Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Khushis is scared to see Roli there. Roli asks why are you both here ? roli asks kinjal is she okay ? kinjal says i have to go. Khushi says she was telling her problems to me. that ruined her mood. I think Verma aunty must be looking for me. Khushi leaves. Roli says she is a liar i can’t believe her. There is something that ruined kinjal’s mood. Khushi goes to kinjal and says listen to me. Kinjal says leave me alone. Khushi says I know you are angry but tell mr patel he’d like the offer. Kinjal shouts I won’t leave me home. Everyone listens to her kinjal leaves. mrs vema says kinjal never gets angry like that. I think there is some problem. Khushi says I just joked that like people are leaving so maybe you are the next. She took it to the heart and got angry.

Verma says let me go and get her back. Khuhsi says no i will get her back you better enjoy the kitty. Simar says to roli that she is lying and we have to figure out whats the truth.

Scene 2
Bhagti calls Anurag and says don’t forget to take jhanvi to the hostel. She asks where are you gonna have the lunch ? He says I will manage.

Scene 3
Juwala is talking on phone to someone. Her PA comes and says mrs patel has denied to sell her house. Juwala laughs and says why people call trouble themselves. You know what we are gonna do.

Scene 4
Games are going on at the kitty. roli and simar go out and the are shocked to see mata ji coming back. They wonder how they came back. Sujata says she is not well call the doctor simar. Mara ji goes in with rajhinder and sid. She is shocked to see the ladies in her lounge. Mata ji shouts whats going on in here. Everyone is shocked. Maat ji says choti you planned a kitty in my absence. You know that i am against all this. What have you done to your self ? You wanna look young ? And simar roli now I know why you both didn’t wanna come to the wedding. You both have hurt me so much. Sujata asks everyone to go home. All the ladies leave. Roli says please forgive us mata ji we didn’t wanna hurt you. Mata ji aks sid to take her to the room.

Scene 5
kinjal sees the door open of her house. She sees all the stuff on the ground. PA calls her and says that you’ll be in place of thar stuff tomorrow if you don’t leave the house. Kinjal says i am not gonna leave my house anyway. Kinjal calls patel but his number is unreachable. Juwala has abducted him. juwala says whatever is written in his fate has to happen.

Scene 6
There sujata asks roli and simar why it happened. Mausi ji says I am responsible for all this. I asked them to stop and help in the arrangments. i was blind in love of kitty. Rajhinder says I never thought you will do this. She says I think i will talk to jiji. Roli says its too late lets drop jhanvi back.

Scene 7
Roli and sid go to drop jhanvi. Bhagti says after so many days I enjoyes a lot. Anurag I really enjoyed going out with you. Bhagti says i went to the hospital to surprise him so we had lunch. Jahnvi says we can still go out. roli says she is right. Anurag says yeah sure.
Bua ji says what is this you go home whenever you want. Bhagti is doung what you had to do jhanvi. Roli comes in and says I disagree bua ji. Jhanvi says please don’t bhabhi. Roli says i am sorry but your point of view for jhanvi is wrong. bua ji says why ask her to show that she is better than bhagti. If she wins then i will consider her the daughter in law. Roli says this is really disappointing bua ji. Stil this will happen. Jahnvi will prove that she is better than bhgti. Jahnvi says why ae you involving bhagti. Roli says thats what bua ji want. bhagti says yeah this will happen, I mean I disagree with bua ji. I accept this challenge fro bua ji.

Scene 8
Kinjal is really worried. She calls at mr patel’s office. She wonders where can her be.
Jahnvi comes in her room and sees anurag sleeping. she says I think he is tired i should cancel the plan. He need rest.
Simar knocks at kinjal’s door. Khushi is worried.

Precap- police comes and asks who is kinjal patel. They take out a dead body and say that we got this ID from the body. I am sorry o tell you but your husband is dead. Kinjal starts shouting.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. gosh this story is more of roli wish to c more of simar

    1. I think its because simar is leaving

  2. I don’t want simar to leave

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