Sasural Simar Ka 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 1st August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with mataji about to feed the cake to mausiji but janvi tells her dadi to feed mataji the cake. Her friend goes to feed the cake to her and she hold mataji’s hand and tells her to eat the cake. Her friend feeds the cake to mataji and wishes her happy birthday again. Then mausiji asks mataji to feed the cake to her and she feeds the cake to mataji. Then simar and sujata feed the cake to mataji and then mausiji says that cake cutting and feeding is done so now they should dance. Janvi dances on the song aaj ki raat hona hain kya from don. While dancing janvi is again & again going to simar & mataji. And simar is again thinking that something if fishy and she has to talk to janvi but she has to talk after the party gets over because there are many guests. Mausiji gets mataji and tells her that it’s her party and she should dance. Mataji is clapping and tensed and goes back into flashback where on her birthday 20yrs ago sujata is running and there is a man running behind her who is trying to molest her. Sujata gets stuck and starts shouting for help & then they show mataji scared and blood flowing. Now at present dance is over and roli tells uma that after dancing people get hungry and all guests will leave the dance floor and come to eat. Uma goes to get the salad as it is not there. Simar comes to roli and roli says it’s looking so good everyone is very happy. Simar is all lost and then roli asks her. Simar tells roli that janvi is not nice and she is not able to digest that janvi helps them then comes home then goes and comes again claiming that her dadi is mataji’s old friend. Simar recalls the whole incident to roli about janvi and her doubts regarding her. Then roli says that she will talk to janvi this time. On the other hand mataji recalls the whole incident of her friend coming in the house and her talks. Mataji after thinking about all this faints. Simar sees her and shouts mataji. Then everyone comes to her and all the family members go to mataji. All the guests take a leave and all family members are about to take mataji in her room but her friend comes infront of her.

She then says that she has to give her a surprise but simar says that now mataji is health is not nice so later she can give her surprise. But her friend says that she knows mataji when she was not even born and after seeing her surprise she will get well. Janvi takes everyone to the storeroom and is breaking the wall. Everyone questions to her as to what is she doing why is she breaking the wall. After breaking the wall there is a skeleton and everyone shouts. Then sid and prem ask janvi that what is this ghatiya joke. Then she says that it is her father’s skeleton. Everyone is shocked. The screen freezes on mataji’s face.

Precap:- none.

Update Credit to: Vishawal

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