Sasural Simar Ka 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 1st April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Viru’s house
Getting roli to their new house, Viru says addressing her as vidya, that they have been married for 2 weeks but it feels like ages. He says that this was her dream house, coming towards which they met with an accident, and lost her memory. He tells her that she always wanted to stay isolated from everyone else, without any social bondages. He extends his hand to take her inside. Roli hesitates, but finally gives in and they enter the house. As she sees the house, viru tells that he has decorated it to her taste. roli asks why doesnt she remember it then. Viru asks her to wait, as he would soon come, and asks her not to step in till he comes. He goes inside, and gets a puja ki thali, and an aalta thali, for marking their griha pravesh. he tells her that this is her first step in the house, and ideally a family member should do it, but since they have noone, he would do it for her. He asks her to strike the Kalash, ad enter the house. She does so, while viru thinks that now she would stay here like vidya, as he has goten her so far off from, delhi that noone would be able to search for her. She enters the house, with alta smeared feet. Roli thinks why doesnt she feel like belonging here, if this is her dreamhouse. Viru again asks how does she like it.

Roli says that if its their house, then why dont they have marking of their time spent together, like photos. Viru, without answering goes inside. He takes her to the bedroom, where she sees a wedding photo of herself and viru. she stares at it surprised. He thinks that he knew she would ask this questionm, and hence he already modified the photo of sid and roli, and inserted his picture in place of sid, so daftly that even she wouldnt recognize the difference. She opens the closet and finds it empty, and asks why is it like that. she asks where are her clothes, and stuff. He reminds her that they had run away for marriage, and hence they dont have any stuff on them. She asks him how and where they met, what does he do. Viru asks her to slow down. He says that he doesnt have a job, but says that he would find it soon, as she’s with her now. He asks her to rest, while he goes shopping for her clothes. a new lady walks in, saying that she’s new new housekeeper, and is here to take care of her, as her husband told her that his wife, vidya doesnt keep well. She introduces herself as Kamini, and asks roli to holler for her whenever she needs her. kamini leaves.
viru asks roli to relax while he leaves too.

Outside, viru gives kamini money, for her concerned acting. He tells her not to let vidya alone, and dont let anyone met her, and never let her go out alone. He tells her that he needs to know what vidya thinks or does, all the time, with any report of any kind of unusual activity. She asks why so many restrictions and why does he want to keep her in jail. He asks her to shut up, as she is being paid way more than what she works. She complies that she would do as he says.

Scene 2:
Location: Bharadwaj house
prem remembers naina’s behaviour and khushi’s statement in the past. He tells simar that he has to tell something important to her. She aks what is it. He says that he just doubted that there’s something wrong, but now after seeing naina’s behaviour, he’s sure…. and then he pauses to find simar frantically seraching for something, without paying attention to him. He asks her what is she upto. Simar says that she’s searching around for a college friend’s number, who’s a journalist, so that they can advertise in newspapers, of delhi and surrounding regions, so that they can get any trace of roli. She asks him if he would be with her, in her search for roli, and prem replies yes, and hugs her. She asks if he was saying something, But she avoids it, thinking that right now, it wouldnt be right to bother her for naina.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hospital
sid asks for the doctor’s chamber, and leads naina towards it. when she doesnt go, He tells her that the doctor is very good, and she neednt bother. Naina wonders what to do now. She thinks that if sid knows the truth, he would never accept her, and she cant risk losing him at any cost. Naina tells sid that he has already helped her much, and that now she can manage on her own, and asks him to go to the office. Sid says that he has neglected his mistake for too long, and that he wont anymore, and would finish what he came here for. He takes her to the doctor’s chamber. as they wait outside, naina wonders what would happen now, as sid would know the truth, and she cant even fake to go unconscious. Naina is tensed. The nurse asks for Ms. Naina, and takes naina inside. As sid too comes along, the nurse stops him, and only takes naina inside. She thinks, while going inside, looking at sid, that today sid would know that she isnt pregnant. she goes inside with the nurse while sid waits outside.

Naina comes out. Sid sees her and asks what did the doctor say. Before naina can answer, the nurse tells him that she would tell him everything. She tells him that the mother and baby, both are fine, and gives him the sonography report. Naina looks surprised. The nurse tells him that he would know everything about the baby from the report. He begins to look at the report, but naina stops him sayingthat

The nurse watches them as she goes by. she comes inside and tells khushi, who just comes out from another room, that she did just like she was told to do. The screen freezes on khushi’s victorious face.

Precap: roli thinks that seeing everything, it looks like vikram is saying the truth, but doesnt her heart approve of this. She thinks that somebody other than vikram must be there who knwos the truth about her. She calls out for kamini and asks her what does she know about her. Kamini looks at her sympathetically..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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