Sasural Simar Ka 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd Ma rch 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baba says she will take help from her husband’s soul and make sid a snake as well. And once sid goes through this chanel we wont be able to bring him back. I told you if there is some disturbance in this process i wont be able to do anything. we have to wait for a miracle. Prem says i will bring my brother back. rajhinder says where will we start from? roli says where it all started from, dharampura. this story will end there. simar says she is right, she must have taken sid there. she will be doing her process there. amar says how will we face her? baba says i will tell you how to face her, it fatal, i have heard many things about that cave, you never know what you have to face there. we don’t have much time. once maya completes her process after that we wont be able to do anything. roli says we wont let her do this. please tell us the way, i will bring him back anyhow. Baba says is a cave outside Mumbai, there is a trishun(sword) there. no one has seen it before and the place is so dangerous that no one goes there. so, i am not sure what you might face there. roli i will go there. we can save sid this way. simar says i am with you roli. i will come with you. roli says no go to dharampura with prem and stop that snake. Amar says she is right, i will go with roli. sattu says we will go as well. mata ji says we can’t leave home alone like this. I mean, prem simar amar and roli should go. rest will stay home and keep fasting and praying for all of them. mata ji says please take care of them God. They leave. mata ji says show us the right path God.

Scene 2
Next morning, sid is in a dark room, he wakes up and sees some pooja stuff there. he says where am i? Sid stands up and looks everywhere. He hears someone coming in. its maya. maya says only few hours are left. Once the sun sets you will be mine forever. sid says that will not happen, even if you take away my memory my heart will be of roli’s. Maya says you hurt me when you say this, you have no idea how much i love you. sid says i am someone else’s husband and this is wrong. sid says God makes couple and he made roli an sid a couple. who are you to challenge him? Maya says whatever is written in your fate has to happen. Maybe God wrote it for you, that i will come in your life. I am doing as it is written,

Roli and amar are crossing the jungle. amar says the ruins show that no one has been here for long. roli says whatever it is, we have to go in. We don’t have much time. we need to get that trishun. lets go. she starts walking towards it. amar follows her. Roli trips and a prick nibs in her foot. amar says are you okay? she says this pain is nothing in front of the pain of losing sid. He says you are so brave i am sure you will get that trishun. When they go in, they see someone walking. roli says who could that be? Amar says no idea, let go in and see.

fake roli says there is no point of wasting time now, i will take you somewhere, where you wont remember roli and that bharadwaj house, sid says but you said.. maya says yes i said i wont hypnotize you because that might endanger your and my life. but i will do it now because roli and simar didn’t fulfill their promise. You wont be able to run from here. sid says no matter what you do, i will never let myself be yours, my roli wont let you do that. Maya says you think they can come here? even if they do, they can’t harm me. Sid says our love is stubborn she will come. Maya says lets see who wins. Sid says yes her love will win. maya spell some rays and sid faints.

amar says we should wait here and see whose shadow was that. Roli says we can’t wait. we have only one hour. amar says okay then i am going in, you should wait here. roli says i will come in as well. he says you are my responsibility and you have to get that trishun.
simar reaches maya’s alcove.

Precap-maya says you have made the biggest mistake by coming here. simar says no matter what we will fight till our last breath to save sid from you. sujata says its a mom’s faith that she will be ended.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. cvs plz stop dis sid dead twist… der is no rosid ur trp vl falsdown … its true… and whats dat wat nagin vl do with sid body… if she takes sid den she vl win.. roli wont win ah??? plz stop it….

  2. doctors declared sid is die.. i hope so its der plan to make nagin out of der family…. fingers crossedd with this twist….. what hapn nxt….??? plz end nagin track… 15days chalnge hogaya hai kya??? pata nahi.. who wil win in 15days??? i thnk for only trp dey make nagin vl win…. finger crossed for roli to win.. true love never die and ends

  3. Hey frm where u got that information tat doctor say Sid is dead??????plz tell me na….

  4. colors Sasural Simar Ka produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms is going through an interesting phase with Fake Roli aka Maya (Sara Khan) the ichchadhari naagin threatening to destroy the Bharadwaj Family if Siddhant (Manish Raisighania) does not leave with her.

    In the upcoming episodes of Sasural Simar Ka the entire Bharadwaj Family decide to fight Maya’s evil ways and bring their Siddhant back but in a rather interesting turn of event the show will see some high octane drama with Siddhant getting injured and the doctor declaring him dead.

    Looks like another interesting twist is up for grabs in the show. Stay tuned!!!

  5. Enna ma neeinga eppadi panringala ma!!!

  6. Oh it seems tat nagin track is gng to end…..

  7. please check desitvbox (sasural simar ka). Siddhant getting admitted in the hospital (by prem, simar, amar and roli) where doctor declaring him dead. While roli cries near siddhant body maya comes to hospital and holding roli’s neck

  8. Ooh.. So SIDS death is cnfrmed nd tht maya winning against roli.. Thanks ssk for ur cheap twists for ur damn trps… Hate dis serial to d coreeee… Stopped watching after Sid got kidnapped… Now I thnk it’s better to stop checking this telly updates also.. Get lost ssk directors nd script writers with ur maya.. Go to hell

  9. Now u people crossing D limit by dragging it to the core.i thinks its more than 2months this Naagin track is going on…huh!

  10. Hey no guys I hope it would be a new twist because they themselves know tat if they kill Sid character then no one wil watch ssk

  11. Borrrrrrrrring… show

  12. wen this drama is to be ended? plz stop dis track… bring sid back and want rosid….. plz dont seperate dem… only for trps dey seperate rosid as isd dead… hate cvs….

  13. no….i think..nagin will.take..sid.body….with..her..and he…nag….i….

    but..plz..stop.watching..ssk..anymore…we..stoped..18 dec.2014…..only..seeing..updates..and seeing..if…… writers..can understand..that…… i think..trp..down…

    1. dear in toi wekly synposis dey gave dat prem amar rosim reach delhi airport with sids body and prem amar summoned by police calender try to eroct rosim to home.. all family members inconsolable…. it means dat dey didnt gave sid body to maya . only na…. but we have to wait and see wat da cvs do with twist….


  14. week synopsis,
    prem with the villegers concot a potion to use against maya,while looking fr da trishul in da ruins, roli amar see aghori and try to keep out of his sight.
    premar and villegers captured maya and lock her in coffin amar roli locate de trishul butda agoris stop dem frm leaving ruins
    everyone panic after sid stabs himself,a distraught simar slaps mayabt finds out dat she turned intio a stone,dey rush sid to hospital doctors unwilling to operate him
    der is chaos wen maya enter into hospital she walks into ot and holds rolis hostage thretng to kill her if dey dont lether take away sids body
    once dey reach delhi airport with sids body,prem amar are summoned by da police calender decide to escort rosim to house, the family members are inconsolable.

  15. But if Sid is dead then wht is d thing in roli taking him to home… Sid need to b alive… If not then nothing to do wit ssk.. We need rosid back nd their romantic scenes… Hope d trp decreases below 1 bcs of tht maya crap

    1. dear rosid pyar sacha hai.. true love never ends.. and its just a twist somethng is der and. sid should alive fr roli… fingers croossed and hope for sid back soon and rosis scences…. for rosid finger crossed

  16. watch 24th march 2015 ume aur tv(e24) seg dey said dat with sid dead show taking two years leap… dat is with sid dead twist

  17. Wat z dis,?…even though not intrested in nagin track..watching this crap frm dec only becz of rosid…love them..without rosid no ssk…now again cvs testing fans patience by showing sid died….irritated by this all

    1. frm hospital she took sid body away i think but dont know dear.. wat dis 2years leap… in telly buzz youtube link gvng dat simar kills nagin, sid dead…. confused and getng irritated with dese news…

  18. median spoiler of ssk:
    da plots of simar-maya-roli tussle for sid thickens with simar reaching maya’s place, goes on confrontation while sid is unconsious and under hypnotized state roli reaches da cave and gets trishul was glad but some men come der to confront her,she gets worried to se dem, baba earlier told about nagin plan to dem to make sid snake wih help of her husbnd soul, it so happens dat next siddanth faces much danger to his life and gets killed roli couldn’t save him. roli believes dat sid passed away,and also premar amar are in grief. roli shattered while taking sids body. what happen to nagin? this development paves da way fr twist in da show.

  19. sid and maya living together after leap … gr8 finally ssk cvs officially ended with rosid… and destroyed der pure love…. i stop watchd serial earlier but my love towards rosid maid me sitck to see till now… but cvs gr8 attempt with dis trck dey gave me perfect reason to stop da serial…. thnx.. cvs…. thnx rosid fr gvng as a such a wonderful lovely pair. but ur cvs destroyed ur love and rosid …. . with dis trck new twist ur going to loss ur trp frm nw onwards.. u thnk dat ur gaing trp frm dis trck with sara … but u loss trp its falls down….. i am sure……

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