Sasural Simar Ka 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari has messed up everything. Sanjeev says what will you do now ? The host says is there anyone who can help her ? Roli raises her hand. Roli takes out all the bundles. She thanks her. Khushi says what a pretender she is. I won’t be able to recognize her if i didn’t know.
Sanjeev says lets play ‘antakshiri’ of food. i will say some food name and you all will sing a song related to that. He says lemon and uma sings ‘nimora’. Sanjeev says tea(chai) Shalu sings song ‘ek garam chai ki’
now only 2 minutes are left. Sanjeev says to bhagti that you look expert. He says to jahnvi that you are bit slow but maybe you are that turtle. Bhagti says in heart i will never let her win. Sanjeev announces that there is milk shake for all of them. He says you will have to guess it ingredients and will get a gift hamper. Uma, mausi ji and mata ji tells different ingredients. Snjeev says there is one thing left. Simar says sugar. He says yeah right. He gives her the gift. Sanjeev syas its impressive that you live abroad but remember so much about our land. Simar says i like sweet a lot.
Now only seven minutes are left. Sanjeev says to bhagi that the color looks good. He says to jhanvi that you wanna give a tough competition to bhagti. He says to pari there is some problem here. bhagti says i have to do something. Bhagti asks jhanvi for a kinfe. She throws the jug on the pad where jhanvi worte the recepie. SHe says sorry jhanvi i made it by mistake. Jhanvi’s recepie has got blurred. She is tensed because she can’t see anything. Everyone is worried for jhanvi. Jhanvi tries to chase the recepie by coloring the other page with a pencil. The host and sanjeev are really impressed. Everyone claps for her. Sanjeev says so people must have seen today that cooking is a serious task. Everyone cheers for jhanvi. Mausi ji wnders why these foreign ladies are supporting jhanvi. Uma says to roli your eyes and your laughter is exactly like madhuri.
Lst two miutes are left. Bhagti is garnishing her dish. Jahnvi looks for her garnish she can’t find it. bhagti took it when she was taking the kinfe. Jahnvi plans on using someother thing. Jahnvi garnishes it with dhaniya. The time is up.

Scene 2
The time of tasting has come. Pari presents first. Sanjeev sasy you missed so many things. Its still tasty. Now its bhagti’s trun. Sanjeev tastes it. He says everything is so perfect. Now its jhanvi’s turn. She presents her dish. Sanjeev says i used spinach for garnish. Jahnvi says I couldn’t find it. Sanjeev says so you thought any other thing would work. Host says you took a rish by altering the dish. Sanjeev tastes it. He says the taste is good. spices are good and is cooked well. The host announces the names of finallists. The first name is of Jahnvi. Bhagti is shocked. Bhagti says this is wrong. I mean she altered the garnish how can she be first. SAnjeev says she used her mind and used other thing. Jhanvi syas my simar bahbhi told me this trick. The other finalish is bhagti. Pari is eliminated. SHe wishes jhanvi good luck.

Scene 3
Shalu says pari don’t be worried. Mausi ji says pari won’t be worried she is our actual bahu no 1.
The foreigners are leaving. Mata ji says where are you going simar and roli. What you thought that you will make your mata ji fool too. Roli says how you recognized us ? Mata ji says its the heart that is the same. mata ji will always recognize her roli and simar. Sujata says what an amazing way you have disguised. Simar says except for mata ji no one recognized us. Juwala won’t recognize us like this.

Precap- Juwala says they said no to meet me ? I am nit used to of listening no. Lets go to them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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