Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
KB says tell me pandit ji what will I have to do? saroj says aren’t you and Prem doing Kaniya dan? Simar says Khushi loves Anjali. She wanted to do Kaniyadan so we let her do it. They hear Sankalp screaming. His hand is fractured. KB says what happened? He says I was fixing lights on ladder. I slipped. KB says lets do knaiya dan first then we can rest. Sankalp says doctor suggested me bed rest I can’t do this. KB says but Anjali wants us to do kaniya dan. Sankalp says no worried Simar and Prem will do it. KB says its okay if he can’t do this I will do it alone. Pandit says husband and wife have to do it together. Saroj says its better that parents do the kaniya dan. Mataji says yes thats the ritual. Let Simar and prem do it. Maybe its not in your fate. KB says but.. Anjali says KB let Prem and Simar do it. KB says you know I haven’t eaten anything for Kaniya dan. Anjali says I know but please don’t delay the wedding. Anjali says dad you do the kaniya dan.

Vadadhi is at the bus stop. Piyush and Roshni stop her.
Simar and Prem do Anjali’s kaniya dan. Simar is very happy.
Piyush says you wanna leave? All girl leave like you. You wanted justice. Why are you running away now. Vadahi says I don’t want justice.
Mataji says to Khushi if fasting could get you what you want then you would get anything. Simar got what she deserved.
Vadahi says I don’t care if they get caught or not. My life is ruined but will this give me? Will I get my family back. No. Why should I waste my time. Roshni says please listen to me. Vadahi says when there was time Simar aunty and Piyush accepted that I am a thief and they asked me to leave. Piysuh says we trust you. But the circumstances didn’t allow us. But now come and face the truth. Vadhai says truth? You wanna know truth? You don’t have courage to listen his name and so doesn’t simar. Piyush says who is he? please tell me. Vadahi says Vikram. Vadahi says why ar eyou silent now? Piyush says I won’t leave that Vikram. I won’t let him ruin my sister’s life.
Piyush is driving back to home with Vadahi and Roshni. Roshni calls simar but simar isn’t picking up. Roshni says she isn’t picking up. Piyush says Vadahi you knew how he is, you stay quite. Vadhai says he threatened me if I tell anyone he would ruin anjali’s life.
Simar says where is Piyush? Prem says he doesn’t even know its his sister’s wedding. Simar says he must be stuck in some work. I will call him.
Simar sees roshni’s missed calls. Simar calls Roshni. Piyush says ma.. simar says where are you two? Its your sister’s wedding.
Pandit ji says tie the knot. KB says the mother is busy on call. I can do this at least. Mataji says yes you can do that.
Piyush says ma please stop the wedding. Simar says I can’t hear you. piyush says she can’t hear. Text her roshni. Simar collides with videographer and the phone falls. she doesn’t open it.
Pandit ji says stand up for the rounds. Piyush is on his way. Roshni says she didn’t read the text. Her phone is off. Piyush says call on landline. No one picks the call on landline. The rounds are on going.

Simar says to Prem when you talked about her marriage first I was so scared but now I realize how right you were. Prem says the rounds are ending but your son didn’t come. I thought he isn’t this irresponsible. Simar says he must be stuck somewhere. There is something wrong. He never does this. I will check again.
Simar comes out to looks for Piyush. He says where is this guy. Piyush comes in. SImar says where were you two? simar sees Vadahi and is dazed. The rounds are over. Pandit ji says the groom vows the wife that he will be with her in all circumstance and will never lie to her. Vikram says I promise.
Piyush says I went to bring Vadahi. He tells her everything from beginning. Vadahi says simar aunty.
Pandit says make her wear mangalsutra. Vikram makes her wear mangalsutra.
Piyush says tell her the rest. Vadhai says aunty.. She tells Simar everything. Vadhai says vikram is the guy who ruined my life. Simar is dazed.

Precap-Simar says we have to stop this wedding. She runs in. Vikram has filled Anjali’s hairline. Simar slaps Vikram. Everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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