Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Vivaan fails Reema’s plan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reema saying that because of Simar, Vivaan is upset with her. She says that Vivaan doesn’t respect her at all and even when she tried to help Simar, Vivaan felt that this was also her conspiracy. She says that she had only one room which also she has snatched from her. She starts throwing all the things in the room and asks Simar to leave from there.

Vivaan asks Reema to shut up but Aarav stops him and tells him that they should leave from here. Simar asks Vivaan to promise that he will take care of her sister. Because what Reema is saying is correct. Vivaan refuses and says that Reema does not know the difference between right and wrong. He adds that if Reema had loved him, she would have known that his happiness was in his family.

Simar says that they should talk to each other. Vivaan tells her that he has tried to talk to her many times but she is unable to understand him and if they leave, he will also go with them. Reema is shocked to hear this. Vivaan says that if she tries to mess something up this time, he can give her the divorce papers again. Reema asks him not to threaten her again and again. She is about to leave in anger.

She opens the door and is shocked to see Chitra in front. Chitra asks them what they are talking about here. Vivaan says that they were only discussing about the room. Reema takes out a sheet and says that today Aarav and Simar will sleep on the ground. Vivaan denies this. Chitra sees that Geetanjali Devi is watching them so she scolds Aarav and Simar. Simar tells Aarav that maybe Geetanjali must be watching them.

Aarav goes out of the room and gets emotional seeing Geetanjali in front of him. He further tells Simar that she knows the people of the house very well. Vivaan agrees to this. Here Gagan asks Aditi whether the preparations for the celebration have been done. She says yes. Gagan thinks that he should also come there. But Aditi refuses him. Just then Sandhya comes there and says that both her children misunderstood her. Aditi denies this and asks her to accept Aarav and Simar.

While Gajendra comes there and says that Simar has lied to him and she is a deceitful girl. Sandhya says that if Simar had told her all the truth, she would have supported her. She adds that her son has changed because of Simar and she does not accept this marriage either. Gajendra asks Sandhya to calm down. Here Aarav gets mesmerized seeing Simar in a sari. He comes close to her. Just then Vivaan comes there and asks them to walk with him on the terrace.

Precap: Geetanjali Devi says, every night spent in the marriage that I don’t accept is ‘aiyashi’ for me. Simar tells Aarav, relation that’s made in front of Mata Rani won’t become ‘aiyashi’ by someone’s saying it. But still, for elders in the house, Simar asks Aarav to fill her maang with sindhoor again in front of everyone and announce their relation. He does. Geetanjali and others look on.

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    I think Simar and Aarav should go to yamini’s house..

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