with Sid, let him rest, Mausi pushes her away and goes to Aryan’s room, she finds Roli there and finds quilt on Sid, Roli says she Sid is sleeping, dont disturb him, Mausi ask where is Maya? Roli says Maya has gone to doctor for Sid, she want to help sid so went to doctor, Mausi leaves, Roli have sigh of relief, quilt is removed and Prem is beneath it, he says thank God i slept in place of Sid, Mausi comes back and claps, Roli and Prem are stunned to see her.

Scene 2
All family members gather in hall, Mausi says to Mata ji that you are about to die still you didnt stop to lay games, she says what you all think that its easy to fool me, i will tell you where you did mistake, flashback shows Mausi seeing someone else’s mobile on table not Aryan’s mobile, fb ends, she says i understood there only that Aryan’s was not sleeping but someone else, she says now you have done mistake so will get punished and my son will punish you people, she goes to call him, Mata ji prays that Sid should get fine soon, i want to see Roli and Sid together but for that i have to stop Mausi, she goes to Mausi, takes mobile from her and breaks it, Mausi says Jeeji.. Mata screams enough, Pari says you didnt do right Mata ji, Mata ji says enough, you left this family when it needed you, now dont stoop low more, if you little shame then be silent, Pari is stunned, she ask them to give their mobile to Simar, Pari doesnt give it, Mata says seems like you dont listen to me, she ask Simar to take mobile from them and switch it off, Simar takes mobile from Pari and Uma, she ask Roli to take off landline’s wire, Roli does it, Mausi ask if you have gone mad? if you think that you will win by irritating me then you are gone, Simar says you are not understanding, we will not allow you and your son to win, Mata ask her to not put load on her mind, she says i will tell you what is the matter. she sit on sofa and curtly ask Mausi to sit on floor, Mausi sit, Mata says human can grow in position but his position is in feet of elders, from childhood iw as straightforward but my younger sister used to solve puzzle easily, Prem opens Tv, Baba Ji is shown in it, Mata ask her to solve this puzzle too, Pari and Uma says we knew it that Mata will nver lose, Mata ask them to stop their rubbish talk and ask them to sit on floor too, they sit. In Tv, doctor checks a paralyzed person and says he cant become fine, reporter says to Baba ji if you make this person fine then it will be miracle, Baba says i have to take him inside to Guru ji, Amar says to Maya that you have to go in with Sid else our plan will fail, paralyzed person is blindfolded, reporter ask why you are doing it? Baba says he cant see Guru ji who is inside, person is taken inside room to Guru ji, Maya looks on. Reporter says paralyzed person is taken to Guru ji but we have to see if Guru ji can make him fine or not, Mausi sees on Tv and says now i understood, you people have sent Sid to my son Rajveer, Roli ask her to not think much else we have to take you too to this Guru ji, Roli says to Mausi that at any cost, we will celebrate Tej’s festival today in this house, Mata says dont talk to her like that, she is my younger sister, she says to Mausi that dont worry when we will get everything back we will give you place to live in this house, as me, my sons and my daughter in laws have big heart and your son Rajveer have done a favor on us by keeping Sid alive as Aryan, now its time to pay back the favor, Simar says Mausi you still have time to rectify your mistakes, Simar says you and your Son’s game will be finished today.

PRECAP- Pari and Uma says to Mata ji that we were helpless to go to Mausi ji’s side, please forgive us, Mausi says you are doing huge mistake by betraying me, someone comes and points knife at Mausi ji. otherside Rajveer uses power to make paralyzed person fine.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode after a long time the episode was good

  2. Nice episode after a long time the episode was good mataji is super fight.

  3. I am waiting for Mondays episode…..

  4. Nice episode.

  5. This time Mata ji… Plz don’t 4give uma and pari… They both are not trust worthy…. They r just concerned of themselves…. When they ask 4 4giveness giving stupid excuses tell them what roli and simar did n plz kick them out of house

  6. Nice episode

  7. I hope rosid scences will come back

  8. Nicee episode waiting eagerly for tmrw’s episode…

  9. What will happen now? Mausiji will be kidnapped and sid will get cured but will fool rajveer by following his orders. But what after that?

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