Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Revelation from Past, shocks family

Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badimaa telling Dhami that she has brought her enemy and the inauspicious face right infront of her today. Simar gets shocked. Dhami says this is just the trailor, you got upset seeing this, picture is remaining. Badi maa asks her to stop this cheap drama and says she don’t want to see her face. Dhami says until this simar stays in your life, that woman will also be there in your life. Badimaa asks what is simar’s relation with that woman, and tells that Simar can’t have any relation with that poisonous woman, I am sure that Simar has seen that woman’s face for the first time today. Dhami asks Simar to say, and asks if she saw her face for the first time, and asks her to tell being the epitome of truth. Badi maa says I will say and tells that Simar doesn’t know this woman. Dhami asks Simar to say. Simar says I didn’t know that she is your enemy. Badi Maa says I couldn’t get effected, if she was just my enemy, but she is the wound of my life, had came in my life and house as the curse. Simar says Badi maa, I really didn’t know. Badi maa asks what do you want to say that you know this woman. She asks how? She asks her to tell what is her relation with this woman. She says I am asking you something, tell me. She says don’t know what I will do? She shouts. Yamini Devi comes there and says I will say. Badi Maa hears her. Simar is also shocked to see Yamini entering her house.

Yamini enters Oswal Mansion. Badi Maa turns and looks at her. Yamini gets inside, while Badi maa walks towards her to stop her. Yamini walks past Badi maa and comes to Simar. She says I will tell what is my relation with Simar. She tells that she is Yamini Devi Oswal. Simar asks Oswal? Yamini says yes. Aarav, Vivaan and others get shocked too. She asks Badi Maa to give her introduction and tells that she is Gopi’s loving wife, he had married her with all the rituals. She asks everyone to ask Gitanjali Devi and says she has seen how Gopi babu was mad in my love. Dhami asks Aarav to get relaxed and says I am with you. Yamini says I told the kids, what was necessary. She tells that they were talking about Simar and her relation, and says I am Simar’s Guru. Badi Maa is shocked. Yamini says Guru of her music. She says the day when you had Ganapati Puja, I had tied gandhak to her and she became my shishya. Badi maa says Simar was at home, with us here. Simar and Aarav look at each other. Yamini laughs and says even your dear grand son was with her and I had gandhak to Simar infront of him. She shows the gandhak on Simar’s hand and asks her to tell.

Badi maa asks Simar if this is truth? She asks her to answer. Dhami asks Yamini to say. Yamini says I am surprised that I gave her the rights of my daughter, today she is speechless. She says Aarav and Simar used to call me choti maa, but today they are silent. Badi Maa says choti maa. Aarav says actually. Badi maa says I just want to hear from Simar. She asks if this is all truth. Simar comes near Badi Maa and says I am her shishya/student and she is my Guru. Badi Maa is shocked. Yamini says also chotimaa. She asks her to tell full truth. Reema gets angry. Badi maa asks Simar to say all the truth. Aarav asks Badi maa to listen to her. Dhami says Badi maa is here, let her talk to her enemy. Yamini asks Simar to make her Badi maa have sweets today on her birthday. She asks her to give her good news that she is recording her first solo album. She says your songs album, asks her to tell. Badi maa says you can’t do this. She calls Gajendra and asks how can Simar take such a big step without asking me. She says our Simar can’t do this with us. Yamini smiles.

Dhami says I will clear your misunderstanding and plays the song sung by Simar. Badi maa keeps her hand on her ears. Yamini asks her to hear carefully and says your dear bahu has given voice to my teachings, and says this sur and music is taught by me. She asks her to hear carefully, it is Simar’s voice, but it is my echo ….Badi maa asks if this is your voice Simar. Yamini smiles. Sandhya asks Badi maa to let Simar say. Simar is silent. Yamini tells Badimaa that she is very happy to see her yearning in pain, and seeing her condition, her years long restles is relieved. Badi maa asks you are talking about restlessness, did you ever feel soul restless? She says I did. She says I was Gopichand’s wife, I am his three beautiful kids, I was his struggling days, I was the partner of his first success. I am the partner of his happiness and sorrows. She says he has forgotten everything in your magic and left us. She says you had snatched father from my kids, and my husband from me and talking about your pain.

Precap: Badi maa says she will listen everything from Simar’s mouth. She asks her to answer. Yamini devi asks Simar to come with her, and says this woman will never forgive you, as she has no motherly love or forgiveness. Simar shouts enough Yamini devi. She says history is witnessed, today she is abandoning her Guru, and says whoever is my Badimaa’s enemy is my enemy too. Yamini devi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Jab bhi secret reveal hote hain tab maza aata hain

  2. Simar did wrong with Yamini Devi as she was the one who sheltered simar everytime when her own parents abandoned her! Yamini Devi also supported their love! That geetanjali devi was the biggest evil but simar forgot everything!🙄 & Changed her colors so soon🙁..

    1. But yamini never said them true intentions of her she used simar to hurt gd her main motive was to break gd and her family thats why she pretend to be in good books and did favours and called samar and create all mess she is the main culprit

    2. From the start, yamini’s true intention was to make geetanjali yearn in pain. She didn’t reveal her true intention to them.

      I hope you would have noticed that only after knowing that Aarav was oswal family grandson, Yamini accepted Simar as her student

  3. Yamini rejected Simar from her first audition but once he realized that Aarav is from the Oswal family she accepted Simar as her student – Bad Intention

  4. About the song that was sang by Simar who was the original singer and what is the song called?

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