Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gajendra stops Aarav from meeting Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aarav coming out of his imagination, when someone rings the horn of the car and asks him to move. Sandhya says we have become samdhi again, our kids future have tied us in this relation. Indu signs yes and smiles. Aarav falls on the road and gets up. He starts walking again. Gagan calls Aditi and says everyone is ended Aditi. Aditi is shocked and upset. Simar takes Sandhya’s blessings. Sandhya blesses her to have the happiness which she deserves. Lalit congratulates Samar. Roma says we shall take the selfie. Reema says Simar is tired, we shall take her to room. Roma says she shall rest. Vivaan says we will take selfie in the room. Indu says first let Simar and Samar take Mata Rani and elders’ blessings. Samar and Simar touches Indu, Sandhya, Avinash and Gajendra’s feet. They all bless them. Simar goes to inhouse temple and prays to Mata Rani, if this is your wish then it is ok. She says you know what I feel for Aarav ji, he is in my heart and soul and nobody can take his place in my life. Just then door is knocked heavily. Gagan also hears the door knocking sound. Aditi asks if Aarav Bhai is on the door. He says I will check. Simar also looks on hearing the knocking sound.

Reema and Vivaan get tensed. Gajendra is about to go and see who is on the door, when Aarav pushes the door and it opens. Everyone sees Aarav there. Samar gets shocked. Everyone is shocked to see him there. Aarav looks at Samar. Indu goes to the inhouse temple and takes Simar from there. Gajendra takes Aarav outside with him. They are standing on the road. Gajendra asks why did you come here? Aarav says I haven’t come to meet you. Gajendra says inside whatever is happening, which you are thinking. Aarav asks why are you stopping me, I will not go without doing the work for what I have come. Gajendra asks if this is the way to talk to your father on the road. Aarav says I will talk to Simar anyhow. Gajendra says it is too late now. Aarav says I know Simar can’t do this marriage. Simar tries to open the window and says why did you bring me here, and says there on downstairs. Indu asks her not to move from there. Sandhya comes there.

Samar says Aarav’s doings are increasing and someone has to show his place to him. He is about to go. Avinash stops him and says matter can get worse with anger. Samar says why do he come here, whenever he wants. Avinash says Gajendra ji is talking to him, he will go. Gajendra asks Aarav to think about Narayan family’s respect and go from there. Aarav says I always cared for their respect, but once I want to talk to Simar and ask her if she wants to do this marriage, if she says yes, then I will go from here. Gajendra says everything is clear. Aarav says only I can see clearly, others having the specs on their eyes. He says let me meet Simar once and then will leave. Gajendra asks him to understand. Aarav says why I can’t do what I like, and says you are stopping me and asks what did I ask, did I ask any big thing. He says I hate you Papa and will never forgive you for this. Everyone hears him standing inside.

People gather there. Samar asks Avinash if Gajendra ji is Aarav’s father. Avinash says yes, he is Aarav’s father. Samar says Simar’s sasur. Simar asks Sandhya why did she say that Aarav has agreed to move on, then why this. Indu says you have nothing to do with Aarav and says you have promised your Mother infront of Mata Rani. Simar says but. Avinash says Gajendra ji and Sandhya ji were Simar’s sasur and saas. Samar recalls Gajendra asking Simar’s hand for him. He says today Gajendra’s uncle respect increases in my sight. He says being a father, he knows about his son’s truth and that’s why he encouraged Simar to move on. He knows that Aarav is not the good guy for Simar, and today I am sure that Aarav is not the right guy for Simar. Vivaan gets angry. Gajendra asks Aarav to go. Aarav says I will not go without talking to Simar. Gajendra says I will not let you go inside, and asks what will you do. Aarav shouts Simar’s name and asks her to come out. Simar cries. Aarav says I want to talk to you. Gajendra says people are watching you, stop it. Aarav stands on the jeep and calls Simar. He says I will not go without talking to you. Gajendra says Aarav. Aarav says my heart is saying that you don’t want to do this and asks her to come out. He cries and asks her to come out. He shouts Simar. Simar gets up and runs from the room. Indu and Sandhya run behind Simar. Avinash sees Simar running and coming down the stairs. Samar gets angry.

Simar comes to the door and is about to open it. Avinash stops her and asks her to stop right there. Aarav says I want to meet you once Simar. Gajendra asks Aarav to get down the jeep and says do you want to make tamasha of Simar’s name. Aarav says I want to know the truth once, and wants to know what is in her heart. Gajendra asks what do you want? Aarav says my Simar can’t do this marriage and can’t do this with me. He says if I don’t do anything today then two lives will be ruined. Gajendra gets thinking. Avinash comes there and sees people standing and hearing him. Aarav cries and asks Simar, where are you? Avinash asks Aarav to stop the drama right here. Aarav gets down the jeep and says Papa ji. Avinash says have pity on me, I am father of three daughters. Aarav folds his hands and says Papa ji. Avinash says you have lost the right to call me Papa ji, and tells that you have lost the right when you have send Simar back in bridal dress after insulting her. Aarav says I didn’t do that, Badi Maa had done. Avinash says you should have shown this courage that day, then I could have talked to you. He says I will not talk to you. Aarav says I am guilty of you and sits on his feet, asking him to let him meet Simar once. Avinash asks why do you want to her, who are you to Simar? Simar sits down in the hall and cries badly. Sandhya asks her to stop crying and handle herself. Simar looks at the door.

Avinash asks Gajendra to take Aarav from there, before he insults me more in my neighborhood. He says I won’t let Simar’s named ruined. Gajendra says Simar is my daughter too, if he tries to ruin then I will not leave him. Aarav says I will not go without meeting her. Avinash asks him to go and asks how much will he insult them? Gajendra asks him to leave. Aarav says you both are doing this with me, you both are my elders, I thought you as the life shelter. He says I will not go. Gajendra pushes him and asks him to just leave. Aarav falls. Vivaan comes and holds him.

Precap: Samar pushes Aarav and asks him to talk to him. Aarav says I want to talk to Simar. Samar says we are one, our roka is done. Aarav says Simar is my soul and life. Samar says Simar has agreed to this marriage herself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. All are selfish except Aarav and Simar
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  2. Nicole ehizokhale

    All sirav fans there will be a huge twist coming on the wedding day of simar and samar wedding Aarav will definitely reunite with simar because it will be God doing once again once Aarav enters the wedding day and then he holds simar hands and he takes her to the mandap and then he marries her on the mandap taken the 7 rounds auspiciously round the holy fire officially making simar his wife again and also he announcing simar as his wife and also the oswal family badi bahu the truth is that l don’t understand simar and Aarav family they blind to see that Aarav and simar are destined to together forever destiny will take place on the wedding day of simar and samar wedding where Aarav will take simar hand to the mandap and he marries auspiciously takes the 7round round the holy fire and officially simar and Aarav will be remarried to each other and l pray it happened because l know that simar and Aarav can never be separated from each other God will still bring them together eventually when no one will see it coming and also gagan isn’t happy about the wedding of simar and samar he is not happy at all he wants to stop the wedding at all causes and l pray that simar doesn’t marry samar but Aarav instead.

  3. Getting nonsense already – EVERYONE IS SO BLINDED N AGREED TO SUPER b*t*h BARI ma n Greedy Reema.How long is this going on – if it does not stop on Friday – many of your fans in Malaysia n Singapore will STOP WATCHING SSK2 ^[email protected]/_^$

  4. This drama has become real nonsense. High time fans should stop watching this and show the right direction to the makers. This kind of emotional negativity is very unhealthy to watch. Though actors are doing a great job, the story is absolute crap.


    Stupid serial, how come both families suddenly are against Aarav and Simar’s likings, no logic, reema so selfish, samar should realise that simar has not accepted him wholeheartedly, then why this marriage, if roka is done ,that means marriage is done it..can’t understand..what happened to reema’s divorce with Vivaan, she is seemed to be very happy, what about the dihvesh murder, please let Chitra come in so that it will start at a interesting note to see Reema, feel that serial is going crap ..if Simar marries Samar, then the title of the serial should be sasural reema ka…

    1. why the title is not sasural simar aur aarav ka ? lol. ik its a bad joke…we all want sirav to be united. ig samar will back out he seems to be a decent guy and let reema fall hard on her face why isnt she ever exposed?

  6. Dia

  7. The serial is going on fine. Simar and Samar should marry. I know that it’s a drama, the reverse will be the case.
    Avinash asked a very concrete question to Aarav. Why didn’t he fight for Simar when she was being humiliated, insulted and casted out. The drama he’s doing today would have been done on that day.
    He is just a cry baby, he should get away and let Simar live her life.
    As for Simar, she doesn’t know what is good for her. And doesn’t feel bad when she’s insults. Could she be called an Idiot. How can I continue to love a man like Aarav. Who kept silent and swallowed all the bad deeds meted on a person you claim to love
    As for Vivaan, I don’t understand his ways these days. He’s blowing hot and cold, lukewarm attitude. Even helping Reema.
    Sandhya is the one I have always liked, not knowing that she’s the most stupid of all. When Simar came to Oswal mansion newly, she promised her to look into her like her mother. And that she will stay her back. Why making promising she can never fulfil, when she knows nobody respects her in that house

  8. Dis episode made me cry 😭😢

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