Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Badimaa gives a responsibility to Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Oswal family running towards injured Reyansh. Chitra asks him to open his eyes.Vivaan says someone bring the water. Badimaa asks Gajendra to call ACP sir and enquire this matter, who has done this with my Lalla. Gajendra calls ACP. Aarav says we have to take him to hospital. Reyansh says no Bhai, I wanted to meet you all, and now I have seen you all, I can die peacefully. He closes his eyes. Chitra shouts Reyansh. Reyansh gets up and asks who shouts loudly like this. He asks why everyone is freezed and says he was doing prank. He removes the fake injury mask from his face and wipes it. He says I am fine and as handsome as ever. Aarav scolds him. Badimaa says lalla, you didn’t change and runs behind him. He sings song. Everyone dances. He dances with everyone. Everyone laughs.

Badimaa says you made all the house danced, you are 5years old Reyansh. Reyansh asks if she was missing her and calls her my bindu. Bindu says do you still remember and says it is our secret. Aarav tells Simar that only reyansh used to call her Bindu, being fascinated with her bindis. Reyansh looks at Kavya. Giriraj says you called and told your mother that you are coming after a month. Simar comes there and does his aarti and tilak. She asks did you identify me? He says yes Simar. Badimaa asks him to call her according to the relation. He says bhabhi is old school and says bhabs will be done. He looks at Aarav, Vivaan, Reema and Simar and says you both were about to marry someone else, but married them. He says Aarav bhai saved Simar heroically. He says whatever happens is for good. He praises Reema to be modern, super modern. Giriraj asks about his semester. Badimaa says your brothers came from US and got married and says if he wants to marry, then I will ask Simar and Reema to search girl for her. Reema says Simar is best to search the girl. Reyansh looks at Kavya. Badimaa sees lipstick mark and asks him to change his shirt. He says it is not lipstick mark, but make up mark which he had applied. Badimaa asks Simar to take him to his room. Simar asks Kavya and the kids to have lunch and go. Reyansh asks them to come tomorrow on time. Reyansh comes to Reema’s room and looks at her pics, says she is hot. Vivaan says Reyansh. Reema says Vivaan has become old and tells him that she needs his frank opinion on her portfolio.

Badimaa comes to Simar and asks where is she going? Simar says he is in Di and Dewar ji’s room. Badimaa asks her to keep eye on lalla, and says his behavior is not right. She says that mark on his shirt was of lipstick. Simar says I will try to enquire and will update you. Badimaa says I can count the wings of the flying bird, especially when it is of my house. Simar assures to keep an eye on him.

Vivaan checks Reyansh’s report and says you have failed. He says he couldn’t make it. Aarav asks him about the lipstick mark. He says badimaa can ignore this, but not us. Reyansh says I will tell, but it shall be between four of us. Simar says but you shall tell this to everyone too. Reema asks what is the need to tell? Simar gives the reasoning that he shall not hide anything from his family. Aarav says even Vivaan took a year break and the resumed studies. Simar asks whose lipstick mark is this. Reyansh says everyone wants to become detective and goes. Simar checks and says he has not just failed, but rusticated. Vivaan says I have to tell Badimaa and others. Simar says let me talk to him first.

Chitra makes Reyansh eat food and says you have become thin. He says I am lean. Chitra says once his result comes, she will throw a grand party. Vivaan asks Simar to ask Reyansh. Simar says we shall talk after dinner, let him have dinner. Chitra feeds food to Reyansh. Vivaan says you never fed me like this. Chitra says your Tai ji will feed you. Sandhya says I will and tries to make him eat, but Reyansh eats the food, and says everyones love is mine first. He gets a message and turns his mobile.

Simar hears Reyansh and someone laughing. She asks who is laughing? Reyansh says he was watching video. Simar asks him to tell the truth to everyone. Reyansh says let me sleep for tonight, I will tell everything tomorrow. Simar thinks to talk to Badimaa. She shows the paper. Badimaa says he is rusticated. Simar shows doubt about the lipstick mark. Badimaa says they shall get Reyansh married as soon as possible and gives responsibility to Simar. Simar says you gave me a big responsibility. Badimaa says she is with her, and she wants such a girl for him who is suitable for him. She says since few months, I am seeing the changing times and circumstances from you and Reema’s perception. She says today’s girl wants to be independent and will have expectation from their inlaws. She says now you came to know the reason and asks her to sleep. Simar says jai maa durga.

Precap: Simar tells Reyansh that Badimaa wanted to get him married and gave her responsibility to search the girl. Chitra asks who is she to search girl for you and says she will search girl for his marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Well.. Reyansh’s character was how I thought!
    He will support Chitra and become another black sheep of the house 😒😒

  2. I can surely say that chitra will use reyansh to break the bond between aarav and vivaan

  3. Nicole ehizokhale

    reyansh behavior toward kavya is very wrong and he shouldn’t have done that and also l feel sorry for kavya because the way reyansh was looking at kavya was very wrong and also she doesn’t like it at all and chitra and reyansh l don’t trust them at all because lam sure that they will be planning something evil against simar which is very obvious and l pray that chitra plan fails badly and also l want simar to be pregnant soon enough so that chitra plan can backfire on her because chitra can never change she keeps pretending and also planning evil and it doesn’t suit her at all she only cares about her self and her interests but she doesn’t care about anyone at all. she just wants to win but the truth is that she is very selfish and she doesn’t realize that she will never win against God angels.

  4. This Chitra is so evil, selfish and greedy
    I don’t trust her plus her reyansh all
    I just hope all her evils back fire
    She never changes.

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