Sasural Simar Ka 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mataji says where is Vadahi? Prem comes in and says where is Vadadhi? She left this resignation letter near my car. Everyone is dazed. Simar says how can she resign. I am sure there is something let me talk to her. Pari comes in and says that won’t be needed. Everything is answered here in this letter. Simar reads the letter. Piyush says whats written in it? He takes the letter and reads it. Mataji says piyush read it out loud. Piyush reads, forgive me for leaving this house. I am really sorry. He drops the letter and says I won’t let her go. He goes out. Prem says Piyush stop. Simar says I will see. She goes after him. KB says to roshni relax. She has gone forever. Piyush is just yours now.
Piyush comes to out house and says you can’t do this with

me. Simar comes and says control yourself. He says Vadahi left me she left us all. How can she do this with me? She shouldn’t do this with me. She made fun of my emotions. She ruined our friendship with a letter? SImar says control yourself. We will bring her back. Piyush says why will I look for her? Who is she to me? I won’t forgive her for what she has done with me. He sits there crying. Prem is standing in the door.

Anjali is getting her shoot done. A neighbor comes and asks saroj have you given your house on rent for shoot? And who is this heroin? Anjali says I am Vikram’s wife. You didn’t come in wedding? Kb says thank you so much KB. KB syas Vadahi will be out of his life and you will be in. Roshni says what can I do for you? Kb says you will come to this house as daughter in law. We have so much time. Roshni says I hope thats true.

Atul calls Anjali and tells her she has been selected. He tells her the hero. Anjali is so excited. She says thank you so much. He says won’t your family have a problem? She says no no. Anjali says wow this is amazing. Vikram comes and says what amazing? ANjali hugs him and says I am so happy. She says I got my first ad. He says wow thats such a good news. Anjali says its all because of your support. You are the best husband. He says you are the best wife. She says I will fly so high. Vikram says your dreams will make me so happy. You do ads but not the ones where women are used as objects. I mean not the cheap ones. I want people to look at you with respect. You inspire girls and it makes us proud. What ad did you get? Anjali says in heart what if I tell him its a mens deodorant. SHe says its a jewelry ad. Vikram says thats very good it makes me very happy. Anjali says in heart once it is shot no one can stop it.

Anjali says how will Vikram react when he gets to know. she calls Atul. Anjali says atul I wanted to ask something. Actually I wanted to ask if it is too bold? He says it would be I told you. You want to be actress. This is a good chance. If you don’t wanna do it I can hire some other model. She says I want to do it. But I was worried about my family’s reaction. You know I am married. He says it is for regional magazine. Won’t release in Dehli. Anjali says thats great. I have no issues then. He says then see you at the shoot.

Simar is cooking. She is worried for Piyush. KB says go and remove that Vadahi’s name from their minds. Roshni comes in and says I will help you. Simar says no no I will do it. Roshni says I am worried about you and Piyush. you both are upset. Simar says I am upset because of Vadahi. She has left no one knows where she is. Roshni says she is a stranger. She resigned and left and forgot all the favors. Simar says she isn’t like she would leave her responsibilites. Roshni says how do you know? Simar says sometimes you get to know people in a few moments. She became familiar to us. she became like a daughter to me. Roshni says am I not like your daughter? Simar says you are my mist special daughter. Roshni says then tell me how to make Piyush’s favorite halwa. It would cheer him up.

Kb comes to hall and says there is a good news. Anjali has started modelling and its her first ad shoot today. Uma says when did this happen? Sattu says simar you don’t know? Simar says Anjali never told me. KB syas why would anjali tell you? She is my doll. She tells me everything. Simr says what about her in laws? KB says they gave her permission. Vikram has no issues so no one should have any. Simar says I want to know if Saroj knows it or not. I have no problem I am very happy for her. Prem says let me call her. Prem calls Anjali.

Anjali is leaving for the ad. Agarwal says good luck, make us proud. Vikram and Anajli leave. Anjali gets calls from Prem. Prem says congrats anjali. Eveeryone congrats her. Anjali says thank you so much everyone. Anjali says I am very excited. prem says good luck. He says give phone to Vikram? He asks Vikram about that office problem. He says everything is fine now. Thanks dad.
Piyush comes downstairs. Simar says where are you going? Have breakfast. He says I am not hungry.Roshni says I made your favorite halwa. He says I am not hungry don’t you understand?

Precap-Anjali does her shoot with the guy. Vikram says Anjali forgot her charger. He comes back to give her charger. Anjali hears his voice and wears a coat on her short dress. Vikram gives her charger. She stumbles and Vikram sees her dress.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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