Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Giriraj plans to frame Simar in Gajendra’s murder

Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samar telling that he has no reason for return. Yamini Devi asks if the reason is Simar. She says your silence spoke all, I hope your decision as same as your Gurumaa. Samar looks at his and Simar’s mandap pic, and recalls beginning taking rounds with her, when Simar ran to Aarav and hugged him, confessing her love for him. Simar and Yamini Devi folds hands infront of God. Samar lifts the curtain from Aarav’s big frame and then from Simar and his mandap pic. He throws the curtain on Aarav’s frame. Simar returns home and collides with Aarav, who is waiting for him. He asks where was you? Simar says I was safe, wherever I was. Aarav says there are rules and regulations of the house and says I hope you remember. Simar says I thought you was worried for me, but you was worried for the rules. She tells that she knows it all well. She says she came early though she has important work now. Aarav asks what work? Simar says I don’t need to tell you and asks with what right he is asking her. He says as a son, grand son and Oswal’s right. Simar says not as a husband? She says values are values, if it is of Narayans or Oswals. Badi Maa comes there and calls Simar. She says values come from good families and asks her not to compare Narayan’s values with them.

Simar says until I am here, I will obey the rules and regulations of the house. She says if you have some work with me, then tell me. Badi maa asks Giriraj to give the list to Simar. She tells that Doctor made this list for Gajendra and all his routine is written in the list, which medicines to give to him etc. She says I have brought him here, thinking he will get all the good facilities at home like that of hospital. She says Gajendra shall be taken care as per this list. Giriraj offers to take care of Gajendra from now itself. Simar takes the list from his hand and says I will take care of my Papa, and will not let anyone complain. She says this is my promise. Giriraj says Maa. Badi Maa stops him. Giriraj and Aarav leave from there.

Badi Maa calls Simar and says your name is not in Oswal family’s group, but my unwell son takes your name. She says no heroine shall be called and nobody shall do any drama. She says his treatment shall happen with science and logic. Simar says Papa is having smile due to that drama and says you have seen with your eyes. Badi Maa says according to you, doctors shall end their treatment. Simar says Papa’s heart, soul and body are all hurt, medicines treat just body. She says his treatment is care and love, and tells that more than medicine, he needs his loved ones, care and love and then he will be fine soon. Badi Maa asks her to stop her lecture. Simar says you wanted Papa to become fine as soon as possible. Badi Maa says you don’t need to tell me, and says now my son’s treatment will happen as per Dr. Trehan. She goes.

Giriraj puts poison in Gajendra’s capsules, and tells Chitra that Dr. Trehan came through him. He says that means all the medicines will reach Simar through me, and Simar will herself make Bhai Saheb have medicines. He says Simar will be blamed for his death, we will attack two with this medicines. Chitra appreciates him. Giriraj says Simar will think that she is treating him. Chitra says but actually she is harming him.

Simar comes to Gajendra. Gajendra thanks Simar for calling Jaya Prada here. Simar asks him to keep his thank you safe. She shows the handkerchief and says Jaya Prada gave it to you with her autograph. Gajendra gets happy and says this is amazing. They see Badi Maa coming. Gajendra pretends to be asleep, while Simar pretends to check the medicines. Badi Maa comes there and keeps hand on his forehead. She says this is called rules, sleeping on time. She goes. Gajendra gets up and looks at the handkerchief. Simar says I didn’t know that there is good actor in you. She asks him to drink soup and asks if he wants her to be scolded by Badi Maa.

Reema tells Vivaan that she was bowled over by Jaya Prada’s charm. She shows her dance clip with Jaya ji. He says it is good and asks if she was dancing for the camera. She says camera is my weakness and tells that she asked security to send all her dance clips. Vivaan ays you are drama queen. Just then she gets shocked seeing herself in the photographer Devesh’s captivity and hitting him. Vivaan asks her to show. Reema refuses and goes out. She thinks Devesh is alive. Devesh is standing outside.

Simar asks Gajendra to finish the khichdi and says I will come soon. She comes out. Aarav says you are breaking the rules, and tells that even he was hungry and was waiting for her standing o the door.

Precap: Aarav pulls a chair for Simar, lights a candle. Aarav says to her, this food isn’t cooked by you, so it wouldn’t have that perfect taste but if you will with your own hand. Simar sees Samar walk in and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Devesh ka truth kab reveal hoga Chitra aur Goriraj ko expose hona hi hoga Reevaan ka romance aane hi wala hai woh bhi passionate wala

  2. Now we should see how Simar will get into problems, because giriraj is poisoning the medicine , hope Simar solves successfully and save gajendra and it’s time for her to concentrate on her singing , since so called badimaa doesn’t have an iota of respect and calls herself highly civilised, whereas oswal is full 8f criminals ,even aarav has become selfish , one thing can’t understand, when badimaa asked Simar to leave mansion , then why did she come bac, makers please show Simar having some self respect…

  3. Day by day i am hating this aarav..why the hell he stopped simar’s marriage with samar?? Everytime aarav leaves simar for his family..spineless male lead

  4. I think we (audience) have overlooked the flaws of Arav’s character until now, just like Simi. He was spineless throughout the drama and a puppet of GD. He only married Simar becoz her wedding was about to happen with Samar. Otherwise he would have never married her irrespective of whether he loves her or not.

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