Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lilly says to Anajli you are not a child that you are crying because of Sam’s behavior. Anjali says I went there to get that contract. Lilly says if Sam is getting you this contract then he wants something in return. This is common in our industry. If you want this deal of 18 crores. The deal is big but what you have to give in return is.. Its upto you now.

Tanvi says to Sanjev please try to speak. Say aa.. Sanjev tries but he can’t. Tanvi says don’t lose hope. We will try every day. Lets try again. Say aa.. Vikram comes in. He recalls when Anajli used to take care of sanjev. Tanvi says sir can you sit here. I will bring his meds. Vikram sits with Sanjev. Vikram says I don’t know should I share my pain with you or not. I don’t have anyone else in this house.
I thought Anjali has changed and everything will be fine. But this is not the Anjali I married. This is not the Anjali who took care of you. She is so lost in her glamour. I feel so alone. Our ways are different. I am so scared. VIkram holds his hand. Sanjev says Vikram.. Vikram hugs him and cries. He says you took my name dad. I was dying to listen to you. Tanvi comes in. Vikram says Tanvi dad took my name. He said Vikram. Tanvi says I told you if you keep trying you can do this. Sanjev says Vikram again. Vikram hugs Tanvi and says thank you so much. you did a miracle. He says sorry. Anjali comes in and says Vikram..

Piyush says my bruise is burning. She says let me apply a gel on it. You will feel better. She goes to bring the gel. Piyush’s eyes turn red. Roshni comes back he looks at her with those eyes.
Vikram says I was so excited I am sorry. Anjlai says relax it happens. He says you didn’t mind? Anjali says no problem. Vikram says Anjali dad spoke. He took my name. This is a miracle. Anjali says oh Vikram you were so excited for this small thing? I thought something great happened. She says anyway congratulations papa and good job Tanvi. She goes to sleep.

Piyush gets normal and rests his head in Roshni’s lap. She applies the gel on his bruise. He says I already feel good. Your hands are magical. He holds her closer. Roshni says keeps lying. He says okay fine.
Piyush caresses Roshni’s face. She says wake up. Piyush says okay. He pulls her in bed and kisses her face. Roshni is shy and smiles.

A man sees the torn page from Piyush’s kundli. He gives it to Pandit ji. Pandit ji reads it and stands up in shock. He says this is Kaal’s kundli. The man says Kaal? Pandit ji says yes Kaal. Strong winds start blowing. People says what is happening. Pandit says this happened because of taking Kaal’s name. Whoever’s kundli is this, his second name is destruction. We have to inform his family. Because this power can even harm his family. The guy says how will we find him?
The man comes outside Bharadwaj house and says the man lives here.
Pari and uma are deciding to go for movie. Pari says my parcel is here. I shopped something online. Pari opens the door. Its that man from temple. Pari says yes? Who are you? The man says is there anyone whose named suffix is iyush? Uma says yes Piyush. Pari says yes. The man says thank God. Pari says what happened? The man says in heart the place is right. Should I tell them or not? He says may I talk to Piyush’s parents.
Uma says to Pari Piyush has done some game. Pari says let me talk to him. Pari says Piyush’s parents are not here. They are out of country. You can tell us whatever the matter is. He says but.. Pari says tell us. The man says it is very important. Pari says come inside.

Scene 2
Anjali is getting ready. Vikram looks at her angry. She says the mangalsutra isn’t matching with the dress. She says Vikram please help me taking off the mangalstura? He says no I won’t. Was this left to hear. Anjali says why do you have to argue all the time. She says fine I don’t need your help. She tries taking the mangalsutra off and it breaks. All the pearls spread on the floor. Vikram stands up in shock. Anjali leaves it there and goes out. Vikram picks the broken mangalsutra. He says you have no value of this anymore. But soon you will realize and then I will return it to you.

Precap-The man says to Uma and Pari there is something in Piyush’s kundli. There is something wrong. Piyush comes and says there is nothing wrong with my kundli please go from there. That man is sleeping in his home at night. Door knocks heavily. He opens its Piyush with red eyes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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