Sasural Simar Ka 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 21st April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Khushi comes in her room. Mausi ji follows her. She says I saw your light open so asked why haven’t you slept. Khushi says there is no problem I am not sleepy. Mausi ji says lets talk about kitty. open that window. What will be in the menu. Khushi is looking at the window. Khushi pretends like she is sleepy. She says i have to sleep. She lies on bed and says I am sleeping. Mausi ji leaves. khushi is so happy.

Scene 2
Bua ji says bhagti comes to home before anurag’s birthday. She is the first to wish him always. Jhanvi says let me bring the knife. She feels bad about it. Bhagti comes there and says i am so sorry I know I ruined your surprise. I had no idea that you have planned something. I was used to of wishing her. Simar comes in and says there is nothing worng. Anurag is waiting for you both.
Roli says to simar is bhagto extra sweet. Simar says why are you used to doubt everyone.

Scene 3
Juwala says to her son. Please open the door and eat. sHe is in tears. She says oksay and is about to go when someone opens the door and throws a vase in her feet. The servant says he is so bugged he has thrown 3 vases already. Juwala says I bave control over whole town but not on my own son.

Scene 4

Roli and simar catch khushi red handed. Simar asks where you got this money from? She says i did job before coming here. I wanna do it for me by my own and for my child as well. Simar and roli leave. Khushi says i guess they trusted me but still i have to play safe. Roli says to simar she is lying for sure. Simar says is this cash related to that kitty party.

Scene 5
simar and roli have planned to anurag’s place. So they can catch khushi. Everyone balks anurag and wishes her birthday. Mata ji says i’m sorry we can’t come.
Simar comes and says anurag has called his friend. jhanvi asked us to come and help her out. Mata ji says there is absolutely no problem. You should go. Mausi ji says i am not in mood as well. Mata ji says i know you’re lying. Mausi ji says yeah its kitty party that’s why i don’t wanna come. Mata ji says you disappointed me once again by lying. Mata ji asks sujata and karuna to get ready. Mausi ji says i hurt her again. Simar says this is the last time we’ll reveal whats behind the kitty.

Scene 6
anurag comes out and bhagti laughs she says when did you start wearing this color. He says jhanvi has chosen it for me so i must be looking good in it. Bhagti says i’m so sorry. Anurag says i wanna take jhanvi to dinner. Then i’ll take you your home.

Scene 7
khushi is happy that her destination is near. birju calls her and tells her some new way. She says on kitty ? He says yeah.
Simar tells mausi ji that we’ve told the family that we’re going to jhanvi. Mausi ji says we’ll be successful this time. Everyone gets ready for the wedding. Mausi ji says relax mata ji whats wrong in being late. Mata ji asks simar and roli to come with them they’ll drop her.

Precap- khushi says there is a special guest in kitty today. juwala devi. Simar and roli are dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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