Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Vivaan’s move shocks Badi Maa and Oswals

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vivaan asking Badi Maa to trust him always. Badi Maa blesses him. Vivaan hugs him. Guard comes there and tells that some Aarav came with his wife to the gate, and fighting with us to come inside, and told that he is the grand son of Oswal family. Badi Maa says I have just grand son and says Aarav and his singer-danger wife reached here. Vivaan says I will handle the matter and goes out. The guard comes out and says they have refused. Aarav turns upset. Vivaan comes there. Simar says Dewar ji. Aarav looks at Vivaan. Vivaan turns and looks at his family looking from the window. Badi Maa looks on confident. Vivaan asks guards to open the gate. The guards open the gate. Aarav and Simar are about to enter, but guards stops them. Vivaan asks guards to let them come inside. Aarav tells Vivaan that guards told that his name is not in the list. He then tells him that Simar and his marriage. Vivaan gets happy and asks what are you saying? Simar says yes, dewar ji. Vivaan gets happy. Simar says we came to apologize to our elders here. Vivaan says big mistake have happened, but not by you, but by me. He sits down and touches Aarav’s feet shocking Badi Maa. He says forgive me bhai, I have fallen in my sight. Aarav asks him to get up. Vivaan says I took back my support when you need me and did wrong with you, betrayed me and left you alone. Aarav says you can’t leave me alone. Vivaan says don’t defend me, and says let me apologize to you from my heart. He then asks Simar to forgive him and falls on her feet. Simar makes him get up. Badi Maa says what he is doing? Chitra asks Reema to stop him. Simar says we have special place for you, you didn’t upset us. Aarav, Simar and Vivaan have a hug. Reema comes there, followed by Badi Maa, Sandhya, Chitra and others. Vivaan holds Aarav’s hand. Aarav holds Simar’s hand. Badi Maa sees them holding hands. She looks at sindoor in Simar’s maang and also mangalsutra on her neck. Aditi smiles. Aarav and Simar are about to bend down to take Badi maa’s blessings. Badi Maa stops them and asks didn’t you feel ashamed to come here? She asks why you are not replying now, and says since you have filled this girl’s maang, are you in shock? Aarav says she is Simar Aarav Oswal and says this time there is no betrayal, we got married infront of Mata Rani with all the rituals. We have become one now. Chitra says we all are already hurt, don’t sprinkle salt on our wounds. She asks them to leave.

Reema asks Simar if she don’t understand, that there is no place for her here in this house. Simar folds her hands and tells Badi Maa that they accept that they have hurt them. Badi Maa says I hate you and asks guards to throw them out, so that nobody like them can enter her temple like home. Aarav says I knew it, that it was a mistake to come here. Simar stops him and says we can’t be happy without your blessings. Aarav says nobody cares for your tears here, and says I came here for Simar, else I have no hopes with you all. Badi Maa says you have ruined our hopes and asks him to go from there and fulfill her wishes. She asks guards to throw them out. Vivaan asks them to move back and says nobody will touch my Bhai and Bhabhi. He asks them to come inside and says don’t stop me today, I should have done this long back, let me do this. Badi Maa asks him to stop right here. Vivaan says not today. Giriraj asks Vivaan to obey Badi Maa. Vivaan asks him to understand. Aarav asks Vivaan not to fight with elders for him. Simar says we have come here for elders’ love and blessings. Aarav says heart is filled seeing their love and blessings. Badi Maa says there is nobody related to you, tells that everyone have broken relation with you. She asks the family members, if they are related to Aarav. Nobody speaks up. Badi Maa says you both are strangers for us, and says she is not angry or upset with strangers. She says whoever you both are, are shameless and standing here after so much humiliation. She asks them to leave from there. Aarav moves backwards. Simar folds her hands and says there is a pain in your words, and says we have hurt not just you, but everyone. She says we haven’t taken this big step to hurt you all, our union is just for epitome of love. Badi Maa asks her to be quiet and says they have come in her talks once, but not anymore. She turns to go. Reema asks Simar if she got peace to make Aarav and Badi maa argue. She says everyone hates you and asks her to go. Simar asks her to leave her hand and tells that I know that everyone hates me here, but it is today’s truth. She says if there is truth in my love and dedication, then I am sure that everyone’s heart will melt. Sasural Simar ka plays…..

Precap: Vivaan and Aditi do Simar and Aarav’s grah pravesh in the house. Badi maa is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Reema is the most selfish sister I have ever seen in my life.

    1. I agree with you

    2. Ss badi maa too . Why Sandhya is not saying anything?

  2. Oguntoyinbo Feyisayo

    Badi maa is so selfish

  3. More than anyone else I find Sandhya and Gajendra spineless. How can someone talk to your son like that and you stand there watching. It’s badi maa’ dictatorship. Two people who love each other immensely but cannot be together. What kind people are they actually?


    Reema is so selfish,chitra and giriraj super come badimaa so stupid to differentiate between good and evil….even vivaan and reema’s marriage was accepted…in fact vivaan ran away and got married to Reema, even narayan family also didn’t know…it’s a little strange story..that is why I feel this serial has not made it to top five…all the scenes move so slow…

  5. Low TRP even for last week must be the effect of extremely flawed logic of the story. If they could make the story better, definitely this drama would become more popular among viewers.

  6. I want Reevaan aur Sirav saath ho jaye
    I don’t like Reema’s negative avatar

  7. I want kuch ho jaye aur Reema Simar reunite ho jaye

  8. How can Badi ma says she has only one grandson now. What about Vivaan junior brother. Or they use to forget their past script. I seems to have forgotten the handsome guy’s name.
    Sandhya is a foolish woman. Accepting that Aarav is no more her son, bcs he disobeyed Badi ma and marry Simar.
    The same Simar that helped her when she was disgracefully thrown out and insulted. And reminded that she’s from the poor and gutter. Shame on her. The same person that once Promise Simar during the first marriage that she will fight for her. Chitra is a villian. But if I’m given the opportunity to choose one as my mother i will rather choose Chitra
    Although on another side, my daughter is telling me whether she have a plan

  9. Nicole ehizokhale

    I agree gajendra and sandhya are really suprising me l can’t believe that they choose not support their own son Aarav who in reality he is following God order because in reality simar and Aarav were never meant to be separated in the first place because at the end God gave them both his blessings and also badimaa is really blind she can’t see that chitra and giraj are really pretending to care about her but meanwhile they want to destroy her but she doesn’t know and also she doesn’t know that simar is the family protector because if not for her vivaan wouldn’t have been alive so as Aarav she doesn’t realize that she is choosing evil over Good and that she is really selfish to realize that her family is falling apart because of her and that she also disobeyed God order and that its God who sent simar to be Aarav wife and also her eldest daughter in law but she is refusing to accept the fact that simar as really helped her family and that now the same family will still need her help when they least expect. and that she needs to open her eyes.

  10. It seems like most of the tv serials that are running shows rivalry between sisters. Not a good image of Indian sisterhood.

  11. Aahh,why do simar going to sasural which none one of them wanted her.Even Sandhya and Gajendra upset with their actions. Moreover,it would be better if they ask for arav contribution in business reward from them because somehow he still work for the company . Other than that, sirav has no right in family or living in the house after their families disowned them because at the end of the day ,it badimaa and Gajendra who has build the empire and ith their house.. I don’t know why makers couldn’t show a better story like arrav get a job for his studies or simar started to work as a singer with her melodious voice . It will hit hard at their family for not accepting they. It such a shame when even arrav ask simar to leave with him from badimaa house she still shamefully stood there hearing their taunt. I know people will say she trying to be a good daughter in law but will any woman won’t even try to save her self respect. or it is just daughter in law won’t have self respect for them. Why just their leave the palace where nobody wants to value them.😭😭😭😭 Why they get hanging on people that not even want them. Moreover,it depends on their families to forgive or not because even though their intention of uniting wasn’t wrong but the way they choose was very wrong I really want the makers to make sirav leave palace and start their beginning more than begging to families and increasing both family anger and pain.

    1. I totally agree with this. Why stay where people don’t want you. It is better to make on your own. Simar’ s obsession with sasural seems so sudden. Before she was fine with them living in tent. All of sudden, she needs a home, just because got burned. What?

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