Sasural Simar Ka 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikrant goes in to simar’s room. She isn’t there. Vikrant wonders where can she go along with Sanju in early morning. When he turns back simar is standing at the door. Sanju comes in with a present and they both sing birthday song for him. Vikrant hugs sanju and says thank you. He says to simar you remembered my birthday? Simar says how can I forget your birthday. You have always been with me. simar says where will we go for celebration? Vikrant says I don’t want to celebrate in this tense environment. Simar says so don’t I but sanju wants to go. Simar says we ignore small happiness in tensions. When time is gone we regret. We have to do this for our sanju. Vikrant says in heart I cant believe this, simar is so upset yet she wants to do all this for me. Sanju says papa I want ice cream. Vikrant says okay lets go. SAnju says I will get ready. Vikrant says Simar all that happened to you can made anyone give up. but you’re still strong and you are doing this all for sanju. Simar says leave that all. tell me what’s plan of celebrations? Vikrant says you used to plan all the parties. You can plan this one as well. let me know when you’re done. He leaves. Sunaina says its Vikrant’s birthday I have to make this day special from perm and simar. I have to see if there is still some spark left in their relationship.

Scene 2
Prem gets ready. Sunaina possessed simar’s body, calls prem and says I have moved on in my life with the man who stood with me when you left. prem says why are you telling this all to me? simar says to tell you that I am very happy in my new life. We are going to hotel delicacy to celebrate Vikrant’s birthday. I am telling you all this to show you that I don’t want you at all. i am very happy Prem disconnects the call and says simar your entity in my life has finished I am happy with surbhi and Anjali too. Surbhi aks who was it? Prem says get ready in the evening we will go out for dinner. pari comes in and says very good prem. Prem says lets go Anjali. Pari says I have made your favorite milk shake. Anjali drinks it. Surbhi wonders why did prem throw his phone on the couch. she checks his phone. its an unknown number. she calls back. sunaina receives the call. she says I knew you’d call. You must be enjoying my place in bharadwaj. Fulfill my responsibilities. take care of Anjali. if Anjali suffers I will be very bad to you. I can forgive you for what you did to me. If you do anything to my daughter I won’t leave you. Pari asks who was it surbhi? Surbhi says simar is coming between us. he was so happy but simar called and he left in anger. she was warning me if I treat Anjali badly she will kill me. Pari says simar was never like that. what changed her this much? Anyhow, forget all that. Prem felt for the first time the he should spend time with his family. surbhi says is prem doing all this to show siamr? Pari says there is nothing like that. until you and prem don’t spend time together you won’t know each other. Surbhi says I will always be with him. pari says simar’s behavior is beneficial for you. Prem will accept you for sure. Roli overhears their conversation.

Roli calls vikrant and says I old you that sunaian has gone. that was a lie. she is here and she has got control over simar. she is trying to apart prem and simar so she can spend life with you and sanju. Is sunaina near you? Why are you not speaking. Sunaina says yes. Why you wanted to say all this. I know all this. I knew that you will do this for sure. I took his phone and said he should stay away from work on his day. I won’t let you win. tonight at Vikrant’s birthday I have planned something after which simar will never go back to prem. come to hotel delicacy and witness it. I have invited prem as well. Don’t try tome between me and my destination. You can’t do anything.

Vikrant is looking for his shirt. sunaina comes there and says move aside I will find it. she takes a short out and says you will wear this black shirt its suits you. I have planned everything. we will go to hotel delicacy. You like their food a lot, vikrant says how you know that? Sunnaina says karthik told me once. We will remember this celebration for days. Vikrant gets a call and goes out. Sunaina says this night will be special for me and simar. prem will remember this forever. one relationship will end forever and the other one will be bounded forever

Precap-Sid disguises as a post man and says to sunnaina there is a letter for vikrant. Vikrant comes and says this is karthik’s home. I never gave this address to any correspondent. Suunaina says who could send the letter then?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what a nonsence? even pari says that she can’t believe what simar says. but the idiot prem didn’t try to understand her! no need of watching this serial, only wastage of time!

  2. ya akshara its stupid serial and i got a news n fb that vikrant,simar,prem and surbhi are going to other country i think that time prem and simar can get close

  3. What rubbish. If writers don’t know how to extend a story they should know how to end it with grace

  4. Pls u should pity simar n roli they have tried in dis movie,pls this stor because it becoming something else n am getting tired of this sad story,bring prem and simar together and let simar enjoy her family again.

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