Sasural Simar Ka 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
SImar sudenly stops the car. She says to roli there something wrong with the car lets check. They find out that the tire is punctured. Roli says what will be do now. There is no hope that we will get a lift. A car comes and stops by them. Its Sonia. Simar says we need your help Sonia ji we don’t have any time for your family please give us your car. Sonia asks the driver to give her the keys. Sonia says okay get to the mountain and I will call the police. Simar says no please don’t. Roli says but if we don’t call you by next 15 minutes then call police. Attul sees their call and informs Meghna that they are going towards the cliff.

Scene 2
Meghna says now this is proved that you two can reach anywhere to save your family. But who will save you now.

Sujata prays please save them my lord. Let them know from anywhere that meghna has cheated them. We are here in this house. Meghna says they are reaching for the cliff and that cliff will take them to their death. That is the last part of this game. Everyone is worried for Roli and Simar. This is the rule of enmity that the war should end where it started from. Remember Shaureya died there and you will lose roli and simar there forever. My vengeance will be accomplished today. Bharadwaj family will be destroyed today. Sid says if anything happens to them then.. Then what ? Asks Meghna. She laughs. Maa hears her and wonders why is she laughing so hard. She calls simar to ask where the food of anjali is ? Roli attends the call. She asks where are they ? She is there in bharadwaj family and here is her relative meghna. Simar says please leave the house and listen to us go to the Verma aunty’s house. Simar disconnects the call. Simar says Meghna should have been there at the cliff why is she there in the house ? Simar and roli discuss verma aunty telling them that meghna came to their house when they were out and maa telling them that she was laughing and talking to the mirror. Roli says there is something wrong. Simar says maybe she came home to install the camera. Roli says it will take just a few hours. She will visit the place this much where our family is present. Simar says you are right roli, maybe she has captured our family in our own house.

Scene 3
Mata ji and whole family cries for roli and simar. Jhanvi says please punish me I killed shuareya please don’t do anything to them. Prem says they did all what you said please don’t kill them. Sid says kill me if it gives you a relief. Meghna laughs and sits on the sofa. She sees Anjali and Maa coming downstairs. She says I ws thinking that I should go to meet Verma who lives in the neighborhood. She leave. The whole family thanks God that she has left.

Scene 4
Roli and Simar plan to go back home. They take the U turn and Attul sees them. He informs Meghna. Simar and Roli are looking for the way back. Meghna says last 30 seconds, last ten seconds.. 10.. 5,4.. Suddenly Simar says we are here Megha. Whole family heaves a sigh of relief. Roli says we know our family is here somewhere in this house. Simar says we know our family is here. Meghna says yes you guessed right your family is in this house but where ? Task has not ended ? Go look for them. If you find them then its your good luck. They sees gas coming in the room.
everyone coughs. Meghna says I had no plan to kill them I planned to kill you but you are here so ow our family has to die.

Precap- Meghna says can you imagine since your family is not here they are in this house. Your family is right in front of you, find them if you can. Roli’s eyes stop on the mirror.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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