Sasural Simar Ka 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 20th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Mata ji wakes up and she finds something in the news paper. She starts screaming everyone’s name. Rajhinder asks what happened mata ji. She shows him the paper and says the name of Aarav sweets is changed to Daddu ji Halwai. Sujata says this had to happen. We can’t see you sad. Mata ji says Daddu ji today is a very blessed day. They have given me the happiness I lost all my hope in. Pari leaves. Shalu says this is a little gift from all of us to Daddu ji. Mata ji really happy. Shaureya is on the door steps he wonders where is Roli. He thinks maybe she is scared to face me in fron t of whole family. Simar says lets go for the breakfast. We have made everything what daddu ji liked.

Scene 2
Shaureya goes to kitchen and says is Roli so scared that she even stopped coming downstairs. Simar gets a call. Shaureya says are you playing some game ? Simar says I have sent her some where you can’t reach. You can’t go to her. Shaureya says I am not fool. I know you can’t leave her. What will you say to the family. Simar says that’s probably not your problem. Shaureya says I won’t lose I will find her out no matter if she is here in the house or some where out. Simar says lets see.
Simar leaves the kitchen. He says I can’t go away from the win. I will find Roli.

Scene 3
Everyone is laughing in the living room. Mausi ji says this was the idea of my Shalu. MAta ji says shalu and Pari you have given me a lot of happiness my changing the name of shop. Thank you so much. Achna says after all Pari is the most responsible daughter of this house. Simar brings in the ‘cholay poori’ Maat ji says that’s what Daddu ji always liked. Shaureya says Simar bhabhi where is Roli bhabhi. Mata ji asks Simara is she all right ? Simar says she is fine she had to go sangeet of her friend Payal. She forgot to tell. She will stay there. Mata ji is bit disappointed. Simar says I apologize mata ji is sent her forcefully I thought change of environment will help her. Mata ji says oh that’s very good then. She needed a change. Shaureya syas I can’t lose this. I have to find her. Lets rummage in her room maybe i find something. He says I have to make a phone call i will be back. He leaves.
Shaureya enters Roli’s room. He thinks where to start from. Her friend called her that means she must have told her the address. it must be written some where here. He starts looking every where but couldn’t find a clue.

Scene 4
Pari shouts at Shalu saying you changed the name of my shop without asking me. Achna comes in and says you are playing with the future of your son. Shalu says this is the problem of me and my wife. Leave us alone. Achna leaves in anger. Pari says why you did this. This is my shop I will be handling it. You can’t force me to obey what you say. Shalu says I did all for you. Never intruded. Today you have to choose between your husband and your shop. I did what ws best for everyone.

Scene 5
Shaureya sees Simar talking to someone. He figures that she is atlking to Roli. He wishes he could get her phone. Jahnvi comes down too. Simar says Roli i will talk to you later. Jhanvi says I brought milk for you in the rom. DO you need something > Shaureya says I was hungry. She serves him with the breakfast. Jahnvi says Roli must be s enjoying in the Sangeet. Simar says yes she enjoys it a lot. Shaureya drops Simar’s phone on the floor from the table. He says let me fix it, Simar says no i will. Simar says its not opening there is such an important number in this phone. Shaureya understands that the number is in her phone. Simar goe sto bring poori

Precap-Shaureya replaces Jahnvi’s phone with Simar’s. He calls on that number and asks is there any boking by the naem of Roli there ? They says yes. Shaureya feels like winning. Simar says Shaureya you will go there not to win but to lose.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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