Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Meghna says I wish you both have went to the cliff without thinking. You death was ready there but now whole family will have the punishment. You know your family has been here in this house since the very first time they were concealed but could you ever feel their presence or some voice. Let me give you a clue. Your family is here in front of you. Find them if you can. Roli looks at the mirror and says she used to look there always at that mirror. Meghna says yes you are right your family is right there behind that mirror. I made a room behind this mirror where they were living with all the happiness. Now lets see how long they are gonna live there. Roli and Simar start knocking at the mirror. Sid gets it. Meghna says let me help you, she starts calling the names

as well mocking at them. Roli says we can’t see anyone. Meghna says they can hear and listen you but at this time they all are screaming for help because I have released the poisonous gas inside that room. Save them if you can. Simar says we have to look for a way to get in the room. ROli says there is just this mirror on this wall.
Roli says remember that water supply stopped that day. Maybe out family closed the valve.

Scene 2
Roli and Simar run towards the pipeline. Sid and Prem start hitting the pipe. Roli and Simar can hear the vibration. Roli says yes there is some voice. Roli family is here I think. We have to break this wall. Simar and Roli take a strong rod and start hitting the wall. Where as on the other side sid and prem are hitting the valve. Simar says this walls is so strong. Meghna laughs and says this is not a wall of bharadwaj house that you need just two tears to break it. Its strong like me. Roli says don’ listen to her. Sid tells Prem that Roli and Simar are trying to break the wall. Meghna says what will you be sad of ? That you couldn’t save your family. Bharadwaj family will die today and you both will die every moment you live out of guilt. Simar says Meghna I beg you please don’t do this. Kill me they have done nothing wrong. Please leave them we won’t be able to live with out them. Please pardon them. Meghna says how hopeless you are. If I were you I wouldn’t have been in my enemy’s feet. I would have been there saying them bye. Give them my message happy journey. Meghna leaves. Roli gets Simar up, she says we son’t give up. Lets go our family is waiting for us. We will fight till the end. Meghna should prepare for her lose. They take the rods again in their hands.

Scene 3
Prem and Sid are checking for some noise. Roli and Siamr are hitting the mirror with the rods. Roli is tired. Sid shows Mata ji that Roli and Simar are there fighting for them. Simar says we can’t lose. Our God will give us the strength. They are hitting the mirror. The mirror walls is finally breaking. Roli and Simar enter the room.
Prem holds Simar and asks how is she ? She says I am okay. Roli hugs sid. They both go running and try to take Mata ji and all other family members out. Rajhinder gets our first and takes Mata ji out. Then Everyone starts coming out. Roli sees Sujata unconscious on the floor. She asks her to open eyes. She starts calling Sid’s name. Sid jumps in and asks Prem to come in. They both take Suajata out and Roli double checks if anyone is left.

Scene 4
Prem and Sid take out sujata, Sonia tells simar that she has called the ambulance. Everyone asks Sujata to open her eyes. Sonia gives her water. Sujata opens he eyes. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Roli tries to get out but slips. She falls unconscious.

Precap- Everyone asks Roli to open her eyes. Jhanvi checks her and says her breath is not running.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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