Sasural Simar Ka 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 19th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Shaureya is in the room and Roli gets out of the room locking Shaureya in. Simar says very good. Lets call the whole family. They acll the whole family. Roli tells everyone that the person who wanted to kill her is in the room. She shoved him and locked him in. Prem says we won’t let him go this time. Simar says this time you won’t be safe. Suddenly Shaureya comes and asks whats wrong ?Roli and Simar are dazed. prem tells him that the guy is in. He says we son’t leave him this time. Prem says there is no on here. Mata ji says are you sure Roli ? Shureya got out from the window. Simar sees the window and figures out. Mata ji says its okay Roli don’t be worried. You must have seen a nightmare. Roli is about to say something simar stops her and says she is

tired I guess. Sujata syas you are right Simar. She should rest. Everyone leaves. Shaureya give intense looks to both of them.

Scene 2
Sujata says that Roli said with so much belief that I thought there was someone really in her room. Mausi ji says why would she lie. Prem says buts he locked him in. Shaureya says that we should get Roli bahbhi checked by a psychiatrist. Mausi ji says what you wanna say ? Is she mad? Sujata says she is perfectly fine just a little scared. Shaureya says her fear and whats he did last night wasn’t normal we should take her before it increases. Simar says Roli won’t go anywhere. She doesn’t need any doctor. Shaureya syas I respect your feeling but.. Simar stops him saying I am saying you she needs no docto and about last night it was not a mere dream. it was truth. Shaureya syas how can you be so sure. The window was open he must have left from there. Mausi ji syas i told you roli is smart. Mata ji says you are right simar she just need our affection nothing else. Shaureya thinks I have a lot of time to snatch your smile. Consider this your last win here.

Scene 3
Achna says to simar that your family is circus. you just focus on your shop. Pari says yes uma bahbhi is promoting daddu ji halwai again and again. She suddenly hears Uma talking to a client roy. She syas wow you liked the sweets just give us more order. We won’t disappoint.

Scene 4
Uma says on the phone yes okay. Mausi ji says whats wrong ? She says we got it. Mausi ji says congratulations. Pari says how is this possible we gave them such a good offer. How can they give you a contract. Uma says name and quality matters. Pari says you knew how important it was for me but still you got the contract. I understand you want my shop to be closed. Simar says cancel the contract Aarav sweets is our shop as well. Mausi ji says okay we will but on a condition she has to change the name to daddu ji halwai. mata ji syas this is wrong. Mausi ji says no i am not gonna listen you this time. Siamrs says this is blackmailing please give her this contract.
Pari is crying in her room. Uma and Simar get there. Pari says what are you here for to see my tears ? Simar says no Uma bhabhi has decided to give this contract to you. She has talked to the client there is no problem. Simar syas Aarav sweets is the part of our family business let us know whenever you need help.

Scene 5
Roli calls Sid and says him that come back I am missing you so much. Shaureya thinks is she making me fool how can she be so normal with Sid ? Suddenly Roli says to Simar that I can’t lie to him anymore. i can’t live with this fear. He understands everytime when I am worried. Shaureya leaves. Simar says thank God i saw him coming. Simar says he has believed that you are scared and we will play another trick with him.

Precap- Shaureya says to Simar where is you sister. Is she hiding from the fear of me. Simar says I have sent him some where you can’t reach.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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