Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Reema and Simar make a plan to tackle Dhami

Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badi Maa coming to Simar and asks her to get up. She says this place is not for you, I got this room decorated for you with so much enthusiasm. She says I can understand what you are going through, I know how it feels when an other woman snatches your husband, heart breaks in thousand’s pieces. Simar says you are the head of the family, you can’t break else what will happen with us. Badi Maa says from where you can get so much strength, I can’t see your pain. Simar keeps her head on her shoulder and says I can’t lie, I am in immense pain, but I know that my Aarav ji is in more pain than me, is a victim of circumstances, he is in the room with that girl, but that room is the cage for him, he can’t think of staying with someone else other than me, he is in much pain. Badi maa says it is enough, Aarav Oswal is the grand son of his Dada. Simar asks what happened? Badi Maa asks her to come with her. Dhami writes her name with flower petals on the bed. She then comes to Aarav and says Simar is gone, now you come with me. She forcibly makes him get up and asks him to come. He sees Dhami’s name with his name on the bed and says I want to make one thing clear to you, and asks her not to expect anything from him. He says I love my family and doing this to protect my wife. He says I left good opportunities in US, to be with my family and tells her that he has no emotions for her. (Dhami).

Dhami smiles and says you look hot in anger. Aarav says unbelievable and disgusting and says you don’t have a bit of shame even. He says nobody likes you here. Dhami says then also they have to accept me. She says we are here as husband and wife, with the family members. She says this is what you wanted, you wanted their acceptance, which we got then what is the problem? She says lets calm down and not fight. She asks him to see the room which Badi Maa got decorated beautifully for them. She says we got married today, it is going to be you and me, and says I will never let Simar come between us. Aarav says don’t take her name, she is my wife, she has tears in her eyes and her heart broke thousand times due to you. Dhami says I am your wife, how can you talk to me like this. Aarav says I have just one wife, that is Simar, she is my heart and everywhere. Dhami says no. Aarav asks her not to shout and says he is bearing her due to Simar, else he would have thrown her out. Dhami picks the scissor and says if you couldn’t become mine, then couldn’t become of anyone else. She says if you are not in my life then what I will do with this life. She keeps scissor on her hand and asks how it will look if this hand is of Simar, and asks if he don’t want. He says lets celebrate this day, if you stay as good bye, then I promise that I will be good girl and will not trouble Simar. She asks if we will celebrate. Aarav asks her to shut up and tears the floral strings decorations from the bed. He throws it on the floor. Dhami picks it and then comes to hug Aarav.

Simar comes to Reema’s room. Reema brings her inside and makes her sit. Simar asks what are you seeing? Reema says your eyes, you have cried a lot. She says I will bring ice. Simar holds her hand. Reema and Simar hug each other and cries. Reema asks her cry and unburden her heart. Simar says why did Dhami do this with my Aarav ji? Reema says everything will be fine, says your Reema di is with you. Simar says let me cry on your shoulder, Maa is not here, but you are here. Reema says you are Maa and Papa’s Gudiya, how can you cry?

Dhami blackmails Aarav to pull her ghunghat as a loving husband, when she sits on the bed. She holds his hand and is taking him to bed. Aarav reminisces Simar standing on the window. Dhami covers her head with veil and goes to sit on the bed. Simar cries standing on the window. Aarav is teary eyes and takes Simar’s name. Simar says Aarav ji. Dhami calls Aarav and shows him scissor.

Simar tells Reema that she has cried a lot and now decided not to cry anymore. She says she has to stop Dhami and fail her intentions. She says I will not let her make Aarav ji helpless. Reema asks if you thought something. Simar says I have to meet him alone, I can understand his pain and helplessness, some fear and helplessness have held him from inside, and I want to ask him what is stopping him. She says how to meet him. Reema says I will think. Simar says Papa used to say always, if you want to enquire about someone, then shall know their background etc. Reema says we shall get info from social media, Dhami must be there too.

Dhami is still trying to scare Aarav showing the scissor. Reema searches Dhami Kapoor on the social site, but her accounts are private. Simar says how can we find out now. Reema says she is surely red flag and bad news. She says I have treatment for this too and tells something to Simar, which is muted. Simar says how this is possible, and says we can do. She says I will do, lets go.

Aarav comes near the bed. Reema asks Simar to see her acting and says she always used to twist her finger to get permission from her parents to go out. Simar says I will go and execute our plan. Reema says all the best. Dhami signs him to pull her ghunghat. Aarav feels helpless and is about to lift the veil. Simar comes to the backside of the Mansion and takes off the fuse from the circuit box. Aarav looks on.

Precap: Dhamo challenges Simar and says a big mishap is going to happen in this house tomorrow. Simar says nothing can happen in my house, in my presence.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Waiting for #reemar’s victory🔥🔥

  2. Arpan Shakya

    Reema’s positive role has finally come

  3. Nicole ehizokhale

    This dhami is really sick and also very shameless she lied about being married to Aarav which is a lie and also its very obvious that she doesn’t love Aarav she is just obsessed with Aarav and also she really needs medical attention immediately and also she needs to leave the oswal family forever and also the show too and also she needs to stay away from simar and the entire family because its very obvious that she is really insane and also very dangerous and also its best Aarav doesn’t sleep in the room that was decorated for him and simar only in which dhami has come to destroy it with her obsession for him and also dhami needs to realize that Aarav only wife is simar and that she and Aarav are not legally married at all because the marriage is illegal and invalid and also a fraud and also its best Aarav sleep in the room that simar will sleep tonight throughout together till the next morning so that dhami will sleep alone it will be for the best since he can’t stand dhami at all because she is completely insane and mentally ill and unstable and also its best Aarav sleep together with simar in the same room that she will be sleeping tonight and also throughout till dhami leaves the oswal mansion and family completely forever which all fans of ssk2 want will can see that dhami is really insane and also completely pyscho and also l love the bond between the sisters which is simar and reema finding away to tackle and also throw dhami out of their lives for good because truly dhami character is completely useless in the show will don’t want her at all she needs medical help immediately

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