Sasural Simar Ka 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 20th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Sujat and everyone is so busy in doing the arrangemnets and packing of jhanvi’s stuff. Everyone is so happy.
Prem opens the door and jhanvi is standing in tears. Sujata asks her is she all right? Everone gets worried. Shuareaya come in too. Mata ji asks him to be in. He says no i won’t.
Shaureya says no i just came to drop jhanvi. Sujata asks when will you be back to take her ? Sahureya says i will not come jhanvi will live here by now. I won’t ever take her from here. Everyone is so startled. He says please don’t take me wrong i don’t have a place where i can take jhanvi. I cn’t arrange a house in one day we have left singhaniya house forever. Sujata says but why ? Shaureya says i am really sorry its just one day after wedding but i couldn’t fulfill my promise and couldn’t take care of jhanvi as well. Jhanvi is in tears he swipes them away. I will change these tears in smile soon but till then you have to help me. Until i can’t arrange the house you have to keep jhanvi. I will leave now. Mata ji says you can’t leave like this. I mean you are the sone of this family come in and tell us the problem in details we will sort it out. Jhanvi and shaureaya come in.
Mata ji says what happened that forced you to take this decision i mean meghna accepted this wedding in front of CM and everyone. Shaureya says no Mata ji di wasn’t happy with this marriage all she did was just a drama, she doesn’t like jhanvi she was saying all that to save her reputation. When everone left she treated jhanvi so bad and even said that she can’t be the part of singhaniya’s. I tried to convince her but she said i have two options jhanvi or the name of singhaniya. She gave me the condition that i will have to leave jhanvi if i want the property and business. Along wih jhanvi he sent me out of our house. Rajhinder says that you are the son of that family you have all the rights on that business and property. Shaureaya says its not like that the name of singhaniya is due to di. I don’t want the property or the business i am just sad because i had to leave di. But don’t worry i will find some job but until i don’t get one please take care of jhanvi i will take my life seriously by now. He says to jhanvi that i won’t let the tears come in your eyes. Jhanvi says i will come with you wherever you go. Shaureya says you have done a lot for me i will be back soon you take care.,
Sujata says you don’t have to look for a house this is your house too you can live here until you don’t get a job. Shaureya says you accepted me that is enough for me.
Sid says we will help you in finding your job.
Mata ji says you will live here until you don’t get your job. Mata ji asks jhanvi not to be worried. Mata ji asks shalu to show them their room. Sujata says this is the first time he will be eating with us. I want simar and roli to make something special. I will help you both. Simar says no we will do it.
Roli says i am trying hard but i can’t believe shaureya. Simar says how can he be like this with jhanvi and left his home for her. This is some new game of these siblings. Roli says it won’t hidden longer he will be here and the best thing is that jhanvi will be in front of our eyes.

Scene 2
Shaureya says i haven’t eaten so much in my life. Pari says you will have to eat the sweets as well. Pari says have some other dish shaureya tries to stop her and it falls on jhanvi’s hand leaving it burnt. Shaureya asks pari to bring some tube and applies it on jhanvi’s hand. Shureya says i must have eaten Jahnvi says this isn’t your fault. He says don’t say anything.

Scene 3
Jhanvi is in her decorated room Simar says you are looking so good we will pray fro your happy life. Shaureya comes in the room in the room. Roli thinks i wish Simar is right and jhanvi has all happiness in her life.

Precap- Shureay says thanks to roli for maing hima and jhanvi one. She says you just have to make her happy. Shureaya says i will make her that happy that even the meaning of happiness will change for her. roli is startled over his words.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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