Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: on the road
Roli is scared to see viru so agitated and determined to have his revenge. he speeds through the road, saying that he was waiting for ages for this day to come. Khushi follows them in her taxi, while viru outsmarts them and swerves to get out of sight of khushi, which boggles her completely. While sujata calls up the police, simar calls up prem to know whats their status. After that, she gets khushi’s call. Khushi tells simar that she lost trail of viru’s car, and asks her to come soon to the pahadi.

Viru asks roli not to be scared, and roli says that she would jump out of the car, if he doesnt stop. He doesnt take her seriously, and roli seeing that viru is not paying attention, jumps out of the car, and falls on the road. Viru runs after her, disgustedly, after having stopped his car. Roli tries to get up and run. Viru comes up to her, and taking hold, asks roli, if she doesnt love him, and he says that he doesnt care if she loves him or not, he ould show her how much he loves her. Khushi sees them, and tries to stop an unrelenting viru from dragging roli back into his car. He doesnt take off his hand from roli’s. when khushi continues to struggle, he throws her off, and she hits her head hard.

The bahardwaj family too comes. Roli screams out for sid, who is shocked to see her. As they approach her, viru takes her head, and threatens to slam it and bash her up, if they come forward. This stops them, and viru manages to get roli in the car and drive off. Sid and prem too take off after him, and try to stop his car, but in vain. Mataji asks the other sons, to take khushi to the hospital, while simar, prem and sid drive after roli and viru.

Roli continues to struggle, but viru drives single handedly, not letting go of her hand. Sid too follows in rage. He finally catches up with viru’s car and asks him to let go of roli, but viru swerves and gets ahead. Prem tells sid to take another route to reach the hilltop.

Scene 2:
Location: On the hilltop
viru victoriously reaches the hilltop, and finding noone there, he exclaims to roli that he outsmarted them, and reached here finally, where noone would be able to help roli now. As he turns his car around, is shocked to find that simar, prem and sid are already there. She victoriously tells viru, that he lost out yet again. Viru says that since he started this game, he would finish this too, and if she cant be his, then he wont let her be anyone else’s. Much to the bharadwaj family’s and roli’s horror, he speeds off the car, and drives off the cliff. A scared roli shouts out for sid. The car falls into the river beneath the cliff. Simar, sid and prem shout out in shock. The whole family is shell shocked.

Sid goes berserk, saying that he wont let anything happen to roli, and is about to jump off the cliff, when he is somehow stopped by prem by force, and others. Simar too cries incoherently, into the other ladies arms asking for something to be done to save roli. Prem shouts at sid, and asks him to be sane to take him out of his trance. He says that sid cant commit suicide just because of what happened to Roli. Mataji tries to comfort simar that nothing would happen to her, and they would find her definitely and that they should have faith in goddess.

sujata says that they should think how to find roli right now and keep faith in god that she would definitely help them. Prem offers to call the police, so that their divers can get in and save roli from drowning. But neither he nor his father can get network. They are boggled by this. Seeing simar’s condition, prem asks her to be calm, and offers to go and search fopr help around. Mausiji laments that this is injustice, that after a long time they go happiness and it was snatched from them again. sid is stunned into silence after all this.

Prem finally gets through the call, and asks the police to hurry up and comforts sid also that the police would be here soon.

As the police manage to get the car out of the waters, Prem shows sid that this is viru’s car. Sid and simar hurriedly look at it to find any trace of roli.The whole family run forward to go closer to the car, but find it empty, with just a piece of jewellery that roli wore, stuck to the seat. Sid gets emotional finding that, remembering how he had seen her wearing that while dressing up for their anniversary. Simar runs around searching for it. The screen freezes on sid’s shocked face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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