Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Geetanjali Devi refuses to accept Reema

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Geetanjali Devi’s security guards holds Vivaan and keeps him aside. Simar comes running but she is also holded by her staff. Aarav and Gajender requests Badi Ma to stop. Simar somehow manages to release herself, she comes and stands infront of Reema protecting her. Yet Geetanjali Devi fires the gun, Aarav instantaneously pulls the gun above, the bullet hits and breaks the chandelier. The chandelier falls down infront of Simar hurting her hand.

Everybody is traumatized. Geetanjali Devi holds Aarav’s hand and tells him that how dare he touches her gun. She gives lecture to them that Oswal’s family new generation doesn’t respect their values. She stops Aarav from giving justification. Sandhya also stopped Aarav from telling anything.

Vivaan gets free and runs toward Badi Ma, he begged to her to listen to him, on which Badi Ma replies that what left to hear from you. She shouts on him that he ran away from his wedding and married someone from road, wedding is not a doll’s play. She says that both Aarav and Vivaan have broken her beliefs and trust. Sending them abraod to study was her mistake. She tells that she is never going to accept Reema as Oswal family Bahu. She asks Bhairav to refill bullets in the gun.

Everybody is in shock what to do. Chitra asks Griraj to do something otherwise Badi Ma will kill someone. Aarav asks her not do. Simar falls on Geetanjali Devi’s feet to forgive Reema. Vivaan picks her up and tells that we did this marriage and we are ready to face it’s consequences. Geetanjali Devi tells Vivaan that what magic Reema has done on him. She reminds Simar that she is in this house for a month only and stay in your limit. As we have not accepted Simar then how can we accept Reema.

Aarav asks Badi Ma to give one chance to Vivaan. Geetanjali Devi reminds Aarav that she have also given chance to him and today what Simar has done she bought her sister also to the Oswal residence. Vivaan tells that it’s fine if her ego is beyond her grandson then fire bullet on him. Vivaan tells that we both loved each other so we will die together. Griraj ask Gajender to stop Badi Ma. Gajender explains her that he is her own blood yet she didn’t stop. All family members request Badi Ma to forgive Vivaan and spare his life.

Geetanjali Devi closes her eyes and puts down the gun. She tells to Vivaan that she can see rebellion in him just because of Reema. He tells that if she is not ready to accept her then they will leave from here. Vivaan and Reema starts to leave from there. Geetanjali Devi shouts at Vivaan that he became blind in her love. He tells that he is feeling suffocated in this house and is leaving this house and doesn’t want any property or money.

Geetanjali Devi tells them that these kids have not seen her real face, she asks her guard to lock him in his room unless he is going to forget Reema. She also asks Aarav to stay away from this matter. Reema shouts that it’s illegal. Geetanjali Devi tells Reema that how she achieved this position. She also ask Reema to forget about Vivaan and do her modelling.

Geetanjali Devi tells to Reema that she is accepting Simar for one month just because whole Agra witnessed her wedding but nobody knows about Vivaan’s wedding so she couldn’t accept her and asks her to leave the house. But Reema tells that both of them are adults and nobody could stop them. Geetanjali Devi asks her guards to lock Reema too. Simar begged Badi Ma. Reema is forcefully locked. Simar tells to Aarav that it is not right to lock Reema and blackmail her father, she leaves from there.

Episode ends.

  1. Shesha485

    Are you serious? We haven’t seen her real avatar yet… Already I fainted on reading the update. But, on a serious note, these over-the-top dramas are totally deserving for Reema and her marriage. Anyways, I expected a lot from the chandelier. Do other readers think that locking up is a good punishment?

  2. What is the precap?

    1. Bihari Babuni

      Simar requests sandhya for help but the latter says she is helpless but Aarav says that he is not it’s time to change some traditions. Other side Reema and Vivan talk through either side of wall and she says that the family has to accept their marriage no matter what.


    i thought when chandellor falls, it will be a turning point , i though simar will be severely hit ,but it turned out to be a disappointment today, in the present world, do you think whether love can be controlled, it seems old fashioned….by locking up the couples….Vivaan’s mother is the main cuprit and vivaan could have told badi maa that his mother is the main cause for all the problems…and the scenes move so slow you don’t have patience to sit and watch… not know if high society affluent class people live this type of lifestyle…they talk about sanskriti and culture but vivaan’s mother does not wear bindi or mangalsutra…few episodes back even senior simar is not wearing mangalsutra but her maang has kumkum…can’t understand these days how serials depict the name of modernisation….

    1. Shesha485

      I agree. I felt Reema would turn positive after the chandelier fall on Simar… Maybe our expectations are too high for this show.

  4. oh God when is all this gonna end coz i am getting frustrated with all this drama, please bring a twist. All this is blowing my mind.

  5. This badi maa is totally mad I think so that Aarav will rebel against badi maa decision and she will be forced to accept marriage of Vivaan and Reema Not only Aarav but Simar will also rebel against their decision and this mutual support will bring them close and they will fall in love with each other and on the other side, after some time, Reema will also fall in love with Vivaan and this pair of sisters will be like Roli Simar of Simar 1 and on the other point of view,after geetanjali devi oswal will accept reema she will join hands with Shobha and her mother in law Srimati mastermind Chitra Ji to destroy married life of Simar and Aarav This acceptance of Reema will change the mindset of Geetanjali devi. I want to see that episode in which geetanjali devi please play the role of mataji for simar like nirmala devi bharadwaj played the role of mataji for simar and please do not include daayan ,naagin,patali devi etc in this season this innocent simar wouldn’t be able to fight against these supernatural creatures. PLEASE post my this this comment in the comment section please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Shesha485

    Haha… According to the precap, Reema and Vivaan talk to each other through the either side of the wall. So what is the value of Geetanjali’s punishment for them? It is like, locking both in the same room…

  7. This serial will either follow the track of swaragini or that of sasural simar ka season 1.

  8. Do not let naagin (maya),daayan (mohini,indrawati, patali devi)etc. enter into this show again

    1. Nicole ehizokhale

      Geetanjali devi should only accept simar and Aarav marriage because their marriage is legal and now reema shouldn’t have said anything because the truth is that her marriage with vivaan is not legal but her sister marriage is legal because it was witnessed by his family and her family and also by people in the city but her own wedding with vivaan there were no witnesses and now she have put her sister marriage in danger just because of her stupidity and foolishness and that because of her sister simar almost got killed

  9. MayaMohiiniIndrawatiPataliDeviMaaltiShaitaanchandramaniKamyaMahamayaKaal

    We will come back and haunt simar and his family after some time

  10. patalidevianddevika

    We have to return back and haunt this oswal family other this geetanjali devi will not listen requests of simar and reema

    1. Ha ha ha ha … come soon 😃😆😅😅

  11. I don’t know why is everybody hating Reema. I mean when badi simar in season 1 had run away for dance competition then she did not get any hate just bcoz nobody knew that at that time and she was the main protagonist but when Reema ran away for a competition then everybody started hating her bcoz badi simar had swapped the brides. If this would not have happened then maybe Reema could have got back to her marriage or simply the baraat would have gone back. Moreover it was more of Chitra and Devesh’s mistake bcoz they were provoking Reema again and again to go for the competition. People should look at the reason why Reema is doing all this now. Her marriage also broke with Aarav Oswal who’s very rich and I guess many girls have a dream of marrying a rich and a handsome guy. I understand that she should not do this with simar bcoz it’s not her mistake but misunderstandings happen and I think this misunderstanding will also get cleared. However I love #reevan and #sirav. But whatever Reema is doing with Geetanjali Devi and Chitra, she is doing right bcoz they deserve it and she has given a big slap on their face by marrying Vivaan.

  12. NarendraDamodarDasModi

    I and all ministers of my cabinet do not like this show.I will send a notice to Producer Of Sasural Simar Ka to stop airing of this show tonight.

  13. I also do not like this show.I will help you in airing off this show.

  14. Wow like you literally think that people are so dumb to think that you are narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Moreover, on top of that you are supporting each other, well that’s a very rare case. Also, why would they even write like this in public, do they want to spoil their image, by showing off that they have so many links and jo unko pasand nahi woh show public bhi nahi dekh sakti. This is no democracy. 😡

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