Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Simar makes arrangements for Reema’s welcome

Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badi Maa looking at everyone from her room. Simar and Reema coming downstairs. Reema holds Simar’s hand. Simar gets happy and smiles. Aarav looks at Simar and Reema. Vivaan, Sandhya and others too look at Reema and Simar. Vivaan smiles. Aarav looks shocked. Simar comes to Vivaan and calls him. Vivaan comes near them. Simar holds Vivaan’s hand with her other hand and take them to the inhouse temple. Reema, Simar and Vivaan fold their hands before God. Aarav, Sandhya and others are shocked. Sasural Simar ka Plays…..Simar then gives Reema’s hand in Vivaan’s hand. Badi Maa looks at them from her room. Aarav comes to Simar and holds her hand angrily, to take her from there. Vivaan and Reema gets pushed and fall on each other. Vivaan hugs Reema happily.

Aarav takes Simar to side and says I am happy seeing Vivaan’s happiness, but is surprised seeing your foolish. He asks how dare you to take out Reema from the room without Badi Maa’s permission. Simar says Aarav ji. Aarav asks I am asking you, with whose permission you have taken Reema out. Simar says badi Maa gave me the keys and asked me to take Reema di out. Aarav is shocked and leaves her hand. Chitra and Sandhya come to Vivaan and Reema. Aarav and Simar come there too. Aarav looks at Badi Maa who is standing in the corridor and goes to her room.

Gagan tells Avinash that everything is fine? Avinash is unwell. Gagan says I never saw you in this condition before, and tells that Gitanjali Devi is responsible for your and my sisters’ condition, I swear I will not leave her. Avinash sees a bad dream and wakes up shockingly. Indu asks what happened? Avinash says I am fine. He asks Gagan what is he doing now and asks them to go. Gagan takes Indu out. Roma feels bad and blames herself for sending Reema’s sister to Oswal Mansion. She tells Lalit that he had warned her, but she didn’t listen to him. She says she has ruined her house happiness. Lalit says even you wanted your sisters’s betterment and nobody knew that this will happen. He asks her not to blame herself and says everything will be fine with time. Roma worries for her sisters.

Badi maa tells Sandhya, Chitra and Simar that today’s children don’t have guts to burn themselves. She says the children just blackmail the parents. She tells that she has seen the world, but for now she wants to end this drama. She asks Simar, who are you to us? She says you have cheated us and staying in the house as Badi Bahu of the house in people’s sight. Sandhya says Simar is younger and Reema is elder. Badi Maa asks who is elder among Vivaan and Aarav? Sandhya says Aarav. Badi Maa says then Simar is badi Bahu. She says you have been staying here since years, but couldn’t win my trust or the house keys. She asks her to teach Simar atleast. She asks Simar to behave as Jethani and Reema will be her Dewrani. She asks her to arrange welcome of that runaway girl. Sandhya tells Chitra that Badi Maa said right, we have to welcome Reema. Chitra says she had chosen diamond for Vivaan, but he chose stone. She tells that she is still in shock and couldn’t do this welcome or rasam. Sandhya asks her to go and rest and says I will make the arrangements of her welcome. Chitra goes. Simar comes there and appreciates Sandhya for thinking to welcome Reema, after whatever happened. Sandhya says she is a woman and will understand other woman emotions. Simar says whatever badi Maa says, but you are best mother and saas. Sandhya says you are my daughter, lets make arrangements for Reema’s welcome.

Aditi takes Reema to Vivaan’s room and tells that Aarav and Vivaan used to hang out here. She tells that she is lucky to get two bhabhis now. Reema looks at the room and is about to sit. Aditi says I have to make the room ready for your welcome. Reema asks where is washroom? Aditi signs this way and thinks Reema is not like Simar. Reema thanks her. Aditi goes. Reema closes the door and says this life, house, room and everything is deserved by Reema Oswal. She says this would be international model suits this life. She says she will wear international branded clothes and will even sleep tip top. Simar asks Servant to keep stuff in Maa’s room. She walks fast and steps her foot on Aarav’s foot. She then sees him and says sorry. She sits down to check his foot. Aarav asks what are you doing and makes her get up. Song plays….He says I am sorry for holding your hand tightly and talking angrily. Simar says it was justified, so much is happening in the house and you was worried for Badi Maa. Aarav thanks her for the understanding. He holds her hand and asks if it is still paining. Mahiya song plays…..Simar says it is fine now. She says Maa is waiting for me downstairs, rasams are about to start. He asks about her radio rehearsals. Simar says she didn’t get time. Aarav says you have to take time and I know that you are busy all day in house work. He says I know that you will do very good, and says singing is puja for you, so you shall be devoted. Simar signs him. They turn to go at different sides, with smile on their faces.

Sandhya asks Vijay if the work is done. Vijay says yes. Sandhya says flowers and aarti. Aditi says she has ordered flowers. Sandhya says she asked for Paan too. Simar says it is here. Aditi asks her to relax. Simar asks her to rest for sometime and says we will handle everything. Sandhya asks are you sure? They say yes. Simar and Aditi call someone.

Gagan gets Aditi’s message that Badi Maa agreed. He calls her. Aditi shows the decorated room and says she has decorated to welcome Reema Bhabhi. She says she is excited to see this and tells that she made heart on the bed. She asks how is it? Gagan asks ours will be more good. Aditi asks what did you say? Gagan says ours…Aditi says mom is calling me and ends the call. She smiles.

Vivaan thanks Aarav for letting him use his washroom. Aarav thinks how to tell you that Reema haven’t come here with good intentions. He recalls her challenge. Vivaan sits on Aarav’s feet and says slap me. He says today my new journey is starting and you are not wishing me good luck. He says how to start this phase with your best wishes. I always need you. Aarav hugs him and cries. Vivaan also cries. Aarav says you will always be my chote, even if I shout, as blood is always blood. He says I will always stand with you and says all the very best for your future. Vivaan thanks him and asks if you will not slap me. Aarav says no. Vivaan says you had slapped me heavily last time. Aarav runs behind him. They have a brotherly moment and hug each other happily. They smile.

Precap: Simar and Aarav are sitting together. He goes to move her hair from her face. She looks at him. He signs her to move her hair. She does. Both smile at each other. Later, Reema tells Simar that countdown of her marriage has begun. Soon Simar will be out of the house, but Reema will stay in the house as a bahu of that house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. So indirectly badi maa accepts simar as badi bahu.

    1. Nicole ehizokhale

      yeah indirectly badimaa as accepted simar as badi bahu because for ask Aarav mother who is senior between Aarav and vivaan Aarav mother said Aarav which means that now simar is badi bahu and her sister reema is choti bahu and she asked Aarav mother sandhya to teach simar to behave as the eldest daughter in law which is jethani and then now her sister is now the youngest granddaughter in law which is dewrani .

  2. Abubakar iliasu

    Is good that badi ma accept the marriage of vivaan and reema

  3. Badi isn’t wrong actually.. You know both her grandsons brought home wives which weren’t meant for them… But what i want is really that Badi ma to help Simar against Reema
    And teach her some tricks because simar is more than sweet and nowadays who likes watching these types of plots

  4. Badi maa is not wrong because reema has destroyed both oswal and narayan families happiness logically badi maa not accepting reema and vivaan’s marriage is a natural reaction

  5. after so much happening, reema is still arrogant, she spoiled herself, her sisters, her parents , still her character shows that she achieved something…hope she will be taught a lesson by her younger sister…we should wait and watch Gagan..who is in lover Aditi from oswal family, he is planning to take revenge…maybe he is targetting aditi and she will become scapegoat…

  6. I don’t think gagan loves aditi truly. He is just acting to take revenge from badi maa.
    And every time badi maa’s word “if aditi does something like that, I will kill her”
    and aditi’s word “I want to run away from here, badi maa is dominating” indicating that very soon she will elope with gagan.

  7. What’s the precap

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