Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Vivaan defends Gagan and requests Badi maa to free him

Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying that Gagan came to woo Aditi again. She says don’t know what he would have done with my daughter if I had not gone. Aditi says that was past and says you are mixing two different things. Badi Maa says I am seeing that you are getting mad in this guy’s talks, and says this time, I won’t leave this guy. Gajendra tells Gagan that this time, I will not leave you, and will ask your parents, what punishment you shall get. Gagan says I haven’t come here for Aditi. Gajendra asks then why did he come here? Reema says hear him once. Badi maa asks Reema to be silent and asks Guards to beat him. Reema says no. Just then Vivaan comes there and stops the guards, just as they are about to beat him. Aarav is at some secluded place, he thinks to stitch the mangalsutra pearls with his hand and says this is my Simar’s mangalsutra. Devesh comes there and asks how are you? He says it seems you are doing some work. Aarav doesn’t recognize him. Devesh says he is Diljala. Aarav recognizes him. Devesh says we shall drink for our friendship. Aarav says no. Devesh insists. Aarav says just once. Mohit and Chitra come there and look at Aarav and Devesh. Devesh makes him drink.

Vivaan pushes the guards and makes Gagan get up. Reema goes to Vivaan and says I am telling truth, Gagan haven’t done anything wrong, everyone is having misunderstanding. Vivaan says don’t worry, I have learnt that from Aarav Bhai and Simar Bhabhi that we shall not do anything wrong and shall not let the family do wrong too. He says they are not here, but their teachings are here. He says nothing will happen to Gagan. He requests Gajendra to hear him and says Gagan came here, as Aditi permitted him to come here. They all look at Aditi angrily. Vivaan says if she had not given the permission, then he wouldn’t have come forcibly and asks him to ask Aditi. Gajendra says but he had come here to woo Aditi again. Vivaan says he might have come for some other work and requests them to let him go. Badi Maa says you are talking like Aarav and defending your sasural people. Vivaan says I am supporting the truth and thinking about your values. He says when you had thrown Mom out, I was silent. He says when I miss mom, I cry silently. He says I am not supporting Gagan as he is Reema’s brother, but because he has not done anything wrong. He says Reema is trying to do so much for the family and is repenting for all her mistake with her heart. He says we can agree to Reema’s sayings that Gagan’s intention was not wrong. He requests them to let Gagan go. Badi Maa goes to Reema and Gagan and asks the guards to go out. They leave. She then tells Gagan that he shall keep the fear in his eyes safe and says next time if we see you, neither anyone’s clarification or request will work. She says you might have known by now, that Gitanjali Devi can give her life and take others’ life for her family. Gajendra tells Gagan that the death punishment is even less for today’s work and asks him to get out. He asks him to leave and pushes him. Reema comes to Gagan and pushes him asking him to leave. Gagan thinks I am sorry Simar. Reema cries. Badi Maa turns to Aditi.

Simar gets ready to go. Samar says I know where you are going and tells that he will take her there, and don’t want her to go there secretly. He says this matter is three of us. They leave.

Aarav tells Devesh that the story was of Simar and me, don’t know how the third person came in our story. Devesh says what happened? Aarav says Simar’s roka is done with him, and then I stepped back and the story over. He thinks of yamini Devi. Giriraj calls Chitra and says way is cleared. Mohit calls the goons and asks them to do as he said. Badi Maa tells that the bahus are spoiling, first Simar Bharadwaj, Chitra and now Sandhya. She scolds Sandhya for going to Narayan’s house, one day prior to her wedding. She asks if Gagan had agreed then would you have let Aditi elope with him. Sandhya says I have forgotten bahu and wife’s duties in daughter’s love and apologizes to her. Gagan is going, when few men beat him and he faints. Giriraj comes there and looks at Gagan. The goons call Mohit. Mohit says work is done and asks Chitra why this was needed? Chitra says leave everything on me, now dear bahu will understand with whom she is dealing. Devesh shows the bottle empty.

Samar brings Simar to Oswal Mansion. Simar says this is needed to end. She calls Aditi and says she is not picking the call. Samar asks her to call Aarav. Aarav comes out telling the poetry to Devesh from that secluded place and sees Mohit standing near his car. He looks at Devesh and Mohit.

Precap: Simar comes to the secluded place insearch of Aarav. Mohit comes there and tells Simar that it will be special night for them. Simar slaps him and puts rope in his neck threatening him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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