Sasural Simar Ka 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 22nd November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Jhanvi asks simar to tell her the secret recipe of her sweet. Simar is telling her the recipe. Shaureya comes in and says uma bhabhi told me about this ritual and the smell of jhanvi’s sweet attracted me here. Simar and jhanvi luagh he asks why are you laughing ? Jhanvi says i haven’t started yet and you smelled it shuareya says because i know there is so much taste in you hand. Jhanvi says shaurey ai don’ t know how to make sweet. He says i will teach you. Simar says this is a ritual you can’t help jhanvi shaureya says but i can boost her moral support by standing here. Jhanvi says of you will stay here then i will do something surely wrong.

Scene 2
Achna comes to pari’s room and asks her why her mood is off. Pari says i am tired of these shop workers i can’t understand why the take it so long to make the design i want. Pari says i have to go to the shop i will ask simar to take care of aarav. Achna says don’t make that blunder. Take arrav with you. Pari says how will i work when aarav will be with me. Achna says i will come along with you i will take care of aarava and you will handle the shop.

Scene 3
Mata ji says why is jhanvi taking so long to make the sweet, mausi ji says she is making it for the first time. Lets start eating we have the eat the food warm. Prem says no mausi ji first time jhanvi is making something o eat we will begin breakfast with that sweet. Sid says he is right. Pari comes and says i am taking aarav and mamma to the shop. Sujata says aarav in the shop? Its no even completed yet there is so uch dust there. Pari syas why are you worried maa. Mata ji syas its better that the child should be with mom.
Sujata asks where is jhanvi she must have completed it twice by now.

Scene 4
SHaureya says to roli actually the cylinder was empty so i refilled a new one. You know a few days ago a wife of my firend was making the same sweet and the knob was left open as she burned the match the whole kitchen boomed. Jhanvi is making the same sweet no ? roli goes running to kitchen and doesn’t let jhanvi burn the flame.

Roli says maybe the knob was on before you started cooking. Jhanvi says you must have some misunderstand bhabhi there nothing like that. The cylinder was empty before started cooking and shaureya re installed it. Roli says i actually smelled gas and this is the first time you are making something so i was worried.

Scene 5
Shaureya thinks that roli will be wondering all her life. Sid whispers in the ear of prem groom is so worried about the sweet. Sid says i ahev never seen man waiting too much for a risk. Shaureya says yes we have to nod in yes of our wives. Rajhinder says you have a bright future if you stay like that. Shaureya laughs. Sid says what is the similarities in Hitler and ladies. Mausi ji says i can tell the difference he had a mustache and a uniform and we don’t have either. Everone laughs. Shuareya syas the joke is heavy now. He looks at roli and says this worry of yours is the piece of my mind. Mausi ji says hey are calling us hitler roli show the real hitler part of yours to sid todya. Jhanvi bings in the sweet and serves it to everyone. Shaureya starts eating. Jhanvi looks tensed. MAusi ji syas let us taste too so we can tell which grade you have got in this exam. Jhanvi serves everyone. Mata ji says very good. Jhanvi says did you like it mata ji > Mata ji says yes. Jhanvi is delighted. Mausi ji says i can’t eat it much i am on diet. Jhanvi says i forgot to taste shaureya stops her as it isn’t that good but she already have taken. Her smile vanishes after eating it. Jhanvi says none of you said anything its so bad. You all lied for my happiness. Its tasteless. Shuareya stands up holds her hand and says the sweetness is in you and you made it how can it be not sweet ? Everyone is delighted.
Sid gets a call from soniya. He receives the calls and looks worried he says yes i will go for the meeting. Sid says i hope she didn’t get to know about that drama of ours. Rajhinder says don’t worry i know everything will be alright. Mata ji says that drama has given new life to a relationship i don’t thinks soniya would be much angry after listening to the full story behind. Shureya stands beside jhanvi and give fierce looks to roli.

Precap- Shaureya calls meghna and says sorrydi i couldn’t call you before these middle class people stick around me all the time. Meghna sasy shaureya i want vengeance from bharatwaj family too but what can i do.Shaureya says i will finish it my way. Sim ar and roli listen to him.Roli syas look he can’t ever change di.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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