Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Badi Maa gives a fitting reply to Reema’s jealousy

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samar telling Simar that his love Nisha is no more. Simar gets teary eyes. He says she was driving so fast that she met with an accident and now I am alone for lifetime. He says this is not fair and says my life is ruined to hide this bitter truth. He says he lies that he don’t believe in love, as he don’t want to remember Nisha. He says he is still standing at the same place, where she left him. She says I have done her last rites with these hands, with which I was about to fill her maang. He says you have Aarav with you, you can see him, hear him and touch him, but I can’t. He says sometimes I feel suicidal, but don’t want to upset Nisha. He says even today, I can’t go to the place where we used to roam. He says I have to do this to forget my past. Simar says I am sorry Samar. Samar says I don’t want to give sympathy and don’t want to take it. He advices her to live for Avinash and Indu and asks her to feel what they will think if they come to know. He makes her sit on the bench and ties handkerchief on her injured foot. Simar cries. Samar says the relation which is hidden are having flaw. He asks her to call him and tell him that she don’t want to meet him.

Badi Maa watches the video. Reema keeps her hand on her cheek and says I will reply with the big dhamaka for you small slap. Aarav comes home. Badi Maa hears the car sound and comes out. Aarav gets down the car and falls down. Badi Maa shouts Aarav and calls Vivaan and Sandhya to come out fast. Reema comes out. Sandhya and Vivaan get worried seeing him injured. Reema says why Badi Maa is not scolding him and asks when she will start her action packed film. Badi Maa asks Vivaan to call doctor and take him inside. She is shattered and shocked. Reema is shocked seeing her behavior and goes behind her, says why didn’t you scold Aarav? She says you have seen him breaking fast for Simar, on my Mayka’s terrace and spend time with her. She says now he is acting and you have melted. She asks where is your anger and fire? Badi Maa asks her to stop it, else she will not take time to take out her tongue. She says I can sense your jealousy, and can see that you are yearning to get peace for your burning heart. Reema says I always saw you taking stand for right. Badi Maa says I know that you doesn’t care if I support right or not. She says you are angry as Badi Maa and Aarav’s relation is not broken today, and asks why my motherly love for him overpowered everything today. Reema says no. Badi maa says you are greedy about these keys. She throws it on the floor and asks her to take it, and says take it, but the power is not about getting the keys. She says if you think that you can become the head by breaking Oswal family, then you can’t do this even for 7 births. She asks her to accept the family with heart first and asks her to leave her doings, else she will not take time to keep her down. She says I don’t want any advice from anyone, when to scold my kids. She says if you want to do something for us, then focus on your younger sister’s marriage. She says Saam, daam, dand, whatever you want, get her married soon and then I will give keys to you by myself. She says your focus shall be Simar and not Aarav. She says for now, keep these keys in my room for now. Reema picks the keys.

Aarav tells Vivaan that he don’t need any doctor and asks him to move. He says I want to say sorry to Simar, she didn’t look back at me, I hurt her very much. Doctor asks since how many days, he didn’t sleep? Aarav asks Vivaan to call her from his phone and says I can’t see her hurt. Sandhya asks Aarav to give him injection. Doctor gives injection to Aarav. Aarav asks what did you do and grab Doctor’s apron, and says how dare you? Sandhya says he is not in his senses, and apologizes. Badi Maa comes there. Aarav says I am really a bad person, and hurt everyone. He says I am sorry Badi Maa, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. He falls on the bed due to injection effect and says I don’t want to hurt Badi Maa, and asks if she is angry? Badi Maa says no, my Aarav is not selfish. I am not angry with you. She says I am sure that you will not do anything wrong which will bring disrespect to the family. She says I have much hopes from you, you are Oswal family’s heir. Sandhya says can we let him be Aarav just for once, and asks if he can get rid of Oswal surname for once. She says my son is broken, give him a chance to handle himself. She says give him some time and space. Badi Maa says did you see what happened. She says when we are around him, he will handle himself. She says I want to save him from this madness. Sandhya says my son is dying every moment, and asks why you can’t think like a mother. Badi Maa says I am thinking like Badi Maa and understanding everything. She says when I told Aarav to call me Badi Maa and not Dadi, why? She says a mother can see her son’s pain and Badi Maa comes to know the reason for his pain. She says she wants to keep him away from that girl and says he is bearing all this due to that Simar. She says you have kept him for 9 months, but I kept him on my eyelashes. She says I can’t see him broken, shattered and ruined like this. She says I can go to any length to save him. Sandhya says Aarav shall not be forced to do anything at this time. Badi Maa asks what I am forcing on him? Vivaan asks them to calm down and says you both are worried for him. He says he really needs to sleep. Badi Maa asks Vivaan to be with him. Vivaan says yes. Badi Maa goes from there. Sandhya cries sitting with Aarav. Aarav takes Simar’s name in unconscious state. Simar gets teary eyes and says Aarav ji.

In the morning, Samar wakes up Simar using the flower. Simar wakes up and shouts. Samar gives her breakfast and says today morning will be beautiful for me, and that’s why I made breakfast for you also. Simar says you should have made for all, and says it was sweet gesture, but I will have food after making food for everyone. Samar shows her that everyone is having food. He says I think about the opposite person before me. Simar corrects him, laughs and cries. Samar asks until when you will cry and asks her to be practical. Simar says I am thinking about Aarav ji and says he is hurt and injured. Samar says he is with his family and must be fine. He asks her to think about her family, who thinks that their daughter is happy and moved on. He asks her to think about it.

Sandhya comes to Aarav and asks how is he? Aarav says I am fine. Sandhya says Aarav please, now you will not do all this and will not meet Simar. Aarav looks on.

Precap: Same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    Reema and badimaa is sickening to see them …what Oswal family shows rowdism… episode moving at 🐌 snail’s pace, it has to be brisk…

  2. Why is Reema always in labour pains won’t she give birth to her deeds. shameless sister, daughter,daughter in law and wife I need someone to put sense in reema’s mind

  3. Why do most of Indian series create some conflicts between sisters?

  4. Badi maa said right about reema’ s jealousy……. But I think badi maa and Reema were jealous of sirav . I also saw BTS but I can’t understand what was the upcoming track

    1. Simar and samar marriage talks

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