Sasural Simar Ka 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 21st March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the hilltop
the bharadwaj family is surprised not to find roli in the car. sid and simar are beyond any consolation. Sujata tries, in vain, to try and calm simar. the inspector tells that their divers searched thoroughly but they didnt find roli and viru anywhere. This shocks the family. The divers too come and say the same. Prem refuses to believe it. The inspector says that they didnt even retrieve any bodies. sid goes angry at the thought of roli being called a body, as he refuses to believe that she’s dead. The family tries hard to control sid. The inspector says that the river is very deep, and the speed is very fast, therefore its impossible that she might have survived, as its a high accident prone area, and that they should come to face the fact the roli isnt anymore. all are shocked to hear the inevitable. simar goes berserk that this cant happen. She breaks down crying on the ground. Sid thinks that whatever people might think, roli is alive, and he knows it as she is blessed by the goddess, and she would definitely keep roli safe, and return her back to sid, and thats his firm belief.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
Sankalp gets khushi to the hospital and asks the doctor to check her. The doctor says that he has sustained serious injuries and her pulse is dropping, and that she needs to be treated right away. When the doctor asks his relation to th patient, as they need to to fill up forms before starting the treatment, He says that khushi’s his wife. the doctor asks him to sign at the reception while they start the treatment.

Scene 3:
Location: Bharadwaj house
After three days, all attend the memorial seviuces, with grief stricken hearts, of roli, wherein mataji remembers roli’s sacrifice for them. Sujata says that fate has done injustice, as they had so many dreams for roli, but since three days, there’s not been any sign of roli. Mataji says that she thought that roli would fill them with happiness, little did they know that she would leave a vacant spot in their lives. Mausiji too laments on the irony of fate. Khushi sees all of this standing. Mataji too agrees that she never thought she would live to see this day, and she still cant believe that roli isnt with them anymore. Mausiji comforts her. sujata gets up and goes inside, but before going, she turns to khushi, as if to say something, but then goes back again inside.

simar walks down the stairs in a trance, and sees the service laid out for roli. Sujata gets a garland to place it on roli, but simar stops her asking what was she about to do, that roli is her daughter inlaw, and how can she think like that. sujata says that she understands her pain, and that its very difficult for her too. Sid too sits motionless. Sujata asks simar to accept that roli isnt with them anymore, as her parents also have accepted it anyhow, and how they went away with a heavy heart, as they had nothing else to do, since they all kept searching frantically for 3 days but in vain. But simar refuses to believe, saying that anyone can believe but she cant. She goes berserk saying that they need to go to her, as roli’s waiting for them, and that roli cant leave them, and that they shouldnt waste time here. She is uncontrollable by everyone. Finally sid speaks up saying that simar is right, is saying that they should find her, as she cant live him, and is definitely still alive. This surprises everyone. Sid says that had anything happened to roli, he would have died, or felt anything, which he didnt, and that means she’s alive and asks them to believe it, and goes in a rage when he finds everyone silent. He looks at his watch, and remembers roli’s words that its a GPRS activated watch. He says that roli would definitely receive the signal when he gives one and respond back. simar too enthusiastically asks him to do it. The whole family waits patiently, but they dont get any signal, which boggles sid and simar, and confirms the family’s worst fears.

Simar aggressively says that she wouldnt ever let them do this, and throws the garland away, which lands on naina’s feet, who has just come in. Simar and sid are surprised to see her there.The screen freezes on sid’s surprised face.

Precap: Sid tells everyone, that the father to naina’s unborn child, is noone else but him only. But it turns out that naina has in fact been planted by khushi, who says that together they have befooled the bharadwaj family very easily, by making them have the impression that naina’s carrying sid’s child.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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