Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st November 2021 Written Episode Update: Aarav breaks Simar’s fast

Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar holding Aarav’s hand and saying you are really here. He says yes. She says I will just come. He stops her. She holds his hand. Music plays… He gives the water bottle. They feed the water to each other. He says Simar, congrats for our first Karwachauth. She says you too. He says you kept a fast for me, now no one can stop me from living a long life. He falls down. She shouts Aarav ji.

Indu pinches Samar. He says I just like singing and music. She jokes that next year, she will find a girl for him. They go to look for Simar. Aarav hangs to the pole. Simar asks him to try and come up. Reema comes to some room. She sees the window open. She shouts Aarav. She says you will meet Simar today, you don’t know what I will do, I will take revenge for this insult, you may fly high, but very soon you will fall down, I promise you. Simar asks Aarav to hold her hand. She pulls him upwards. They fall on the floor. Indu and Samar come there. They get shocked seeing ….. Samar says sorry to say, its like staining. Indu says it was a clean sheet, how did kumkum stains come on it. Aarav and Simar hide. He thinks who is this guy. Indu says we kept the fast, how did you get hungry. Samar says I m really hungry, please come. They go. Samar asks for first aid to help Avi. He says Avi kept the fast and stayed hungry, now his pic will go in the group, there will be world war between husbands, all of them will come and beat him. Indu says no one will touch him when I m here, come and have food, Simar has prepared the food today, where did she go. Avi says sit here and have food first. Samar records their video. She asks did you trouble your parents like this. He says they went too far from me. Indu blesses her and feeds him the food.

Aarav does shayari. He says you are looking absolutely breathtaking gorgeous. He gives a rose to Simar. She says if anyone sees us like this, then it will be a problem. He says I got my Karwachauth gift, I can climb anywhere for this happiness. She says but anyone can see us, please go, it will be a big problem. Reema hears the servants talking and laughing. She scolds them. The man says we were seeing a bhojpuri movie and laughing. She asks him to go to the kitchen. She says its too much, I will expose Aarav, I have to do something first.

Aditi asks Reema to come with her, all the couples will eat in the same plate. Reema says yes, I heard it, it increases love. Aditi says mom and dad are feeling shy. Reema asks why. Aditi asks her to start the ritual with Vivaan. Vivaan says lets end this ritual soon. Reema says I should say thanks to Aditi. Vivaan feeds the food to Reema. He says you have made great arrangements today. Reema says wow, these are the signs of love, don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you. Roma and her husband have a talk. Reema asks can we go to my parents house. Vivaan says fine, we will meet Simar and surprise her. Reema thinks Aarav will be there, I will expose him and win Badimaa’s confidence. Aarav says I can’t go, the pipe is broken, universe wants me to stay here, tell me what’s for dinner. She asks him to go. He says I will go by the stairs and meet your parents. She says no. He asks why, they like me. She says I m in tension. He says I can take any risk to see your beautiful face, but can’t put you in risk. They smile. Mahiya….plays….

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Precap pls

  2. Precap pls

  3. Precap pls 🙏
    Yeah loved 🙈 seen sirav together

  4. Now i just want Samar to get lost and SiRav to remedy, this time properly with seedhe phere!

  5. OMG loved Sirav scene after sooo long
    So nice of Simar to admit her love for Aarav 💕 💗

    Reema……plz help doesn’t make sense
    She wants revenge for a slap 👋 she needed more than one slap in her life by the look of it

    Just want GD to admit that Simar is the best and only person who is entitled bahu of Oswal family

    Poor Vivian …hope he is giving false hope to Reema to get to the truth of her changing behaviour he is too good for her😂

    More Sirav plz🥰

  6. Nicole ehizokhale

    I agree want Geetanjali devi to admit that simar is the best bahu the oswal family needs and she is the one that entitled bahu of the oswal family and also samar should get out and I think it’s time that simar should tell her family that she loves Aarav and only him and that she can’t leave without him and then her family and Geetanjali devi needs to understand that simar and Aarav are destined for each other because they can’t leave without each other and that there is no use of separation and that simar belongs to the oswal family has their eldest daughter in law that was chosen by God right from the beginning and also samar needs to stay away from simar completely because simar is for only Aarav and also she is Aarav wife and only wife

  7. 😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣😭😗😙😚😘🥰😍🤩🥳🤗🙃🙂🥲☺️😊😏😉🤭😌😶😐😑😔😋😛😝😜🤪🤔🧐🙄😤😒😠😡🤬🤫🤐😬😳🥺😟😕🙁☹️😰😨😧😦😮😯😲😱🤯🤤😫😩😣😖😞😓😥😢🥱😴😪🌛🌜🌚🌝🌞🤢😷🥶🥵😵🥴🤕🤒🤧🤮😇🤠🤑😎🤓🥸🤡🤡👻☠️👺👹👿😈🎃🤖👽💩🔥💫⭐🌟✨⚡💥💯💢😹😸😺🎊🎉🕳️💤💦💨😻😼😽🙀😿😾❤️🧡💛💝💘♥️🤍🖤🤎💜💙💚💖💗💓💕💕💌💟❣️💔🫁🫀🧠👣🗣️👤👥🫂💋🩸🦠🦷💀💀👀👁️👄👅👍💪🦾🦿🦵🦶🦻👂👃👎👏🙌🤲👐🤝🤜🤛✊✌️🤌👌🤏👋🤚✋🖐️👊🤘🤟🤙🤞🖕🖖☝️👆👇💅🙏🤳✍️👈

  8. Today sirav scenes stoled my 💓 heart . They are made for each other. Please Samar wants to go away from simar’s life ……. Reema is saying that she is truly loving Vivaan and how she will think to separate another pair (sirav) for her sasural key . Reema is disgusting

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