Sasural Simar Ka 18th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
simar says you have punished my family for doing nothing. They didn’t nothing and suffered.
Simar says you both will have to pay for your sins now. They rop mohini. Simar says your game is over. Release my family and go from here forever and don’t ever walk on path of evil. Mohini says wont you kill us? simar says i can kill you this moment but i wont do that. Because only God can give and take lives. what will i get after killing you? Just leave us and go from here. Mohini says keep this drama to yourself. Sunanada says my daughter can never loses. Mohini says she knows if she kills she will become a widow. She will never gets roli sid anjali and prem back. Sunanda laughs. Mohini says come kill me. Why did you stop? Mata ji says simar don’t talk to her. She never listens. Mohini says why is your brave simar so quite. she did so much but still can’t kill me.

Mohini says poor simar after doing so much she couldn’t protect her family from me. you lost again simar. History wont repeat this time. This time evil will win. Simar says yes i did everything but you didn’t listen. Now i would take the path i never thought i would. Today i would do something you never even imagined. Mohini says wow i am curious to know show me. Simar says whoever has been conceited has lost. you are the epitome of evil. Your end will be an example for world. I will write a new history today. Simar says you married you sister’s husband and then you killed him and became a witch. you have ruined so many lives but enough. You have release us now. Or i will kill your mom. Simar says please forgive me for doing this God. Mohini says who will save you from law? Simar says there is no punishment for killing the one who is already dead. You people are dead in eyes of cops. you did this yourself. You are trapped in your own game. are you scared to see your death? Sunanda says please simar don’t do this. mohini save me please. simar comes near sunanda. Mohini says stop simar. I will do as you ask. I am ready. Simar says okay but this is your last chance. If you play another game i will kill your mom here. Mohini says i can’t do anything. I will do as you ask. Uma unropes Mohini. simar says release anjali sid and roli. And then you have to bring prem back to life. Mohini says forgive me simar. i forgot what i had done. I have done so many sins. I want to ask for pardon from you all. Please. She shoves simar. She says no one will come forward.
Mohini takes the dagger and kills herself. Everyone is dazed. simar screams no.

Simr cries and says how did this happen. My family cant live incomplete like this. I fought this war with all the goodness. Why evil won eventually? Mata ji sees the pots. They hear strong rain. Everything gets dark. Mata ji says what is happening. Suddenly its all bring again. Mohini and sunanda are not in their places. Everyone is bewildered. There is some ash in mohini’s place. It turns into smoke. The dagger is not there either. Simar says how did this happen. Where are mohini and sunanda. How can this happen. Simar recalls mohini saying evil won. No one knows what will happen to your family.

Precap-Mata ji says to simar what happened? Simar says this can’t be the end. This is not the end. Simar says we will solve this and there is a way.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. wow daayan track end…. new dayan in the form of ash came… again same happend like nagin track.. roli kills her but after 2months leap she back.. and now in this track mohini dead and new dayan enterd… ab toh bas karo dayan drama and please bring peace and bring rosid and anjali.. back and prem in normal state..they didnt show kushi from 1week and now sujata and rajender and sanju they are not showed… what about jahnavi and anurag relationship… but please bring rosid back in ssk.. missing rosid.. missing rosid.. please bring them back…

  2. please change the track.. dont want another dayan drama.. bring rosid back in ssk.. missing them.. missing rosid…

  3. sandra s thannickal

    guys its a long time since i’ve watched ssk. plz tell me what happened 2 rosid?who is mohini

    1. Actually mohini is a witch she came to sacrifice prem for his power.and she put sanjana,roli,sid,anjali all of them in pots.

  4. Does any one know weather avika and Manish started shooting?????

    1. no they didnt started shooting dear… as far as i know till now there is no news of their return… i saw that some rosidians in if forum and twitter are giving petition to bring rosid back they signed and sending petition to ssk writers and all and also color’s channel..

  5. Wat…,? U mean that which succeeded, no pls. Ssk, pls bring rosid back bring some happy moment. Plssssss…………s

  6. what a shitty track?

  7. such an irritating serail. pls stop this serial….>:) ????

  8. Is going to be a new track in ssk can any one guess what will be the end who is the new day an.we miss u a loooot …..rosid please come back

  9. Please get some other writers and give the present ones the sack

  10. Sharam ki baat. Ab ye dayans matarani ke mandhir main apne manmani kar sakte hai. Ye bagwaan ke mandir main bhi simar se kanjar chin sakte hain aur bharadwaaj bebas khare reh gaye. Simar ke makers mere khayal mein swaarti hain aur bas TRP ke piche bhagte hain aur ye jata rahe hai ki bagwaan ki shakti in dayon pe aagay kuch nahin hai

  11. where is mohini and sunatha? when rosid comeback in ssk? plz ssk writers start new fresh story and happy family………….

  12. I agree with u ashwin same commnt i posted a few days back that this serial is a blow to our cultural values

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