Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Reema locks Aarav in storeroom to ruin his happiness

Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indu telling Simar that if Samar stays here, then it will be good. Simar says you are trusting him so soon. Reema says few people don’t think about family, but ego. She says extra income is needed, when one more person is added to the family. Simar says I have no problem, but I am possessive about my family. Indu says I will make arrangements of puja with my new friend. Samar says you have to get ready as the moon for the moon. Indu asks if he talks to elders like this. Samar says Simar is elder here. Simar thinks she is eagerly waiting for the moon, as it will give peace to Aarav ji. Reema asks Avinash to keep eye on Simar, as she might throw Samar and asks him to convince her to do the album. Avinash says I will. Reema says bye to everyone. She gives angry look to Simar and leaves.

Samar comes to the terrace, where Simar is hanging the LED lights on the railing of the terrace. He asks her to do it fast. He compares Karwachauth to Valentine’s day. Simar asks how can you compare? Samar says there is a difference, stomach is empty in Karwachauth and pocket is empty on Valentine’s day. Simar says you are supporting Valentine’s day. Samar says girls are not made for him, just music is forever. Simar says love is not illusion, and other things are illusion. Samar tells about Shahjahan making Tajmahal for Mumtaj and says why showoff? Simar says we remember some songs as it remind us of our near ones, and says that king had found forever love in that monument. She says their love was unconditional. Samar looks on deeply influenced by her, and says I didn’t hear such a big speech on love. He says it is waste of time for me. Simar says you can never be hungry. He asks if I am handsome and then asks if she can keep fast for someone. She says for all my life, if I can give happiness to someone. Samar asks did you keep fast for anyone. Simar says no. Samar says you don’t need to tell me. He says I will keep the wires. He switches on the lights. Simar thanks him. Samar says you are welcome. He says the person will be lucky whoever you love, he will make Tajmahal for you. He goes. Simar thinks nautanki baaz.

Sandhya gets Aarav ready. Aarav says I am very happy to keep fast for Simar. Sandhya says I always want you to be happy, and want simar’s problems to end. She says there is no destination for your aim. He says I will not stop without getting it. He says I should go before the guests come. Sandhya says ok and asks him to be careful.

Reema brings the diya and asks Aditi to go and says I will see. The ladies come there and compliments Reema on her beauty. Reema thinks even she didn’t know that she loves Vivaan so much, that she can stay hungry for him. The lady praises Reema again for the good decoration. Badi Maa smiles. Reema sees Aarav going from there and gets doubtful. She thinks my eyes are on you. She walks behind him. Badi Maa comes to Aarav and stops him. Reema stops seeing Badi Maa stopping him. Badi Maa asks Aarav, where is he going at this time? She says guests have come at home and Puja can start at anytime. He says I…Badi Maa asks him to go out later, but first bring shagun envelopes from the storeroom. Aarav goes to the storeroom and looks for the envelopes. Reema locks the door from outside and says he is the first person who wants to meet his ex on karwachauth day and want to make a promise to her, but I won’t let you meet that Simar and will not let you forget the slap sound, and I will also not forget. She goes from there. Aarav gets the envelope and knocks on the door. He thinks he has no phone and thinks if he don’t reach Simar, then his fast will be incomplete. He knocks on the door.

Samar looks at Indu’s palm and says this can’t happen. He says someone is coming inplace of Avi, who will love you and will make you elope. Indu asks shall I keep the running shoes ready. Everyone laughs. He looks at other lady’s hand and is about to tell poetry. Simar comes there. He looks at her and tells poetry praising her. Samar asks Simar to come. Simar looks at the Taj mahal from the terrace. Samar says thanks but no thanks. He asks Indu, if she gave birth to her, eating spicy chilli. Indu says my daughter is sweet. Samar says praising your daughter. He goes to her and holds her hand and says your heart will be broken many times, and says whoever breaks it will try to repair it, until it gets repaired. He says there is love triangle too, one is trapped and other one is going to be trapped. Simar takes back her hand.

Aarav knocks on the door and asks if anyone is listening. Aditi asks about Pandit ji. Reema says Pandit ji. Aditi says Pandit ji comes every year for puja. Reema says he must be on the way and calls him. She asks him to come to Oswal mansion at the earliest. Pandit ji refuses. Badi maa hears her and says how he can’t come? She says puja will be done, like it happened every year. She says call him anyhow. Reema calls Pandit ji again and says Badi Maa said that she will call some other Pandit, as you refused. She says old relation is breaking. Pandit ji says I am coming in 10 mins. Reema asks him to come.

Shobha and her family comes there. Roma and Lalit take Badi Maa’s blessings. Sandhya asks her to come. Badi Maa holds Shobha’s hand and says you have ruined our respect by going to jail. She says this time I have saved you, but will not let even my toe dirty. Shobha gives her reply and says I am just like my mother. She taunts her for seeing her fighting the case and says even this time you have proved that you bailed me out for your respect. The guest lady praises Reema and tells that Vivaan has done love marriage, and says he selected the right girl. They ask about Simar. Reema says they are divorced now and asks the lady not to talk such things on this auspicious day. She goes to Roma and praises her. Shobha tells Divya that sister’s Jodi is troubling her and tells that they shall do something. Aarav is stuck still. Simar gets restless.

Precap: Simar dances on the song le ja le ja, while Aarav looks on happily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Reevaan ki jodi best hai but Reema please understand and help your sister and brother in law’s reunion

  2. As per above comment, reema will not understand, she is bent on spoiling everyone’s family, do not how how badimaa can’t differentiate between good and evil,very surprising, and they way she dresses horrible, I think in Serial always vampish roles dress always half naked and revealing… waiting to see how Aarav reaches Simar is samar an unknown person is accepted by family to stay in narayan’s House…

  3. Nicole ehizokhale

    I agree reema doesn’t have sense at all for heaven sake Aarav and simar are not divorced they are just officially separated because to me a divorced couple doesn’t fast for each other and also both Aarav and simar love each other despite been separated from each other by badimaa for know reason just because simar is a singer and also l didn’t understand how badimaa can’t differentiate between a good person and also a bad person because as for me right from the beginning even before simar married Aarav even though she was in love with him completely from the beginning but meanwhile she sacrificed her happiness and love for Aarav just for her sister reema who by the way don’t deserve Aarav and also at the end she left him on the mandap on the wedding day and still badimaa accept her instead of her sister simar who by the way was chosen by God to be her eldest daughter in law and Aarav wife and just because she is a singer badimaa is still refusing accept simar their daughter in law that God has chosen for her family and also badimaa needs bring her ego down because her ego is her biggest problem and also reema should stop deceiving herself and also she should stop pretending to be kind person because she is not at all and also l that simar and Aarav reunite completely before the series end because they are made for each other. and also samar shouldn’t been staying in simar house because its very wrong and also simar parents should have allowed it because they don’t know anything about him and also samar shouldn’t has simar any questions about her life because its doesn’t concern him and also he should stay away from simar because she doesn’t like him at all and also he is very annoying

    1. S I agree with you. Every girl’s has different passion.If badi maa didn’t liked singing then why she is hating the person who like singing. It is bad attitude…..

  4. They portray GD as smart and savvy. I don’t think so. I agree with both Sunder m Nicole above.Gd is a fake she hates Simar cos she’s scared that Aarav will love Simar more then her.
    Stop Reemas idiocy- it’s degrading and stupid producers plz stop stigmatising sisterhood. Sisters don’t treat each other the way Reema does to a Simar.
    Please protect Simar and prove that Sirav are meant only for each other

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