Sasural Simar Ka 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 22nd March 2013 Written Update
Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
all are shocked to see naina there at then door, who picks up the garland, much to sid and simar’s shock, and progresses towards roli’s photo, determinedly. she puts it on the feet of the photo, while all are surprised. She consoles simar, about roli’s death, and that she understands simar’s pain, but asks her to consider it god’s wish and roli’s fate. Mataji asks her who is she and how does she know them. The baffled family wait for answer. Simar replies that she was her friend, and thats how she knows them. Mataji asks her to sit, but she takes her leave, saying that she is in urgency. she thinks that sid isnt even looking at her. On her way out, she gets dizzy and falls unconscious.

The family is shocked to see this. They pick her up, and mausiji asks prem to call the doctor. simar stops him saying that she knows naina’s doctor. After the doctor attends to her, when mataji asks about her health, the doctor asks her that naina isnt taking care of herself properly, which is very essential for her and the baby. Mataji is surprised to hear this. He asks them not to be afraid, and takes his leave. Mataji thanks him before leaving. She says that they cant leave naina alone like this, and asks simar to call up her husband so that he can come and pick her up. sid and simar are shocked to hear this. Sujata too agrees, saying that she needs her husband the most right now. Simar is hesitant, but then says that naina doesnt have a husband. this shocks them. They assume that he is dead, but simar clears their confusion saying that she isnt married. This shocks them again. Karuna asks that means she is having a baby out of wedlock. Uma too says that she doesnt even look married. pari too taunts saying that modernisation is good, but not this. Mausiji too agrees and asks simar how can an ill mannered girl like her be her friend. Sid is increasingly getting frustrated. All continue taunting about naina, and karuna finishes the conversation saying that god knows whose sin is she carrying in her womb. Sid, unable to take it any longer, asks her to stop talking. Sid tells everyone, that the father to naina’s unborn child, is noone else but him only. This shocks them out of their wits. sujata cries out his name, but sid again tells her what she doesnt want to hear. He lowers his head in shame. simar asks if he’s sane and if he knows the implication of what he is doing. Sujata asks simar to tell the truth. She begins to but sid stops her saying that he would tell them. He tells them everything right from where naina started working in the office, where he was her boss, and soon they became friends but he neevr loved her, as his love was only roli, is roli and would forever be roli. He says that he and roli were through a rough patch, and he used to be disturbed, and in that time, he went for a conference where he consumed alcohol, so much so that he lost sanity, and a momentary lapse of judgement, where he saw roli even in naina.

while naina is sleeping on the bed, khushi approaches her saying that now she can open her eyes, as the drama that she was doing has had its interval. She tells hnaina, that she has been meted with injustice, and she would see to it, that she gets justice. Naina asks is eh acted well, khushi says that she can act even better than khushi herself. naina says that he considers himself faulty for a crime that he didnt even commit, and simar too went all out for her, because of her acting. She thinks that now she would get her sid back. she thnks khushi for supproting her in this. Khushi, happy that she has had her way to get her revenge back, says that she would treat the family such a lesson that they would remember her till they die. khushi says that together they have befooled the bharadwaj family very easily, by making them have the impression that naina’s carrying sid’s child. The screen freezes on khushi’s evil face.

Precap: Sid’s father gets angry and says that its not just a mistake. He slaps him. Mausiji too tells him that roli even sacrificed her life for him, and he shamed them, like this. Viru tells roli, who is lying on a hospital bed, that she would have to get well for him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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