Sasural Simar Ka 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Behervi decides to sell the house

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanju begs please don’t sell this house. SHe kicks her and says this house will be sold and today. SHe says samir invite everyone. Simar too. She laughs.
Simar and everyone see the news in paper. They are shocked. Maaji says how can she do this. Simar says I won’t let this happen. I will stop her. Piyush says what will you do? She says anything. I will go alone. Mataji is crying.

Pari says I am tired of cleaning. uma says really what can we do. Simar comes in. Behervi says don’t come like this. This is not your house. Get out. Uma says we know your plans against master. Behervi says she is my guest let her come. Simar says shame on you. You are auctioning a house that is not your house. This house is a temple to us. It saves our memories. Bu you wont understand. Beheveri says then go and buy it.
Behervi says you have time till 2PM. Save your house if you can. The auction starts 2. Get money and buy your house. Simar is in tears. Behervi says you don’t have any worth to show me his tantrum. Go and come on 2 so you can see this house being auctioned.
Simar says I will come and to get my house. This is my house and will always be. I will show you getting it back from you.

Poyush calls everyone he knows and tries to get the money. No one says yes. Roshni says I don’t think anyone can help us. Everyone knows our situation. i don’t think they will help us. Roshni says should i ask mom? He says don’t worry I will do something. simar says I should call some relatives too. They keep calling.

Scene 2
Sanju and kb are thinking what to do. She says how do we stop this.
MAtaji and simar pray. Simar says please do a miracle God.

Samir comes home. Pari says to Uma why is kb talking to sanju so much. She didn’t even help us in house chores. pari says we should keep an eye on her. Samir says mom you think simar would come? Behervi says yes and will beg me.
Guru ji comes to simar’s house. He I heard about your house’s auction. I am here to help you. You have been trustee of our house. I heard this news. This is the donation money from temple. I brought this to help you. Keep this and save your house.
Mataji says but this is temple. He says you have been helping us. Take as debt and return when you have money. We have to save your house firs. Mataji takes it. She says thank you.

The auction starts. I is on 4 crore. KB says why is simar no here yet. Sanju says she will. Simar is leaving but the door is locked from outside. Piysuh tries to break it. Roshni says this is behervi’s trick.

Precap-The auction is going on. Simar comes in but the house is sold.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Finally got an answer that elis is chandra and helena’s daughter…Helena has 2 children with chandra but no child for nandini… so annoying…they didn’t show yesterday precap ..I don’t know how long need to be wait to see cn reunion…?

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