Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Simar and Aarav’s hit and miss

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chitra thinking how did Aarav come here. She goes to stop him. Aarav sees Simar singing. Samar also goes towards Simar. He stops Simar from stepping ahead. Simar sees him. Chitra stops Aarav. Reema asks are the cheques fine. Vivaan says it will be fine if you have checked it. She asks him to check once. Badimaa comes and asks is everything done. He gives her the file. He tells her about the big order. Badimaa says its good news, your hardwork paid off, this delivery should be done on time, did you check all the papers well. Reema signs yes. Vivaan says yes. Badimaa says then I don’t need to check. She signs the cheques. She says everyone’s payments should go on time. Vivaan says it’s a big deal, thanks for trusting me. She says no need of thanks, I m sure you will become a business expert like Aarav, my grandsons will handle the business and bahus will handle the family.

Aarav says I trust you so I had gone there, but I got a little girl on the way, she said I will get my destination in the darbar. Chitra asks will you believe anyone. He says you had seen Simar’s sideways, I m sure we will find Simar. Samar says this album will give you much fame. Simar says this is my prayer. He says nothing should go wrong, we won’t get such a chance again. She says it won’t go wrong, it’s a prayer, everything will get fine. She gets dizzy. He says sit, I will bring water. She says I won’t eat or drink anything, I get courage by Matarani’s chants, I m fine, we will go ahead. They proceed. Reema steals a cheque. Sandy asks will Reema take a big risk for a small music video. Devesh says yes, her dreams are bigger than everything. Simar sees Aarav and thinks is he still there, why would he come here. She sees him and says its really him, it’s a miracle. She goes to him. The man stops her and asks her to stand in the queue. She follows him. She prays. Amba says come with me, no one will stop you now, its my house. The man lets Simar go ahead seeing her with Amba.

Simar thanks Amba. Aarav turns and sees someone. Simar gets dizzy. Samar takes her. Aarav helps someone. Chitra stops Aarav. Reema does modelling rehearsal in her room. She says I want to get famous. She sees the cheque. She writes the amount. Vivaan comes. She worries. Simar says I have seen Aarav myself. Samar says you are hallucinating, have some food and water, please. She says no, I m fine. He says you want to trust someone who always insulted you. He talks of their incomplete relation and gets sad. Simar says I don’t know how to explain you, I can’t control what I feel for Aarav, I m helpless to my emotions. He says your feelings are pure, what did you get, he ousted you, stop lying to yourself, even I can’t control my feelings, you think Aarav is here, truth is, he isn’t here, what’s the use if he comes, he doesn’t feel the same for you, just I can give you the deserved love, I still feel the same for you. Simar says I can understand Samar, but please you try to understand, I can’t hurt your heart so much, please don’t complicate this situation more. Samar asks why are you punishing me. she says Aarav and I are also tolerating, I have to find her. The man says you can’t go out. Samar says no one goes empty hand from Matarani darbar. Aarav prays to get his Simar. He says I have to apologize to her. He prays and kisses the ring.

Precap: Aarav on the speaker says Simar, your Arrav is here to take you with him, please come back and forgive me. Samar hears that and sees Simar is busy listening to music on her headphones.
Aarav sees Samar and walks to him and says to him, where is my Simar? I know she is with you. Samar says to find her if you can, I am not your assistant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nicole ehizokhale

    Samar should stop deceiving himself because the truth is that simar wasn’t hullinicating when she said that she saw Aarav because truly Aarav is really here and he has come back for her and he loves her and he came to apologize to her and simar also feels the same way about Aarav and she will only love him and so samar should stop deceiving himself because his incomplete story wasn’t meant to begin in the first place she has told him so many times and also chitra needs to go to jail forever along with her husband for trying to kill gajendra and now simar and Aarav also and now she keeps pretending to care about Aarav but she doesn’t care about Aarav but herself and also she thinks that she can kill simar she is mistaken because God will protect her and Aarav from her and also both simar and Aarav needs to leave the city and go back home together because she is not safe there and also samar needs to leave simar alone she doesn’t belong to you but to Aarav because they are legally married to each other and they love each other and she will forever love him and only him so samar needs to find someone else to be with because simar is already married to Aarav and only him

  2. Sirav aur Reevaan ko koi separate nahin kar sakta

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