Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanjev is in his room he sees a lizard on his bed. He blares the alarm but Anjali’s phone is in her room. Vikram comes in and says dad what happened? Vikram sees the lizard. He throws it away. Vikram calls Raju and asks him to clean it. He says it is poisonous. Vikram says dad are you okay? He nods. Vikram says kill it Raju. Simar comes and says what happened? Vikram says this lizard was near dad. I don’t know how it came here. It runs. Simar says raju kill it. It went beneath the sofa. Vikram says calls some insect control. Simar says lock this room. They take Sanjev out and lock the room. Roshni comes out of curtain. She smiles.

Anjali is buying jewelry. She bargains for discounts. Anjali comes out after her shopping. Mataji says there are troubles in all the rituals. I talked to pandit ji. He said there should be havan after all the rituals. Simar says I will ask him whats needed. Mataji says he said vadhai has to make the parsad and she will eat it first so all her troubles vanish. Roshni overhears. Simar says you should rest. Mataji ask Vadhi to be ready for havan. Roshni says now see what I do. She recalls raju saying this lizard is poisonous.

Anjali is on her way. Roshni catches the lizard. She says What things I have to do. but I would do anything for my love. Now see vadahi what I do.
Simar says Anjali’s phone is off. What should i do? Saroj says I told you. Has anjali done anything carefully?but you had faith in her. She lost. Mataji says she will come. Saroj says if she can’t prove this quality we will break our relation with her. Thats right?

Anjali puts her stuff in the car. A thug comes and steals. It anjali runs after him but he goes far. Anjali says where did he go? Oh God what would I do now? Her friend says I think he fled. Anjali says he has all the stuff. It is so expensive. This was such a big responsibility. He can’t go like this. Her friend console her. Anjali says what will I say at home?

Scene 2
Guests are coming. Vadhai comes downstairs and sits next to Piyush. Simar says Anjali’s phone is off what should I do? She goes to temple and says I am very worried God I hope everything is fine. I have fulfill the promise I mad to saroj. And here Piyush’s wedding is at stake too. I can’t afford to lose. My family’s dignity is at stake.
A woman says why is it taking so long to start the ritual? Mataji says we are starting in a while. anjali is on her way. We will start it. A woman says if its in Anjali’s hand then I am not sure if this would happen. Simar says to Mataji where is anjali? MAtaji says bring everything we have in the house. We don’t have another option. Everyone is talking about us. Simar goes upstairs. She says lets start. Simar asks Jhanvi to come with her. They bring stuff and give it to pandit ji. Anjali comes in and says wait. She comes in with the stuff. Everyone smiles. Vikram is with her. Saroj is dazed.
Simar says Anjali. Saroj says in heart what was Vikram doing with anjali? Simar says why did it take so long? What happened? Anjali says I shopped everything and placed it in the car and a thug stole it. I ran after him but he went away. I lost all the hopes. Anjali was crying. After a while that thug came to anjali returned all her stuff and apologized her. Vikram said he is the same man. He says I caught him when he took your stuff. Simar says thank you Vikram. Vikram says I would do that for anyone. And this is Anjali its my responsibility to take care of her. I am always worried about her. Anjali looks at him. Mataji says very good. Anjali is very brave just like her mom. She would get it back from 100 thieves. The ritual starts.
After pooja havan starts.

Precap-Pandit ji gives Vadahi parsad. Roshni had mixed the lizard in it. Vadahi takes it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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