Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Sandhya decides to leave the house

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar telling Aarav that whatever happened is for Aditi’s betterment, and with Mata Rani’s decision. She asks him not to think much. Aarav says it is always a brother’s wish to get his sister married peacefully, but today I am feeling peaceful as her marriage called off. He asks why relations are complicated. Simar asks shall I explain. She says relations are like heart beat, until our hearts beat, the waves get up and down to show the beat and when the lines are straight, the heart beat stops. She says until the relation has up and downs, it is alive, and when it is straight, the relation is over. He holds her hand and moves her bangles, and asks how can you explain complicated things so easily. She says no relation is easy and tells that all relations are complicated. She says after the marriage, I came to know that very complicated relation is of husband and wife, when the relation is the guest of few days. He says very few days are left. He says we can rewind it. Simar asks what do you mean? He says we got married in a mandap where I filled sindoor in your hairline and made you wear mangalsultra. She says shall I be part of your past life, the life which I haven’t lived with you, I want to live the life with you when I was not with you. He says I want to know everything about you. He gets up and forwards her hand. She holds his hand. They go and sit. He asks Simar to introduce herself and asks about the scar on her right side of her eye. He says when I was small, I had fallen down from the swing, and I had cried a lot. She says I didn’t let anyone touch it. He touches her scar mark and keeps his finger on his lips. He asks her not to remember about that incident and remember this. He asks her to remember that someone is there who wants to snatch all her pain from her. Simar nods her head. She says when I was 6 years old, I had a doll and I used to think that doll will be grown up and a prince will come to take her. He says prince has come to take her. Simar cries. He wipes her tears.

Shobha welcomes Divya and Vivek in her house. She says I can’t believe that Divya is finally here. Chitra thinks to take revenge from Roma for Reema. She tells Roma that she feels pain seeing her condition. Roma says this is marriage home, and there are many works, it is a happy moment for us that she came here. Chitra thinks she is different from Reema. She asks Roma to decorate Divya and Vivek’s room. Roma says it is a good idea, I will decorate their room. Chitra thinks it will be real fun now. Roma decorates the room and suddenly water falls on the bed. Roma thinks from where did this water come? She finds the water leaking from the roof.

Simar tells Aarav that she wants to make memory of silence with him. She says we have many questions and answers in our hearts, as when I leave this house, these memories will be with me in my loneliness. He says silence happens before the storm comes. She says this silence will become the strength to fight any storm in my life. He holds her hand. Simar asks him to sleep and says I will finish the work and come. Roma seals the roof with tape, and thinks now water will not fall.

Shobha tells that Divya will get the ring during the ring finding ceremony. Divya and Vivek search the ring. Shobha asks Roma, if the room is decorated. Roma says yes, it is decorated nicely. Shobha says how can you do without my saying. Roma says I am not a bad bahu. Shobha says I will check. She comes to the room and finds water leaking from the roof. She says the water is on the bed and asks Roma what did you do? Roma says when I came to decorate the room, I have applied tape, don’t know how it came out. Chitra laughs standing outside. Shobha says you can’t see my son and daughter in law’s happiness, being jealous of them. She asks her to go and decorate her room for Divya and Vivek. Roma asks then where will I sleep? Shobha asks her to sleep in hall and taunts her for letting Lalit go.

Badi Maa points eye drops in her ears and tells Bhairav that doctor gave her this medicine. Bhairav tells that Pandit ji called. Badi Maa says they will come to take Navratri jowari.

In the morning, Simar comes to the room and looks at Aarav, as he is sleeping. She takes her dupatta from the cupboard and wears it. She thinks just 7 more days. She goes and sees the lamp about to set off. She pours ghee in the lamp and thinks where is Maa? She lights diya early morning. Maharaj ji comes there and asks Simar to come to kitchen. Simar thinks to give aarti to Sandhya first and check on her health. Badi Maa is also coming there.

Gajendra asks Sandhya to think again and asks her to give clarification and then apologize. She says I have an answer, I will not apologize. Gajendra says then you have to leave this house, the person who doesn’t respect my mother due to her stubbornness, can’t stay here. Sandhya says my stubbornness, she says I gave my 25 years to this house, thought this house pain is mine and what did you do, you asked me to pack my bags and leave from here. She says you made me as a stranger at one moment. Gajendra says you said right that you have apologized to me and Maa many times, and asks why don’t she want to apologize this time. Sandhya says I am not wrong this time and says Maa and you shall apologize to me. He asks why Maa will apologize to you. Sandhya says I have forgotten that Gitanjali Devi will never apologize to everyone, I shall leave from here, as I can’t be quiet for long, as the matter is about my daughter. She says it is good for everyone’s betterment that I shall leave. She says I will leave. Simar hears her and gets shocked. She moves back and collides with Badi Maa. Badi Maa stops her. Simar says sorry Badi Maa. Badi Maa says whoever is not careful while walking, falls down. Simar looks down and gives her aarti. Badi Maa takes aarti and comes inside the room. She asks Sandhya if she has decided to leave the house. Gajendra says Maa. Badi Maa says when bahu becomes saas, her attitude also changes. Sandhya calls her Maa twice and says whatever you are thinking….Badi Maa tells Gajendra that she wants everyone in the temple of the house within 5 mins. Gajendra says ok. Simar is still standing outside. Gajendra goes out. Simar comes to Sandhya and gives her aarti. Sandhya takes it and blesses Simar. Simar says I am always with you, but. Sandhya says now nothing can be done, it is not possible that I will stay here. I have to go. Aarav comes and says no Maa. He says you will not go, leaving this house. Simar smiles.

Precap: Badi Maa says today is Navratri first day, all sons of the house will go to temple with me to bring mangal kalash and all bahus shall stay at home and prep for Hawan. She asks Sandhya to either tell the reason of her stand and apologize or leave the house. Sandhya says I have done nothing wrong, I will leave the house, and will not apologize. Simar tells Aarav today Mata Rani is coming in the house, so how another mother can leave the house. She promises him that she won’t let Sandhya go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sirav beautiful,best pair I am already addicted with their acting ….. Can’t wait to see upcoming episode 🥰 , mainly the episode of Simar going from Oswal 🏠 house . I am eagerly waiting what will Aarav do to stop Simar from leaving the house

  2. Sandya can see why she stop marriage.but she is not telling

  3. Nicole ehizokhale

    Also l can’t wait to see what Aarav to stop simar from leaving the oswal mansion because they are meant to be and also he doesn’t want to let her go and also simar doesn’t want to go away from Aarav either they both love each other and Also its God who brought them together and badimaa should accept the fact that simar is her daughter in law that God has chosen for her and her family and she should accept the fact now before it too late and she should allow her Aarav and simar to be happy in their marriage because they are destined for each other.

  4. My most happiest precap
    Yamini devi usurps Geetanjali devi property and throws her out of oswal mansion.

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