Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Sandhya catches Gagan in Aditi’s room

Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini telling Aarav that she will help him get back Simar. Aarav smiles seeing the ray of hope. Yamini says I know that your love for Simar is pure and if I don’t support you, then my God will get upset with me. Aarav says you will support me, you understand my love. He says my family members don’t understand me and asked me to forget Simar and move on. Aarav says you understand Simar and my love, and calls her choti maa. He thanks her. Yamini calls him buddhu as he is thanking her. She says we will search the mangalsutra now. Aarav realizes it had fallen down on accident spot and tells Yamini. He says I will go and check. He folds his hand and touches her feet, before going.

Gagan comes to Aditi’s room. Aditi says you are here? Gagan closes the window and says don’t worry, nobody saw me here. He says I tried your number, but it was not connecting. I had no option than to come here, and says we have to do something for Aarav ji and Simar fast. She says it is already late Gagan. They hear Badi Maa talking to Servant and coming there. Badi Maa looks shocked and asks Aditi why is she folding such a big blanket alone. Aditi is actually covering up Gagan. She says it is a small work, I will do. Badi Maa comes near her and says I will help you. She folds it. Aditi sees Gagan hiding and asks Badi Maa if she came for some work. Badi maa asks her to go and talk to Aarav. She says ask him, if he had anything or not and asks her to talk to him. Aditi says yes, Badi Maa. Badi Maa asks her to go. Aditi goes from there. Badi Maa goes. Aditi comes back to her room and calls Gagan. She says until I ask you to go, you have to hide here, if anyone sees you then there will be a big problem.

Samar says I have heard everything and can’t understand your pain. He says I don’t want to become the reason for your pain. He says I am backing off from this alliance, don’t worry, I will talk to everyone, you just be happy. Simar asks him to stop and says you don’t need to talk anything now. She says I have decided and now this decision will not change. She says I will end everything forever and asks for one day’s time.

Aarav comes to the accident spot and thinks I think this is the place. He finds the mangalsutra there and gets happy. Sandhya is going to rooms to give aarti. Aditi thinks Mom will go to my room too. She rushes there. Sandhya comes to Aditi’s room to give aarti and pulls the curtain to see Gagan standing. She gets shocked and recalls his words. She asks how dare you to hide in my daughter’s room like thief. Gagan says you are misunderstanding me. Sandhya says you have to give answer. He asks her to ask Aditi once. Aditi comes there and says I can make you understand, Gagan came to meet me, but not for me. She says you are having a misunderstanding. Sandhya asks he is using you once again and asks her to open her eyes and see. Aditi asks her to understand. Sandhya takes him outside. Aditi asks her to listen. Sandhya says did you forget that he has insulted you, and says I can’t forget. Aditi says your anger is justified but. Sandhya asks her to be quiet. Aditi says Mom enough. She then says she doesn’t mean this. Sandhya says my daughter shouted at me due to you. She raises her hand to slap Gagan. Reema comes there and holds Sandhya’s hand. She then apologizes to her with folded hands, and says I didn’t mean to insult you. She says my brother haven’t come here with wrong intention. Sandhya asks do you know that your brother was hiding in Aditi’s room secretly and promises that if her answer is yes, then she will let him go. Reema says she didn’t know. Sandhya says why you didn’t know and says that’s because he came here with wrong intentions. Badi Maa asks what this guy is doing here. Aditi asks her to listen. Sandhya says I want to tell you something, I have to tell you. She says when Mohit and Aditi was about to marry, I couldn’t see her pain and took Aditi to Gagan. A fb is shown. Sandhya says since that day, Aditi has broken her relation with him, but he came to her room to woo her again, and says if I had not reached there, then don’t know what he could have done with my daughter. Badi Maa gets angry.

Precap: Badi Maa tells Aditi that she seems to be getting mad in this guy’s talks and says she will not leave him this time. She asks Guards to beat him. Guards beat him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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