Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Giriraj’s sincere apology to Badimaa

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the customer asking Aarav, Vivaan and others to pack the petha and says it is Gitanjali Devi’s taste of petha and all my family is her fan. Badimaa hears him and gets grateful to God. She asks her family to go back to their stalls, and do not make customer wait. Everyone looks at her. Badimaa asks them to go and handle their shops. Everyone go to their shops. She thanks Simar for making her meet herself and for making her feeling proud. She says I am Gitanjali Devi Oswal. Simar smiles and hugs her. Badimaa also smiles. Chitra says this Simar ruins my plan always and says I will not leave her. She says they shall be treated like a street seller. Simar asks Badimaa if she is seeing that the people are liking the petha very much. Indu comes there and buys the petha, offers money. Badimaa stops her. Indu says we are giving the money as we also worked hard for it. Sandhya asks her to take money from the well wishers. Gagan says I never thought that my first salary will be sweet. He asks for the box. The customers stand in queue. Badimaa asks Vivaan to bring more boxes from inside. Chitra gets worried and calls Rana asking him to send his goons.

The customers ask them to give their order. All the family members sell the petha boxes. Rana’s goons come there and rings horn to make the noise. Everyone looks at them. Badimaa asks who are this misbehaved persons that are making noise infront of Oswal Mansion. Aarav comes to the jeep and asks the goons to go from there. The goon says I need to park my car here. Aarav asks him to go from there and park the car somewhere else. The goons get down the jeep. The customers tell that they can’t stand bearing the noise, we shall take sweets from some other shop. Reema and Simar try to stop the customers. Giriraj asks Chitra if she called the goons. Chitra says what did you think that I will let your mother’s paltan win. Vivaan tells Simar that they are troubling us, I will teach them a lesson. Simar says we shall not talk to such people and says I have thought something. She thinks to sing, and sings Petha mera lajawab….All the customers return hearing her singing. She dances. The customers come back and buy the sweets. The goons too enjoy the song. Chitra calls the goons and asks them to throw the customers from there. The customers go from there. The goon threatens Vivaan that no shop shall be kept here. They are about to touch the petha to throw them. Aarav and Vivaan twist the goons’ hands and says this is our badimaa’s petha, don’t dare to touch it. Aarav asks Gagan to take the ladies from there. Gagan takes them far. Aarav and Vivaan beat them. Giriraj says my both sons are wonderful and gets happy. Chitra is shocked at his changed behavior. Gajendra too fights with the goons. Giriraj is about to go to fight, but Chitra stops him. Badimaa asks the goons to leave her kids. She sees the goon speeding the jeep towards Gajendra, Vivaan and Aarav and runs towards the jeep to stop it. Gajendra, Aarav and Vivaan run to save Badimaa. Giriraj also leaves Chitra’s hand and runs to save Badimaa. Simar shouts Badimaa. Badimaa is about to hit by the jeep, but Giriraj and Gajendra save her. Badimaa looks at them holding her hand. She leaves Giriraj’s hands.

Giriraj goes and beats the goons with the rod. Badimaa and Gajendra look at him. Chitra thinks why is he fighting with the goons. The Police come there. Giriraj says catch the goons, they have raised hand on my mother. Chitra says they have started illegal shop here. Giriraj says this is not illegal, this is my shop, my sons and my mother. He asks the Police to arrest the goons and says they have raised hand on my father like brother. Chitra asks him what happened to him. Giriraj says he has changed now. Badimaa asks him to go from there and not to change his color like squirrel. Chitra asks him to open his eyes, and says you can’t be Gajendra Oswal. She asks Inspector to get this shop out. Giriraj says no. Chitra asks him to listen. Giriraj says I listened to your saying and attempted to murder my brother, and threw my mother out of the house. Badimaa asks gajendra to ask cunning person to be quiet. Giriraj apologizes to Badimaa and asks her to forgive him once. He says I was foolish to listen to my wife and doing whatever she said. Chitra asks if you was in your senses, you are accusing me. He says yes, I am in my consciousness. He says we have snatched their property and wealth, but can we defeated them. They didn’t lose, as they have lower power and they are united. He says we wanted to make them beggars, but we became beggars of the world. He says we have lost our son’s love. He apologizes to Vivaan and asks for forgiveness. Vivaan goes upset. Simar asks Badimaa to listen to Chacha ji once. Giriraj asks Gajendra to forgive him, being Ram. He then apologizes to Sandhya for trying to snatch her suhaag. They also go from there. Giriraj cries. Chitra gets worried.

Simar asks Badimaa to listen to Chacha ji once. She says he really wants to do penance and is repenting from his heart. Sandhya says even I feel the same, listen to him once. Aditi says even I feel that Chacha ji is truthful now. Reema says I have learnt from you Badimaa, that we shall do anything to save our family. Badimaa says I got betrayal from my family, and I will not bear any more betrayal. Simar says give him a chance, you are his mother, asks your heart once. She asks her to think as a mother. Badimaa looks at Giriraj and then Vivaan.

Precap: Reema tells Simar that she is tired of doing household work and says she wants to go out and wants to do what she likes. Simar asks her to speak out her feelings. Reema tells Badimaa that she wants to do modeling. She says when Simar can pursue her dreams, then why can’t I?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Has Giriraj really changed for good 🤔

    1. Iam not sure
      Seems he’s up to something
      I don’t trust Giriraj 😏

    2. ☺☺☺😍😍😍

      Their weak part is Vivaan Vivaan should control them.

    3. I just hope so
      But Chitra does not listen to
      Vivaan, and yet vivaan is a pure soul, he does not deserve such parents esp the mom

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