Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with sujata ordering some saadhi clothes for naina.. and naina smiling and masi is not happy. and khushi says today clothes are coming and tomorrow jewellry will come and all will go in my pocket. I will make BW family pocketless. Sujata says naina like u wanted it wont be that grand but we will do all rasams. and naina says the way all family is getting prepared for my marriage it means a lot to me and masi thinks .. the way this whole family is believing fox like naina she is making everyone stand for me. she prays to god to help prem and make this marriage flop.

Simar goes to nirval market where roshni saw roli. simar gets out. she has roli’s pic in her hand. she has a strong feeling she will get to know a little about roli here. and she starts asking around. and says i cant lose hope like this. i m sure she must have been seen by someone.

prem is walking and thinking about Dr. Amitabh choudry who was treating naina for OCD. he goes in his cabin and says i m prem and i m here to talk about naina. i m her relative and past few days she is acting weird with the family .. i think her problem started again. give me some info that i can cure her. Dr. says i cant give u any patient info to anyone. it is against our ethics. prem says u r right but her family is at stake here. and doc says he will help but prem has to prove that u r her relative. prem says i have no proof of that. and doc says get me to talk to naina and i will be ok. and prem says naina doesnt know i have come here for her cure and if she knows she will get mad and it will be hard to control her. iu know more then me so pls help me. doc says u bring her here and i will treat her but without any proof i cant help u.. i m sorry.

simar walks futher and asks around again. and asks an uncle and shows him the pic..and an uncle says no i havent seen her. but keep faith god will make u meet ur sister. God sees matarani idol and goes and prays…she says i know my roli is somewhere near here…but i m not able to reach her. pls help me. show me the way. no one here knows anything about roli. where should i go? simar thinks police…and she goes to the taxi driver and asks him to take her to police station…and roli’s pic fell down. n the taxi driver says just yesterday i gave her a lift from the hospital. and there was a man with her too and he wasnt right. i asked is madam is ok and the guy for mad at me. and simar says can u take me to the hospital..and he says yes.

simar comes to the hospital and asks around but they dont know and its sunday so receptionist has gone home as its half day so can not check the records.

simar goes to the pharmacist and asks but he also says no. she continues to ask around. and the mataron is coming and bumps into simar and matron (head nurse) says u ok? can i help u. and simar says i m trying to find my sister but no one knows anything…this is her pic. and the head nurse says VIDYA!!!! and she says this is VIDYA…when they brought her here and she tells simar everything. and simar syas this is not VIDYA…this is ROLI .. my young sister. head nurse says she has lost her memory and the guy with her was saying he is her husband and he has a marriage certificate too.. i m worried about her .. dont know where she would be.. and simar says give me that man’s phone number or address..and head nurse gives it to simar…and says what happened roli. u were in such pain and all were thinking u…and head nurse consoles her.

simar says the address is not full…and head nurse says that vikram was very cunning…he use to make it seem he is in so much pain that no one paid any attention to these details. and simar thnx the head nurse and leaves. she is thinking how will i find roli…i only know the name of the place and nothing else…and veeru walks in the hospital and he is walking behind simar. but simar keeps on walking straight and he turns. the nurse gives him medicine for roli and he is about to bump into simar but bumps into someone else and says aarree yaar are u blind…and simar hears this and turns and sees veeru standin there but veeru doesnt see her.

PRECAP — Simar follows the maid and thinks why is she scared…and simar sees veeru standing in the front door of this home. and thinks VEERU IS ALIVE!!!

Update Credit to: kasrana

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