Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Simar 2’s bidaai marks her new journey

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vivaan taking Reema inside the bride’s dressing room and asks her to open her eyes, and asks her to tell whatever Devesh is telling about her and mom, is all lie. He recalls Devesh showing Chitra’s call on mobile and says mom, you can’t do this. Pandit ji asks Aarav to fill sindoor in the bride’s maang. Simar 2 thinks of her moments with Aarav. Aditi asks Pandit ji to tell the reason of filling the sindoor. Pandit ji says yes, and tells that according to shashtra, red color signifies power, it gives power to protect the house. He says according to science, it relieves woman of the day’s hard work. Aarav takes sindoor on the coin. Simar stops him from removing her veil. Aarav asks her not to worry and tells that he will fulfill her family customs. He applies sindoor without seeing her face. Avinash and Indu looks on. Simar 2 cries. Pandit ji asks Aarav to make bride wear the mangalsultra and tells that the thread of mangalsutra ties two people in a relation of faithfulness and signifies their togetherness. Aarav makes her wear the mangalsutra. Simar 2 looks at the mangalsutra. He makes her wear the veil properly. Simar 2 cries much. Pandit ji says this marriage is completed. Simar 2 and Aarav take Badi Maa’s blessings. Badi Maa blesses them. Simar blesses them too and hugs Simar 2. They take other’s blessings too. Chitra tries to see the bride’s face and is about to lift her veil, but Aarav stops her. Chitra smiles. They take Indu’s blessings. Simar 2 hugs her and cries. Indu says your sasural is your home now, their respect is connected with you and their happiness is your happiness now, asks her to forget them and accept the new family. She asks her to forget her old life before starting new life. Simar 2 hugs her. Indu whispers in her ear to leave dream to become a singer and says you are neither ours nor your own, you are just of your sasural.

Aarav and Simar 2 take Avinash’s blessings. Simar 2 hugs him and cries. She then hugs Roma and Gagan. Simar also cries. Badi Maa signs what happened? Simar smiles. Pandit ji says last rasam and tells that bride will put grains on mother’s pallu without looking back and pray for their prosperity. Simar 2 does the ritual to throw the puffed grains back, while Indu catches it in her pallu. She recalls her moments with everyone. Indu and Avinash fold their hands before Badi Maa and others. Badi Maa also folds her hands. Aarav opens the car’s door. Simar 2 cries still. Aditi makes her sit. Aarav sees her lehenga pallu coming out of car and keeps it inside. He then sits with Simar 2 and holds her hand. Simar 2 gets tensed.

Chitra calls Devesh and says my plan failed due to you. Devesh says everything happened as per your plan, Reema didn’t reach mandap, but I have to get beaten by Vivaan. He says the bottomline is that I didn’t let her reach mandap. Chitra asks what, and asks then whose marriage happened with Aarav and whose bidaai is happening. Devesh says I don’t know, you shall see, but one thing is confirmed that the bride is not Reema. Chitra thinks if Devesh is saying right then who is going as the bride.

Vivaan gives pillow under Reema’s neck and asks her to open her eyes. He then thinks of Aarav and the bride exchanging garlands and thinks if you are not on the mandap then who is that girl? He says I shall inform Bhai and tell him everything. He calls Aarav and says please pick the call. His phone rings, but he doesn’t see the call. Vivaan says how can you do this Reema, a big betrayal, this cheat will break Bhai. Simar 2 cries still, Aarav looks at her. Vivaan calls him again and thinks he has to stop this marriage anyhow and runs out from there. Simar is about to sit with Simar 2, but Aditi stops her and says Reyansh and she will come with them. She asks Simar to come with Badi Maa and sits in the car. Pandit ji asks Gagan to push the car, assuring her that he is behind her like a support. Gagan pushes the car. Indu tells Simar that they have done everything as per her sayings and says now everything is in your hands, take care of our daughter and be with her. Simar folds her hands. Chitra hears them and thinks this is the secret of a duplicate bride.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nicole ehizokhale

    vivaan so now you know that reema is the one who cheated your brother Aarav and that her sister simar had to end up marrying Aarav for the sake of both families respect and reputation in the society which is your new sister in law and that don’t blame her which is reema sister choti simar your new sister in law and that you have to tell your brother and your family the truth and that in reality it’s reema who cheated your brother and your family and not her sister choti simar your sister in law because in reality choti simar saved your family and her family reputation from getting ruined and tarnished by her sister reema who is the one to blame for whatever happened and that your family and your brother Aarav have to accept choti simar as the eldest daughter in law and wife because she deserves it because she is really kindhearted and loving caring and she is very selfless unlike her sister reema who is very selfish,jealous, stubborn and who only care about herself rather than her anyone else

    1. You’re absolutely right Nicole, but unfortunately Simar2 will go through hardships before she’ll later be accepted by Aarav and the family but I know she’ll endure it and win all of them.

    2. प्रगति Singh

      कलर्स प्रोमो में दिखाया गया है कि सिमर को आरव गुंडों से बचा लेगा और आरव उसे स्वीकार कर लेगा

  2. Wow… Indu’s advice to Simar 2 is disturbing… She is asking her own daughter to forget about her dreams and identity and submit herself to her “sasural”. This is simply the desified objectification of women. What’s the point of shows like these? What a wrong message serials like these are giving to the generation? That marriage is the ultimate fate of every women and she is expected to leave her dreams and identity before entering her sasural?? I agree that it’s important to value and treasure our culture but this is extreme man…not at the expense of your own happiness or self respect.
    And when will indian serials stop this bridal swap and forceful marriage ? And when will the indian FLs learn to stand for themselves?? ….

    I hope Reema will learn a lesson from this incident. It’s not bad to have dreams but not at the expense of others.

  3. why comments are getting less day by day?

  4. What is the precap for tomorrow’s episode ?

    1. प्रगति Singh

      उन्होंने सही प्रीकैप नहीं किया 👿👿

  5. Hi nisha in precap badi ms lifts off ghoonghat and is shocked to see simar instead of reema.
    Even aarav is shocked n tells it as A big fraud.;
    Badi ma tells simar to from her house on other hand simar 1 tells simar 2 that she is the best bahu this house can ever get’

  6. Upload today 17th June’s update fast! Can’t wait for today’s episode update.

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