Sasural Simar Ka 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 21st June 2013 Written Update

Bantu by mistake takes Jhumki’s name to Sid. Sid asks who is this Jhumki? Bantu smartly says, Roli is Jhumki. When I met her, she didn’t know her name so I kept her name as Jhumki just like how I kept your name “Rakshash” (Evil). Sid says then this evil is coming to eat you and they both play with each other.

Jhumki is in dilemma what to do.. if she helps her group, then family might be in problem. She comes near Sid’s room. Sid sees her and says, hey Jhumki. Jhumki is shocked. Bantu says to Sid, what’s wrong with that name? Why are you laughing? Sid says it’s good. Jhumki feels relieved and says, this Bantu calls by any name.

Next morning, Sid’s father reads newspaper which has Jhumki’s dance ad, but her face is covered, and therefore, he doesn’t notice it.

Simar and Prem come to Jhumki. Simar asks her, I noticed after you talked with your group, you’re very tensed. Jhumki tells them everything and says my group needs my help very badly, but then you might be in problem so I don’t know what to do. Simar says, it’s just about 6 days.. after that you can go anywhere and do any program, but please don’t think about any program in these 6 days. Jhumki agrees.

Mausiji is excited and crosses out 1 day on calendar. She sees Roli and calls her to her. She says only 6 days, then that drama queen will be out and we all will be happy. Now everything will be fine. Simar hears their conversation and looks thoughtful.

Other hand, Khushi crosses out 1 day as well and says, only 6 days left and we will have to do something. Veeru comes there with an exciting news of Jhumki coming to Delhi. Khushi throws the ad away and asks him not to talk crap and think about how to find fake Roli’s truth.

Jhumki is getting Bantu ready. Bantu tells her, this house is so big and everyone is so loving, especially Sid.. he cares so much care of me. Jhumki agrees and says, we didn’t know family could be like this.. everyone loves each other so much. Bantu is disappointed as they don’t have any family. Jhumki says, we are each others family and one day I will become a popular heroine of Mumbai and will admit you in a big school and we will live in a huge house and enjoy a lot. Prem and Simar come there. He gives her a letter saying they did Bantu’s admission in one of Mumbai’s best school. Jhumki gets emotional and thanks them. She says you proved today that there are still some good people in this world. Simar says, why thank? you’re doing so much for our family.. so can’t we do this much for you? Bantu is happy. Jhumki hugs him. Simar takes Bantu with her for breakfast. Jhumki again gets a call from her group. She decides not to talk with them.

Everyone is at dining table. Bantu tells everyone how he used to steal food sometimes in Laxmanpur. Sujata says, then your name should be Kanha. Everyone is having good time. Sid says, he just doesn’t have hobby of eating, but he has habit of keeping everyone’s name as well. He says, he kept Roli’s name as Jhumki when she didn’t remember her name in Laxmanpur. Everyone laughs and says it’s very interesting name. Veeru and Khushi heard that as they are passing from there. Simar and Prem are worried and Khushi notices it. She tells Veeru, this Jhumki is really something. Veeru says, I heard a lot about her in Laxmanpur.. I really wanted to see her dance, but she never came. Khushi says, she would come if she was there. Maybe you didn’t notice fear on Simar and Prem’s faces. This Jhumki will help us in proving that this Roli is fake.

In a room, Prem is concerned and tells Simar and Jhumki, I told you we are taking a risk by keeping Bantu in this house. For a moment, we can handle our family, but this Khushi and Veeru won’t stay quiet. Simar says, you’re worrying for no reason. Prem blames Bantu and says, God knows what we will have to pay for it. Jhumki gets angry and has an argument with Prem. She says, nothing will happen and I am taking guarantee. Simar calms Prem down. Jhumki says, once Jhumki makes any promise.. she fulfills it.. whether promise was given to own people or outsiders. She was getting call again from her group. She leaves from there.

Everyone is again on dining table. Mataji tells Prem, only 6 days are left. Prem says, I took care of everything and decision will be in our favor. Bantu comes down and wonders how he will join them without Jhumki. He remembers Jhumki telling him that she is going to meet her group as they need her help very badly. Family invites Bantu to join them and ask about Roli. Bantu is tensed.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Shreya

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